As the countdown for the Western release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate begins, Capcom employee and Monster Hunter blogger “Yuri (Dubindoh)” gives us a quick view on the honey-eating bear Arzuros. Arzuros made its debut to the series in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd  in Japan, but this will be Arzuros’ debut in the West.


Isn’t he cute? Arzuros is known as a blue bear beast who boasts no ailments or elemental abilities and is weak to both fire and ice. Arzuros also marks the creation of a new class of monster known as “Fanged Beast”. Now logically, being a bear not only does it have an obsession with honey great but it also has great strength.  In fact, in this situation a “bear hug” from Arzuros is probably the last thing you want. No matter how cute he is, you’ll gain some pain from being friendly with this bear by being smooshed in his hands.


As for Arzuros’ fighting style, despite looking big and heavy he can run quickly, enabling him to close the distance between the two of you easily. Not to mention he might slap you with his sharp-clawed, spiky arms in multiple swipes.  Ouch….


Arzuros however is one of the earlier in-game monsters you will go up against. So like any other monster, even if he is difficult to begin with, like a Rathian the first time you meet one, as you grow as a hunter and get stronger Arzuros will become easier. With his close range combat it’s best to dodge and stay away and observe his movements before striking. As they say, practice makes perfect!

With this in-depth breakdown of Arzuros, it’s time to start counting down the days until you don your hunting gear once again and start a new chapter in the world of Monster Hunter.  Arzuros is the first of many new monsters to come. I wonder what monster will be next?

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released March 2013.

Jodie Langford
Jodie joined the Oprainfall Staff as a translator during the winter of 2012. If you see an article on the website with an entirely Japanese source, odds are she’s had a hand in bringing the information to you! She enjoys most RPGs, especially Monster Hunter and Pokemon.