MIND≒0, Acquire’s newest title for the PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan on August 1, 2013. The game has been described by developer ZeroDiv as a “dark and stylish RPG.” MIND≒0 is set in a fictitious town, in a high school in Amayama City, Saitama Prefecture where strange gossip has spread around the school. This is, of course, not the normal high school rumors of who is dating who.

MIND≒0 School

About The Story:

The local school gossip centers around a mysterious door that is said to take you to an unknown world. Worse yet, when the door is opened an axe-wielding boy will appear and kill anyone who goes through it. OK, my first thought is if this boy kills anyone who tries to go through the door, how do they know where it leads? I suppose we may find out within the game!

Kei Takanashi is the main character. While returning home from school one day he hears the screams of a boy who seems to be burdened with a mysterious shadow. Kei apparently puts an end to the goings-on by pulling in the darkness. As if these things were not strange enough, a mysterious store that is run by a man named the Undertaker falls down into the world. The store features weapons that are all standing in a row. Eerie for sure. The high school students seem to have awakened their special power and must now take steps to find out what events transpired that lead to this outcome.

About The Combat:

As in any game of this type, the combat is very important. MIND≒0 offers up a few things that might catch your attention. The main characters can summon an opposite type called “MIND”.  This will come in handy because each character will have life points (LP) that measure their physical strength and once they reach zero, they will no longer be useful in combat. When this happens, you can summon MIND and let it take the brunt of the damage in combat using Mind Points (MP). When your Mind Points reach zero a Mind Break Status will appear that can get you out of a desperate situation.

MIND≒0 features many strong enemies that could likely wipe you out. No worries here since the game also features Technical Points (TP). These are acquired one at a time when a turn ends and will allow you to use a skill and activate BURST Mode. This mode gives you access to one-hit kills. Use these TP with a bit of caution since you do not know what the next enemy will have in store for you. LP and MP management are both central to combat in the game.

Customize your skills and seek out the answers to each and every oddity that has taken over your life in MIND≒0.

A special thank you to Will Whitehurst for translating the source material.


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