16-Bit Tribute Music Video Is Pretty Awesome

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Gowe - Aurora 16-Bit

Do you like 16-Bit games? Of course you do! Normally we don’t post many music videos on our site, but sometimes something’s so cool that you have to share it with everyone.

Seattle based Gowe’s (Gifted On West East) (http://gowe NULL.bandcamp NULL.com/) music video for Aurora, which is directed, produced and animated by Kenson Lee (https://twitter NULL.com/rikognition), is a love letter to the SNES generation of 16-Bit Games.  There’s many references to video game franchises such as Double Dragon, Space Invaders, and a certain game very near and dear to us.

Can you find all the references? Leave a comment with your findings, or hit up Gowe’s Bandcamp (http://gowe NULL.bandcamp NULL.com/) to check out his albums.

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