Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Details And Screenshots; MH4 Gameplay


As part of the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, Capcom have released some new information, screenshots and artwork regarding the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate; a localisation of  the game released for Japanese 3DSs last year, Monster Hunter 3G.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released in March for Western 3DSs and Wii U; yes, we will be getting both versions!

Both versions of the game offer local, wireless play, so you can hunt with anyone in the vicinity no matter how you’re playing. However, only the Wii U version supports online play; so to play with your mates around the world, you’ll have to get this one.

The 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate also utilises the StreetPass feature by sharing your Guild Card with fellow hunters you run into in the street.

Both Cha-Cha and Kayamba will be making a return in this game.

Additionally, Gematsu have managed to acquire some footage of themselves playing the Monster Hunter 4 demo at the Tokyo Game Show. Check it out:

Now for the images released by Capcom! The first three are the artwork; the remaining thirteen are screenshots:

 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


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