Fate/Extra CCC

(JAPAN) Below is a video for Fate/extra CCC, the video shows a few of the outfits that you can change your character into. You will also be able to change the outfits of the servant you control, hmm I can control a servant? Right on. Anyhow,  the game, which releases in Japan on March 28, 2013 for the Sony PlayStation Portable will be available in both the regular format as well as a limited edition Type-Moon Virgin White Box.

In this Limited Edition you will receive a Saber bride sigma figure, a visual works illustration collection as well as Sakura Tange’s  limited character  CD, with three songs.  If that is not enough cool stuff for you, those who order early (in Japan) will also receive a Virgin Bride booklet and the first editions of the game will also come with a sticker set which was designed by Rco Wada. The sticker collection will include four super deformed Servant characters.

fate/extra ccc


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