Beach Bounce
Beach Bounce | Beach Bounce's Ending Screen
Yeah, the game just sort of stops. While it’s an effective cliffhanger, it’s also really jarring. And short.

Beach Bounce is an interesting idea that shows a lot of promise. The characters are likeable, the plot has some interesting elements and handles its adult situations actually pretty cleverly. However, there are far too many things wrong here. The maximize button doesn’t work, portions of the user interface seem clunky and not very friendly and, of course, there’s the text which needs an editor badly. These things, though, can be easily fixed and forgiven. What can’t is the price.

Beach Bounce | Final Thoughts on Beach Bounce
As much as I might harp on this game, I really do like the concept and can see the potential it has. However, there are just far too many things that have gone wrong.

At $15, we’re paying for a promise. While Parts Two and Three are going to be free updates, we have no guarantee that those parts are going to come out on time or the quality of them. Based on the issues that plague this first part, I would not be surprised if there’s a slip-in schedule so that the team can fix things. As much as I want to see this game succeed and be an example of what a Western-developed Eroge can be, as a reviewer, I cannot give recommendations based on hopes and promises. I can only judge and render a score based on what’s in front of me, and when you have a game like HuniePop, for example, which is $10, has gameplay elements, and is fully voiced, that means I can’t recommend this to anyone at this point. My advice is save your money and wait to see what Parts Two and Three contain before taking the plunge. If you do decide to buy the game, though, just realize that what you’re paying for really is the promise of things yet to be seen.

I’ll be keeping a close on Beach Bounce as the second and third episodes are released, so expect another write-up and possible revaluation of the game as a whole when that occurs. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our other Eroge Reviews of Cat Girl Alliance and Sweet Sweat in Summerand be sure to leave us feedback in the comments below, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Beach Bounce | Sakura's "smile" from Beach Bounce
What the Goodness happened to your face Sakura?!
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