Pandora’s Tower Valentine ECards from Nintendo of Europe

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Nintendo of Europe shared some Pandora’s Tower themed ECards. They are quite delightful so I figured I’d share them for those that may have missed them. You may recall¬†that while XSEED is publishing the game in the US this year, Nintendo of Europe first published the game last year for the PAL region. Hopefully they’ll get you excited for XSEED’s release of the game later this Spring. Enjoy! Oh and Pre-order the game from Amazon if you haven’t yet!

Pandora's Tower-Guts to tell you


Pandora's Tower- Never Felt Like This Before


Pandora's Tower- You've grown on me

Pandora's Tower- Bring out the best


Pandora's Tower- From the bottom of my heart

And just for fun, even though it’s not really a Valentine, I thought I would include this image that Will, one of our volunteers, created during the Operation Rainfall campaign. Obviously this image is not associated with Nintendo and is strictly fan made.
Operation Rainfall Valentine 7

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