Best Buy & Walmart Add Listing For Xenoblade On Wii U

Monday, March 4th, 2013

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Even though Xenoblade Chronicles was a limited release, it took the West by fire and garnered quite a mass amount of praise. From the tid-bits we got from Nintendo of America  it sounds like the game was a smashing success. However, the time of praise has passed, with nearly everyone getting to play and finish the title. Nowadays you hear more about how people unable to afford the game at release have missed their chance to play. With the game being a limited release and in high demand, Xenoblade is having its prices skyrocketing with the price gauging on Amazon and eBay.

Are they out of luck? Maybe, maybe not.

It seems that Best Buy and Walmart are both listing Xenoblade for the Wii U, pre-order and everything. Though I must stress that this is most likely an error, due in part to someone not understanding the difference between Xenoblade and Monolith’s new recently revealed title for the Wii U simply called “X” at the moment. It’s possible they were unaware of “X”‘s existence, or it could be their own way of having a place holder so they wouldn’t be stuck with having a simple ‘X’ in the listing. Regardless of any speculation on my part, the listing is probably for “X.” (Seriously I wished they’d have give it a proper title, even if it’s a working title to help stop the confusion. At least Xenoblade’s original title was more than just one letter.)

So…there is a -slight- chance of it being an HD Remake for Xenoblade. Not much, but the possibility is there. Who knows, maybe they will do a reprint, release it digitally on the eShop, or maybe an HD Remake on the eShop! Just saying, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea… letting others who missed out having another chance to get their hands on it.

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  • I’ve seen plenty of used copies of Xenoblade in Gamestop these days. People looking should check there before paying a marked up price on ebay or amazon.

    • I work on GS. As soon as I found out the game skyrocket I try to get some copies to profit. There is non available right now for some unknown reason. Even GS is giving 45 for them. It seems that GS is shipping out Wii games to make space for the Wii U so take this advice: As soon as you see a game you want for Wii (Specially an RPG like Xenoblade or Fire Emblem) just buy it without hesitation

    • dubaloseven

      Listen to this man.

    • y0d499_1337

      Buy one for me then! I can’t find ANY!

    • I just checked their website. It says it’s currently unavailable both New and Used, but interestingly, a used copy is listed as costing $10 more than a new one. Maybe I should pick up the next one I see at Gamespot….

    • y0d499_1337

      You could even resell it for twice it’s value on ebay or amazon

    • Nah, I wouldn’t do that. I would try to make a few bucks for my efforts, maybe $10, but my main reason for buying/reselling it would be to get the game to someone who really wants it but can’t find a copy.

    • y0d499_1337

      That’s quite noble of you. I, for one, applaud you for that. Hell, if I had a copy, I’d do that too

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Must just be your area. I have been checking on the website regularly and there is not one at a GameStop in the Phoenix area for 200 miles

  • Hey

    I saw a copy at a local small business in Chelsea. It was $30

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Should have bought it, they’re gold!

  • fruitspunch_samurai

    I hope this isn’t just a fluke.

  • Even though I’m not as much of a fan of Xenoblade as some, I’d probably buy an HD re-release of it just to get a glimpse of those gorgeous worlds in high definition.

  • Vinicius

    Before XSeed anounced pandoras tower I was hopping it would be released with xenoblade and Last Story as a collection. I still hope Nintendo do this, but I wont complain of a re-release.

  • Shulknameholderthing

    I hope it’s true. I’d gladly buy multiple copies. One for me so I can re-experience this masterpiece in HD, and some for friends who never got a chance to play this Gem.

  • I would grab it for sure.

  • *crosses fingers*

  • if this is true
    i hope this is a HD Remaster for retail and e shop release i buy digital which mean i double dip

  • Gemnist

    I think that a Wii U port would be cool and probably bring up sales for the pathetic-selling console. But I, personally, would rather have it that this is a North American announcement for X, since people can still buy Xenoblade whenever they want (, anyone?).

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      for 100 dollars used without the case you smug C%&*

  • Pyrotek85

    There might be a decent chance for this to happen with the mysterious ‘X’ title they have coming. I can easily see it being re-released as a remastered ‘wii classic’

  • I’m not against re-buying games… I have 3 copies of Okami. I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

  • Personally I’m kind of glad they didn’t give an official title to “X” yet because the mysteriousness just adds to the hype for me. If it’s even half the game Xenoblade was I’ll be more than happy.

  • An Tran

    I’m hoping for a physical reprint, HD or not, being sold somewhere where more people can actually access it.

  • lets see….i doubt this is real. i mean, i loved Xenoblade Chronicles and put it as one of my all time favorite games, RPGs, and best games of 2012, but i doubt Nintendo as of right now would drop money into an HD update…i think they would just save money and just re-release more copies of the Wii version for people who were blindsided by how well this game sold and didnt get it on day 1.

  • fruitspunch_samurai

    best buy also has shin megami tensei fire emblem available for preorder

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      pre-orders for games that are so far off that we haven’t seen even a screenshot is so stupid. Why don’t they just take pre-orders for Zelda U while they’re at it?

  • If it is an HD version of Xenoblade I’ll buy it again in a heartbeat! If not looking forward to the new “X” title! I need to save up for a Wii U now!

  • NinjaApe

    I hope that someone messed up and put the U next to Wii. It’d be great to have Xenoblade release in other stores so it can get the sales it deserves.

  • FrancisUnderwood0482

    please!!! I’m *this* close to modding my Wii to play this but if I can get it legit on WiiU F that!
    P.S. F Nintendo and their limited print-runs and the douches on eBay who take advantage of people because of it.

    • Pooka

      That’s what I did. It’s quite easy to mod your Wii (look on youtube for guides). It’s easy to mod the Wii U apparently too XD. I’ll find out when my zelda bundle wii u comes hu hu

  • jcl

    I wouldn’t dismiss it as being a mistake yet. Nintendo would be dumb not to do HD remasters like Sony did.

  • loyal_ethics

    Found one at gamestop for $77 sold it on ebay fro $115…… Priceless ^____^