Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Release Date Announced

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Fans of the beloved Shin Megami Tensei series will be excited to learn that an official North American release date of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers has been set for April 16th, 2013. North American players will at last have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this deep, complex story in which futuristic and advanced technology clash with supernatural forces.

Gamers will be able to immerse themselves in a first-person dungeon crawler, where, like many entries in the Shin Megami series, they will fight their way through hoards of demons – or attempt to negotiate with them to turn them into useful team members. Originally released on the Sega Saturn in Japan, the 3DS remake boasts a treasure trove of sleek enhancements and improvements, including voice acting, improved load times, the addition of new demons, a handy auto-mapping feature on the bottom screen, the option to change the difficulty mid-game, and an extra dungeon that will be made available once the game has been cleared.

And if you just can’t wait for Soul Hackers, don’t miss out on the opportunity to snag another Atlus game, Etrian Odyssy IV: Legends of the Titan It’s set to launch two months before on February 26th, 2013.


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