Cool points are…cool, and for…stuff.

Our stiff initial conversations grew quickly from the fertile soil planted by our shared love of P3. Everything came easily and as joke, he began awarding me “cool points” whenever I did, said or liked something he thought was cool. My Triforce belt buckle? 10 cool points. Being a writer? Another 10. My baking prowess? Yet another 10. It wasn’t long before I reached 100 points, which we all know means I should have leveled up. I suggested that the Final Fantasy victory theme would have to play when that happened, which only earned me more points. The fate of all my points remained a mystery – he initially said I could trade them in for a date or for dinner, but I never had to do that. As time passed and we grew closer, I kept accumulating points, even though neither of us knew what to do with them.

Our humble beginnings.

The Answer

Persona 3 FES is more than a phenomenal game with an intoxicating world and game play. It brought me together with someone, who I now love dearly, before I even knew it. In a way, our shared love of P3 grew into our love for each other. And about those points…we changed classes when we became official two years ago. I changed from “misguided wayfarer” into “Scruffy Knight,” – his nickname for me – and he changed from “lonely bard” into my “Royal Fluffy Prince.” We’ve got one more tier in our respective classes, but that might have to wait until Persona 5.

Scott MacDonald
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