Distant Worlds Offers Free Final Fantasy Tracks

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Distant Worlds at Place des Arts in Montreal, Québec, Canada

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY (http://www NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/) is the Final Fantasy franchise’s official symphony concert. They tour all around the world and bring Final Fantasy tunes to fans wherever they go. If you like the sound of that and would like to hear a sample of what the concert has to offer, you now have a limited window of time to do just that for no cost at all.

To celebrate hitting 80,000 Facebook fans, Distant Worlds is offering the eighth track from each of their CDs as free downloads. “Theme of Love (http://store NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/track/theme-of-love-final-fantasy-iv)” from Final Fantasy IV is the track available from the concert’s first album (http://store NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/album/distant-worlds-music-from-final-fantasy), and “Suteki da ne (http://store NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/track/suteki-da-ne-final-fantasy-x)” from Final Fantasy X (with vocalist Susan Calloway) is available from the second album (http://store NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/album/distant-worlds-ii-more-music-from-final-fantasy). If you like what you hear, both digital albums are available for purchase at $9.99 USD each at the Distant Worlds online store (http://store NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/).

Better yet, here is a rundown of the concert’s next few shows if you want to see them in person:

Omaha, Nebraska March 21st
Vancouver, BC, Canada April 24th
Atlanta, Georgia June 07th
Vienna, Austria June 14th
San Diego, California July 18th

To keep up with future concerts and announcements, you can follow Distant Worlds on Facebook (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/ffdistantworlds) or visit their website (http://www NULL.ffdistantworlds NULL.com/). Who knows, maybe they will offer more free music once their fan count reaches 90,000!

SOURCE (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/ffdistantworlds/posts/130766590434175)

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