Capcom Adding Japanese Dub as DLC to Resident Evil 6

Spoiler Alert: You shoot a lot of zombies in this game.

Recently, Capcom has been releasing some of their games in Japan with the English voice over and just Japanese subtitles, like Dead Rising, Dragon’s Dogma, and Resident Evil 6. Similar to how Mega Man fans were burned by Capcom’s treatment of that particular franchise, many Japanese gamers weren’t too happy about this development. Seems that Capcom’s going to change all that.

Along with Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which is an expanded version of the original Dragon’s Dogma with a Japanese dub, Famitsu revealed that Resident Evil 6 will have a Japanese dub as future DLC. They did not say which voice actors will be in this new dub or if the dub will cost anything. Knowing Capcom, you can probably expect it to set people back a little bit financially.


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