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Dragon Quest X

A beta of the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X released in Japan earlier this week. Today, Square Enix released a tasty new promo for the game. The video shows off the Wii U version’s visual upgrades through a selection of battle scenes, various in-game scenes, and cutscenes. The Wii U version will be compatible with the Wii version of Dragon Quest X, since they’ll both connect to the same servers.

Square Enix has disabled embedding for this video, so you can view it at this link (http://www

Dragon Quest X for the Wii U is set to release in Japan on March 30th. Nintendo will also be releasing it with a ¥42,000 hardware bundle. The bundle will include the normal deluxe edition products (a black 32 GB Wii U, a black Pro Controller, etc.), a copy of Dragon Quest X (instead of Nintendo Land), a ¥1,000 Nintendo prepaid card, five super health orbs, and an invitation to play the Dragon Quest X beta.

Additionally, Nintendo is releasing a Dragon Quest X ¥3,000 Nintendo prepaid card. If you use this prepaid card, you’ll receive a pair of round glasses for your character to wear in the game.

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