Dark Souls II Information Compilation

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

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Shown above is the sneak peak of Dark Souls II at the VGA, which made our panties wet and our mouths drop. . .

There were many excited fans as Dark Souls II was revealed at the VGA featuring an amazing trailer and a hauntingly beautiful music score. There is an intense feeling the trailer puts forth, and the music does wonders to intensify that as well. It is no wonder that most of us hard core fans felt a pang of dissapointment when we heard that Hidetaka Miyazaki, the man responsible for the creation of the series, would be replaced by Tomohiro Shibuya. Hidetaka Miyazaki will now be supervising the project, but will not have any direct impact upon it, aside from suggestions and criticisms that will be up to Shibuya to take into consideration, implement, or completely ignore.

Miyazaki tried to put fans’ fears to rest, by assuring us that Shibuya will stay true to the Souls’ roots, and the core of the experience. He assured us that Shibuya has experience, and that the game is in good hands.

Our fears may not be misplaced, nor dispelled, by Miyazaki’s comforting words. Shibuya has stated that he wants the game to become more “accessible” and the story more clear and even directly expressed. THAT is worrying. Dark Souls, and Demon’s Souls, was wonderful because of its replayability value. Every time I tried a new build on a new character, I stumbled upon something I did not find in my previous playthroughs. The lack of hand holding and direct storytelling made the game interesting, and it gave it a strange atmosphere that drew the players in. I think I speak for most of us when I say I do not want to be spoon fed the story and pointed towards the direction I must take. Exploration and mistakes are part of the experience, and being led through the game by a narrative is not the way to go.

Shibuya has also stated that he wishes to make the options of the player in the early parts of the game limited, so that they may be transitioned into the game lightly at first. This is worrying as well, since the difficulty and being dropped in a situation where you have no idea what to do next is another core experience for Souls fans. Hopefully, this transition only lasts for the duration of the tutorial, and not further into the game.

dark-souls-2-dragonThe game has been reported to be 25% complete, and has seen an increase in staff members working on it. There is speculation that it may be completed by late 2013, or early 2014, but there have been no concrete statements validating this.
Dark Souls II will also be about the same size as Dark Souls, and Shibuya has also mentioned that he would like the game to take about as long as Dark Souls to complete. This would mean you are looking at a good 60-80 hour run, if you are a completionist and enjoy exploring every nook and cranny.

Dark Souls II’s multiplayer will also be server based, much like Demon’s Souls, so we can all rest assured that the “failed to summon” messages will be kept to a minimum, and thank Miyazaki for this, since he is the one who pushed for a server based multiplayer. The P2P system used in Dark Souls was absolutely terrible, and we can say goodbye to restarting the game countless times in order to see our friend’s summoning signs.

The game will also feature a new graphics engine, which will place emphasis on details and monster expressions, rather than lighting and shading as the previous games have done, to make it more realistic. Dark Souls II will also have the same style of map as Dark Souls has, which is comforting for some, and disappointing for those who wanted a hub like layout as seen in Demon’s Souls.

Last, but not least, is the stance From Software has always taken on DLC. There are no plans for DLC, and I wonder how long before Namco bullies them into making another DLC down the road. In an interview on Dark Souls, From Software stated that they release complete games, and that DLC will not be implemented. They then released Artorias of the Abyss DLC, which made me wonder what made them do this. I could only speculate that Namco gave them a little shove in this direction, but of course my speculations are also unfounded. We will see if From Software sticks to their guns and remains true to their word this time around.

That is all the news concerning Dark Souls II so far. Stay tuned for more as it continues to trickle in, and I greedily gobble it up as the fangirl that I am, only to regurgitate it to all of you! Bon Appetit!


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  • MusubiKazesaru

    I wonder how that Wii U petition is doing, if it isn’t confirmed for Wii U, I don’t give a shit about this game

    • Gust

      Then you better stop caring already, since it most likely won’t happen, From Software should concentrate on the goal of sticking with current generation consoles and making a good PC port this time around. 

    • It wouldn’t be that hard or resource/time consuming to port it to the Wii U.

    • Yeah it would. This is a completely new game, not an old game from a year ago like Batman Arkham City. Why do you think Gamecube didn’t get every single port like the original Xbox & PS2? Because it was time consuming and had cost/resources that didn’t seem viable as an option to them. They probably saw that it ain’t worth it.

      Besides didn’t you say you didn’t care about the game just a few articles ago?

    • @ David Fernandes The thing with the GameCube is that it used a vastly different storage medium than the other consoles.  This isn’t the case now, as the Wii U is pretty much in line with its competition.  As for your question, I never said I didn’t care about this game.  I simply said that it wasn’t necessary for it to come to the Wii U as the system already has a pretty good lineup as is.

  • hopefully this game won’t be too linear and still hold some mystery and wonder about it. The Souls series is very community based game and that’s why it’s really amazing to me. All the fans come together to make sense of certain items, people, and places in the story. The difficulty is still going to be a major point of the game as well. The feeling of accomplishment after tearing down some of the enemies is pulse throttling. My hopes and wishes are sent to the game. Make it a good one guys.

    • The community for this, in my opinion, is one of the best around. Glad From Software shows that they care for the fan base that got the games the stardom it so rightly deserved.

  • I can fully respect this game for its brutal difficulty, immersive atmosphere, but i do wish story was more forward. when i play an RPG i do have a slight pet peeve when they put total immersion over a really solid story and script. and while i can respect the idea of having super hard difficulty, it doesnt make me really want to play it nor does the combat. i can get what they are doing and it is well put together, but if i want to play an action RPG with action gameplay, id go play Kingdoms of Amalur.

    • Guest

      Kingdoms of Amalur was a decent game, both Souls game have WAY better combat then that game. Just because that game is piss easy, doesn’t mean its better for it. Also, both Souls game have a story through imagery, item descriptions  and all character dialogue. Not the game’s fault you decided to skip that one out, or look it up online.

    • you need to chill dude. i felt like you came at me aggressively and other people aggressively.  im just saying i rather have my story told to me through cutscenes and dialogue and not through flipping lazy item descriptions or still images. but i rather have an action RPG’s combat built around action game mechanics like KoA or God of War’s combat (quick time events not included of course). its also not my fault that the game didn’t appeal to me because of its hardcore gaming decisions like a brutal difficulty level and slightly clunky combat.