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In the Tesla Effect, we find Tex Murphy down and out: down on his luck and out with a concussion; but it’s not long before his latest case takes him in search of Nikola Tesla’s greatest secrets. Will Tex once again overcome the crime-ridden and Mutant-infested streets of San Francisco, a place with radiation levels that make Chernobyl look like the Garden of Eden and enough booze to incapacitate even the most hardened gumshoes? We’ll just have to wait and see…

But who IS Tex Murphy? He’s the kind of hardboiled, grizzled private eye that can take a punch (or several dozen), hangs out in only the most reputable seedy establishments, needs the support of a good dame (be she real or hologram), has a fedora for every occasion, and ALWAYS has a backup plan (thanks to being a licensed dance instructor):

Preorder bundles include:


  • 10% Discount ($17.99)
  • Tesla Effect Soundtrack
  • ONE of the following full games: Tex Murphy 1+2, Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive, or Tex Murphy: Overseer


  • 10% Discount ($17.99)
  • Tex Murphy Live Jazz Soundtrack 
  • The Pandora Directive (Full Game)

Antonin Kořenek
Antonin has been playing video games since before he could read. Once he did, he fell in love with their stories and worlds. He spends most of his gaming time with either story-based or strategy games. As an aspiring novelist, he blames games like Earthbound and Final Fantasy Tactics for getting him started. Antonin graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI with a degree in English Literature. When not gaming, he can be found reading, obsessing over something on Twitter, or researching strange folklore.