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REVIEW: Keen: One Girl Army

Title Keen: One Girl Army Developer Cat Nigiri Publisher Phoenixx Release Date July 2nd, 2020 Genre Puzzle Platform PC, Nintendo Switch Age Rating T for Teen - Blood, Violence, Use of Tobacco Official Website Something you should know about me is that I'm not amazing at puzzle games. I like them on occasion, and find them fun in short bursts. But I also don't consider myself an expert at the
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IMPRESSIONS: Darius Cozmic Collection Console

While I played SHMUPs in my youth, I very rarely beat them. I just wasn't patient enough to deal with series like R-Type and Darius. But I clearly recollect that the latter had giant fish robots (or aliens?), so I still fondly remember it to this day. The good news is, now I can move beyond remembrance to actually playing the games I grew up with thanks to Darius Cozmic
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IMPRESSIONS: Flinthook on Switch

If you follow my ramblings here at oprainfall, you've probably noticed I'm a fan of retro and indie. So of course I'm also a big fan of the fine folks at Tribute Games. Their artistry and attention to detail is really impressive, and I have personally bought most of their games with my own money, plus one that I got as a review copy. And though all of their games
Tangledeep | Featured
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REVIEW: Tangledeep

Title Tangledeep Developer Impact Gameworks Publisher Impact Gameworks Release Date January 31st, 2019 Genre Roguelike/dungeon crawler Platform Switch, PC Age Rating Everyone 10+ Official Website As a genre, the rogue-like is one of gaming's most intimidating. For years, I've associated the genre with punishing difficulty, convoluted mechanics, and endless dungeon crawling, the domain of gamers with more patience than me. Developer Impact Gameworks has concocted their own indie rogue-like with Tangledeep,
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REVIEW: Trillion: God of Destruction

Title Trillion: God of Destruction Developer IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART / PREAPP PARTNERS Publisher IDEA FACTORY INTERNATIONAL Release Date March 29th, 2016 Genre Strategy RPG Platform Vita Age Rating Teen Official Website When I first saw Trillion: God of Destruction I didn't really know what to expect. This seemed very different from your usual Idea Factory title. I mean a boss with a trillion hit points and permadeath! Poor
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REVIEW: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

Title Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Developer Renegade Kid Publisher Renegade Kid Release Date March 17th, 2016 Genre Platformer Platform 3DS, Wii U Age Rating E for Everyone - Mild Fantasy Violence Official Website Mutant Mudds always leaves me wanting more, and I mean that in the best possible way. The talented folks at Renegade Kid have done an admirable job of crafting a series that, much like Mario, Mega Man
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REVIEW: The Legend of Legacy

Title The Legend of Legacy Developer Furyu, Grezzo Publisher Atlus USA Release Date October 13th, 2015 Genre RPG Platform 3DS Family Age Rating E10 Official Website When I first saw The Legend of Legacy, I was very impressed by its visual style. It looked like a pop-up story book come to life on the 3DS. Being that it is a spiritual successor to the well known Saga series, I was expecting
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REVIEW: Assault Android Cactus

Title Assault Android Cactus Developer Witch Beam Publisher Witch Beam Release Date September 23, 2015 Genre Twin-Stick Shooter Platform PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, Wii U Age Rating N/A Official Website I have a long history with Assault Android Cactus. I got the opportunity to play the early access what feels like ages ago and was quickly impressed by the production values, creativity and challenge. I suggested folks give the