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REVIEW: Darksiders III

Title Darksiders III Developer Gunfire Games Publisher THQ Nordic Release Date November 27th, 2018 Genre Action Platform PC, PS4, XBox One Age Rating M for Mature Official Website The return of the Darksiders franchise could be considered a victory all on its own. Originally owned by THQ and developed by Vigil Games, the Darksiders franchise saw both a strong effort and favorable reception in its titular first game. With the
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Darksiders Warmastered Edition Launches On Wii U May 23rd, No Switch Version Yet

The Wii U edition of Darksiders Warmastered Edition finally has a release date of May 23rd. This contradicts speculation that this version was cancelled, and thus the original Darksiders comes to the Wii U with newly updated visuals and improved performance, for the bargain price of $19.99 USD. Despite the late release date for a Wii U retail game, publisher THQNordic says that there are no current plans for a
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TBT REVIEW: Darksiders

Title Darksiders Developer Vigil Games Publisher THQ Release Date Original - Sept 22, 2010 Warmastered edition - Nov 29, 2016 Genre Action Platform PC, PS4, Xone, WiiU (TBA) Age Rating M for Mature Darksiders is an action-adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic earth, in which players take control of War, one of the Four Horsemen, in an attempt to stop the raging battle between Heaven and Hell. Drawing heavily from
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OPINION: Zelda and E3 2016

*The opinions of the author may not necessarily represent the views of the entirety of Operation Rainfall.* I have a long history with The Legend of Zelda. The gold cart version of the first game was one of my first NES games, although I was old enough to draw parallels between it and the Atari game Adventure. It was definitely the far better product. So, on the NES, I really
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Darksiders Coming to PlayStation Plus

Remember me saying recently that my PlayStation Plus membership had already paid for itself? Here is one more game to add to my reason for saying this. Darksiders will be free on PSN this week. Tomorrow actually; January 15, 2013. Darksiders is a hack 'n' slash game published by THQ on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows. It released originally January 5, 2010. Reading up about the game has