STAFF PICKS: Our E3 2014 Predictions

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

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So, coming into this year, there seemed to be a split between those that are excited and those that are feeling a bit blasé about the whole thing. While some seemed like they expect games to come a long time from now, others just seemed scorned by some industry practices. Take a look…

Nathan Stiles
Anything noteworthy that’s not an FPS will be available ‘sometime next year’ or Christmas if we’re lucky.

Eric Chetkauskas
Unless there’s a Dragon Quest or Type-0 announcement, I’m feeling pretty meh on the whole thing.

Dragon Quest VII - E3 2014 | oprainfall

Steve Baltimore, Reporting Manager
Take what you got last year add a number or new subtitle. I doubt we see anything earth shattering. The AAA market is content the way it is and until ppl stop buying it. It’s gonna stay this way.

Among the predictions from Nintendo fans, it seemed like there were a couple constants (somewhat). First, there would be some Super Smash Bros. related information revealed. It’s expected that we would think something like this would happen, especially with Nintendo doing the Smash Bros. Invitational and Smash-Fest. However, we couldn’t quite agree on what would happen…

Super Smash Bros. Logo - E3 2014 Predictions | oprainfall

Charlotte Buckingham, Co-Editing Manager
Smash release date

Jeff Neuenschwander
Major Smash Bros. talk; talk about the GameCube adapter; perhaps a special GameCube controller with the Smash Bros. logo like the one that was shown in the teaser.

Will Whitehurst
Nintendo WILL unveil Shulk and Chrom in Smash Bros.

Josh Speer
Playable Bayonetta announced for new Smash.

Second, for as much as we came up with idea about would be explained for Smash Bros., we did talk about as much for the still-yet-to-be-titled game that Monolith Soft has been developing for Wii U. Here’s what we think will happen for “X”…

Monolith Soft's "X" - E3 2014 Predictions | oprainfall

Kristian Howard
Nintendo will give X a late November release date

Will Whitehurst
X will get some sort of release window

Jeff Neuenschwander
X given a new trailer and a name.

Azario Lopez, Staff Writer
Nintendo will give X a release date, trailer.

Charlotte Buckingham
-More details on X
X release window
X announced to be unrelated to Xenoblade because screw you Jon

And yeah I’m bad at predicting things. All I can think about is X, so I haven’t given anything that much thought. xD

Here’s what else we’re predicting will happen this year:

Josh Speer
-Nintendo will announce another 3DS Pokemon release for 2014
Metroid Dread for 3DS announced for 2015
-Nintendo unveils first details of new “health” system

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem - E3 2014 Predictions | oprainfall

Will Whitehurst
SMTxFE will get a trailer.
Bayonetta 2 will get a release window.
-Atlus USA will give a release date to Persona Q, and it might once again be remarkably close to the Japanese date.
Layton vs. Phoenix Wright release date WILL be announced. No bleeping excuses—I’ve been waiting 3 years for this!

Azario Lopez
The Last Guardian has a new teaser trailer.
-Microsoft will take out the Kinect and make Xbone cheaper. (NOTE: This prediction was made on May 12th, before Microsoft announced the change. This is what Azario had to say about it: “Well, my Kinect-less Xbox One prediction happened. Damn it, I wish they would of waited!”)
Gravity Rush 2 gets a release date and a new trailer.

Charlotte Buckingham
-More details on PS Now from Sony
-More details on MH4U and SMTxFE

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - E3 2014 Predictions | oprainfall

Jeff Neuenschwander
Microsoft: It’s another tell-don’t-show day for indies. Gameplay of either Battlefield or Call of Duty. Halo 5 is fully revealed with trailer and possible gameplay. An attempt to confuse buyers by saying how certain aspects will be exclusive to the system, even though the games will be multiplatform. Rare releases another Kinect game. More demonstrations with Smart-Glass

EA: They talk about how they improved the Ignite engine for the sports games. No actual sports gameplay is shown. Dana White comes out to pimp the UFC game and causes a controversy for acting like Dana White. Mirror’s Edge gameplay is shown. Battlefield multiplayer is shown with real players. The Sims 4 talked about in detail. Talk of Star Wars: Battlefront. Somewhere, there will be an awkward celebrity cameo.

Ubisoft: Aisha Tyler brings the girlwood. The next Assassin’s Creed game shown. The Rabbids get another game. New footage from The Crew. Tom Clancy games get shown in detail. Watch Dogs movie talked about. Far Cry 4 closes it out.


A number is thrown out for games that are coming to PS3, along with a trailer for Until Dawn. Vita gets trailers for Freedom Wars and Vita Pets. The Order has gameplay. DriveClub gets a new trailer. Uncharted 4 is officially unveiled. New characters are teased. The parade of indies happens. Destiny has more gameplay. Gaikai/PlayStation Now talk.

Konami: Next version of Pro Evolution Soccer is talked about, followed by pleading to FIFA fans to buy the game. MGS5 talked about, but will probably be shown at one of the Monday conferences. DDR talk (probably more talk about the classroom edition).

Nintendo: Hyrule Warriors trailer, release date, and actual name. Wii U Zelda teased. Mario Party U revealed, complete with NFC support. NFC talk. Bayonetta 2 release date. SMTxFE and Yarn Yoshi get trailers, first looks since January 2013 Direct. Retro Studios game teased. Pokken.

So, with all the stuff we think and want to happen, what do we think won’t happen?

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