Skullgirls DLC Hits First Goal in 24 Hours

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

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Squiggly Singing

Concept art for Squiggly

Just under 24 hours after crowdfunding for Skullgirls started, ZeroLab Games has already hit their first goal for DLC characters and will immediately continue work on new character Squigly. As of press time, they’re past the $175,000 point, meaning that they believe they have enough funds to create a new stage and story mode for the new character. What seemed initially like a very bold move is turning out quite well.

Squigly seems like she’ll be a rather interesting character. She’s an undead opera singer who synthesized with a parasite in order to retain her personality. Unlike Filia, who has an occasionally less than symbiotic relationship with her parasite Samson, Leviathan and Squigly work together much smoother to carry out their mission. As a fighter, she supposedly will focus mostly on ranged attacks through Leviathan as well as switching between two “stances”, each with different move sets. She’ll also have some unique abilities, such as being able to manipulate the camera to forcibly bring enemies closer. Based solely on the description provided, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as a character that struggles some on point, but has some crazy helpful assists, like Double.

Future donations will go towards additional animations, music, stages, etc until the next big goal is hit at $375,000. At that point, ZeroLab will have enough to create its second DLC character, Big Band, who would have the distinction of being the first male character implemented into the cast. More details on him should come relatively soon, since I imagine ZeroLab would like to keep the momentum strong now that they’re past their first two major goals.Big Band

Lastly, they’ve been slowly revealing, one by one, a list of characters for a potential fan vote. For every $20,000 put into the campaign, they release a new character, and at $600,000, they will have enough to create a character from the list of the fan’s choosing. A few of the already revealed ones are familiar to my admittedly small amount of Skullgirls lore, such as Parasoul’s sister Umbrella and the game’s final boss Marie. You can check out the rest of them below.Potential Characters

If you wish to continue to contribute to the campaign, you can keep Skullgirls growing here.

About Daniel Gulyas

Daniel is a third year business student from Texas who got his start in JRPGs with Final Fantasy 8 and has loved them ever since. His three biggest passions are video games, technology and baseball, with anime being a growing fourth. He occasionally Let's Plays on the side as a hobby.

  • I always found it funny that Stanley Whitefin was popular enough to be considered a DLC character to vote for so early. Then again, he’s a scientist shark. How often do you see that in fiction? Afaik, never. How would he fight? What will motivate him to leave the background stage of the lab and get him into the fray? Guess we’ll find out if we somehow raise that much.

    As far as Squigly being funded so fast, it would’ve surprised me more had the breast cancer research donation drive not happened. That really showed how willing the Skullgirls fanbase is to support Mike, Alex, and everyone at Lab Zero. Oh, and the fact that Mike just happened to reveal Squigly on the last day probably got people hyped. I think we all deserve a round of applause: the team for taking pay cuts and having the guts to stay on board when most would’ve thrown in the towel after releasing the game, and the fans for showing their support and dedication to this game.

    • Even so, if they’d raised this much, they’d have their own stage at EVO. The winner was Melee with 96,000 or so; which wouldn’t have been enough. Maybe gamers are less charitable, and with rewards coming back, they felt more giving,, but at the same time, you have to be impressed with the fanbase of any game joining together like this.

    • Well, Evo is being super nice to Skullgirls after the breast cancer research drive by giving them a place to run their side tourney, streaming the Top 8, and throwing in $1000 into the pot, so really they have the stage thing covered. Its not the prestigious main stage they fought for, but Evo is still supporting them for a job well done. And last I checked, the people going to Evo might throw in more money to the pot to attract more players.

      Also, rewards were coming back during the donation drive last month too. Raffles, voice actress voicemails, art, Kaiji Tang getting a Skullgirls tattoo, Mike Z shaving his head, etc. This crowdfunder just happens to have some pretty nice stuff attached to it that more people can get in on.

      And one final note in terms of the FGC: when they aren’t coming together to beat each other up in video games or are acting like chauvinistic pigs (not all of them, but some people in their crowd really poison their image), they’re surprisingly charitable. If tragedy strikes a player and/or their family in the community, they’ll throw money their way and help them get back on their feet. It shouldn’t surprise me at this point that people in the community will raise money like wildfire like this, but it does.

  • Man, this article gave me even more of a reason for a purchase. I’ve always been an avid fighting game fan, especially Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike!

    • For $15, it’s a solid deal, especially as pretty a game as it is. I’m more of an anime fighter guy, so I prefer Persona 4 Arena, but the two aren’t really competing for the same segment of the fighter market. I should go back to it at some point, especially since I got my fight stick after I got P4A, so maybe it’ll be a bit better to play now.

    • What brand of fight stick do you use?

    • I didn’t have the money to go top of the line, so I decided to piecemeal it. The actual box itself is below, and yes, the default art is as hideous as you’d expect. I had to immediately swap in a Sanwa stick, since the stock one was total crap (didn’t register up and left at same time). I finally had the funds to buy a new set of 8 Sanwa buttons, which should be in tomorrow, and I’ll put a new decal on then as well. As crappy as the art is, I’ll have the equivalent of a TE stick for about 90 bucks when all is said and done, without the initial outlay.