>I thought I would share this for people who are new to our campaign or for those that may be confused.

First off, I just want to reiterate the purpose of our campaign:
We are a positive campaign that is attempting to communicate with Nintendo for the release of two critically-acclaimed RPGs: The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower. We also promote the selling of Xenoblade Chronicles in hopes that it sells well enough to justify the release of the other two games. Being that our campaign is positive, this means we do not promote or condone.

Console modification
Boycott of Nintendo products or
Smear campaigns against Nintendo and its executives

Instead, the approach Operation Rainfall has taken is a positive campaign that involves:

Written and verbal petitions and pleas to Nintendo and its subsidiaries
Submission of works of fanart, music, poetry, etc.
Retail purchases of Nintendo products
Encouraging a positive view of Nintendo as a company, even though we may disagree with some of the business decisions they have made recently
Encouraging Nintendo executives to see that there exists a market for RPGs, “niche” titles, and “core” games on Wii console by purchasing these titles and recommending them to others.

In any community made up of thousands of individuals, opinions are bound to differ and there will be people on opposite extremes in favor of and against the overall goals of the community. The above statements, however reflect the stance that the administration of Operation Rainfall have taken. We cannot force our viewpoints on individuals in our community but attempt to uphold those standards as much as possible without taking away our members’ freedom of speech. If, however, we see individuals posting negative remarks or messages that go against our overall mission, we will warn such individuals. Repeat offenses will result in permanent ban from the Operation Rainfall Facebook page.

Operation Rainfall Contributor
A contributor is somebody who occasionally contributes to the oprainfall website but is not considered an oprainfall author.