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Like in any true Drakengard (or Drag-On Dragoon) fashion, not only will the main character Zero have a dragon companion, named Mikhail. She will, of course, not be fighting alone, but will be joined by other party members; her four apostles to be specific. The game allows you to bring up to two apostles with her into battle. While continuing the tradition in making Drakengard 3 unlike anything among its peers, and I really mean “different”; they not only serve her in battle, but also in sexual desires, to say the least.

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Like the main character herself, the apostles, like all characters who filled the roll of party members in past games, all have certain quirks and *clears throat* fetishes that go far beyond just darker tone in plot, narrative, and character interaction. This is one of the biggest appeals of the series, and while seeming to be tamer than the last entries, the developers are making it clear that Drakengard 3 will still contain its fair share of insanity.

Deto –

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Cento –

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Decartes –

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Octa –

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Drakengard 3 is an exclusive for the PlayStation 3 slated for release this year in Japan, with no localization announcement as of yet. I know it’s a stretch (hell, some might call me nuts), but I’m hoping  thatSquare Enix will decide to bring this over to Western regions. Drakengard 1 & 2 were peculiar gems in the huge library of games that the PlayStation 2 is known for. Again, despite their flaws, there’s just no games like them.


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