7. Resident Evil 4

BAM!! Didn’t see that coming did ya? Yes, Resident Evil 4, the one game that has topped many a ‘Top 10’ list, stalls at our number 7. By no means do we think it isn’t very good, it’s just that our contributors are a bit weird and think they’re hipsters by voting differently to the norm. As you should all know by now — and if you don’t then you need to check yourself — Resident Evil 4 was a turning point for the series. It changed how we would play a Resident Evil game. New camera, controls and a new type of ‘evil’ rejuvenated the survival horror series and we agree it was for the better. After the disappointing 5th game, let’s hope Resident Evil 6 is just as good, if not better, then these previously mentioned GameCube outings.

Top 10 GameCube Games - Resident Evil 4
Will Whitehurst: “Everything in the game is a drastic improvement over its predecessors.”

6. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Did you know that Path of Radiance is the first home console Fire Emblem game to be released in North America, Europe and Australia? What… you did know? Oh.  Anyway, we love this game so much that it would be insane not to include it in our Top 10.  It makes it even more better that the follow up sequel, Radiant Dawn, was released on the Wii, which tied the stories of both games together amazingly well.  If you’ve never played an FE game before, and you like a bit of strategy, then you owe it to yourself to play this game. *Crosses fingers for a third instalment on the Wii U*

Top 10 GameCube Games - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
David Rawlings: “Its very rare for a game to draw me into its world and care about its characters. Path of Radiance does just that.”

5. Tales of Symphonia

Well, it couldn’t be an Operation Rainfall Top 10 without a fully fledged JPRG appearing, can it? So at No. 5, we have Namco’s epic adventure Tales of Symphonia — a tale of one man/boy and his companions on a quest to save the world from all its wrong doings. Okay, so it might not have the most original story, and the English voice acting is a little bit vomit inducing, but it’s got a captivating art style and combat system which can support up to 4 players. That alone separates itself from many other JRPGs.

Is it better than Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance? Personally, no, but I was overruled and I am far too mature to hold a grudge against my fellow staff members… *cough*

Top 10 GameCube Games - Tales of Symphonia
Kyle Emch: “The graphics were pretty and the story was interesting, but the combat really blew me away.”

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David Rawlings
David Rawlings, or ‘Rawky’ as we like to call him, joined the Operation Rainfall Campaign at the beginning. He’s British and found solace with us as he was able to understand our pain about Nintendo and their localizing faux pas. He’s a big fan of the letter ‘U’ and refuses to remove them from words, even though we constantly ask him to. He also believes it’s about time Princess Daisy got kidnapped.