Deep Silver, developers of such games as Dead Islandthe Risen games, and the Sacred games, have expressed interest in developing titles for the Nintendo Wii U. There has not been any specification if Deep Silver will produce mature-rated titles for the system, let alone Wii U exclusives. However, quality software can be seen to have been created by this studio, given that Deep Silver has worked on Wii games in the past like Cursed Mountain and Secret Files: Tunguska — which are also available on PC.

cursed mountain
Cursed Mountain was an obscure and unique kind of Wii game.

Deep Silver has also responded to one of the source’s readers with an incredibly vague PR message. Here is the response below:

Hi ___________,

Yes, we do expect to develop games for Wii U.

Note: If you reply to this Email please do not edit the subject line. Thank you!

Best regards

Deep Silver Inc.

Granted, Deep Silver has made a lot casual games for every system, but if it expects to bring Dead Island-quality games and more to the Wii U, then its support should bring hope for software-hungry Wii U owners.

Hopefully we’ll hear more from these guys than a one-statement message.


Andy Na
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