Here is a question for all of you, the followers of Operation Rainfall. It has been a long time coming, and we have had quite a lot of success on our journey since the very beginning. It all started on the IGN message boards with original poster ‘themightyme’ starting something that was lying dormant within us all this time, and with the original push on Amazon with their Monado listing.

We are at a bit of a turning point, and we just wanted to hear what everyone feels about Operation Rainfall and where it is going.

So, to everyone: What do you think about Operation Rainfall’s direction? Where do you see it headed? Do you want to see it grow, or should we enjoy our success and games, and move on? 

It is really up to the community to figure this out. There are a few people among the staff who have contributed incredible amounts of time and energy for this project. What they need is more community support. Are there more willing and able people to help carry the Operation Rainfall torch into the future?

Our work is definitely not over. If we want to see Pandora’s Tower, then we have to work together like never before. This discussion is more about the direction that everyone feels Operation Rainfall needs to go during and beyond that point.

This is mainly a discussion to get an understanding about everyone. What they want to see, and more importantly, what everyone can contribute to help carry this ‘organization’ further. No longer can Operation Rainfall be carried on the backs of a few; it must be held up as a group, as an organization, and as a cohesive body of members who are willing to support it. 
This is a chance for everyone in the community to voice their opinion. This is for everyone to open their mind about what they want to see with this movement. Let out your opinions and views. Don’t worry if your idea is good, bad, too practical or too ambitious. 

Thanks for participating in this movement. Now, it is time to ponder a little bit about what we all can do. Please comment.

Operation Rainfall Contributor
A contributor is somebody who occasionally contributes to the oprainfall website but is not considered an oprainfall author.