PlayStation Plus Coming to Vita Next Week

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PlayStation Plus logo

Next week Sony will be releasing firmware 2.00 for its Vita hand held. Included in this update is an email app, content manager update that now lets you move files to you PC wireless, and a few browser updates. The best part of this update by far though is that PlayStation Plus has arrived on the Vita giving you access to an instant library of free games.

The first set of games include:

  •  Uncharted : Golden Abyss 
  •  Gravity Rush
  •  Wipe Out 2048
  •  Jet Set Radio HD
  •  Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
  •  Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions. 

Sony promises weekly updates to Vita Plus service just like ones you get on the PS3. If you are already a Plus member on the PS3 there is no need to worry, your one membership covers you for both systems. You can purchase a 3 month subscription to PlayStation plus for $17.99 or an entire year for $49.99 

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