(Japan) Preview Tracks from Re:Birth II SaGa Battle Arrange CD

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Re:Birth II Saga Battle Arrange

Visitors to Square Enix’s website can preview tracks from the Re:Birth II SaGa Battle Arrange CD. The soundtrack features ten rock-influenced arrangements of music from the SaGa series. This includes tracks from SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa, Romancing SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 3, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, and SaGa Frontier. All tracks were composed and arranged by Kenji Ito.

This CD was originally released in 2012, but it is getting a reprint on the heels of a Re:Birth live concert performance in Tokyo. It is due out on February 26.

There are four tracks available to preview on the site (http://www NULL.square-enix NULL.co NULL.jp/music/sem/page/rebirth2_sen/) for the new release. And if you visit the site for the original 2012 release (http://www NULL.square-enix NULL.co NULL.jp/music/sem/page/rsaga_rebirth/), you can hear some different tunes.

Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

SOURCE (http://www NULL.nubuwo NULL.com/posts/re-birth-ii-saga-battle-arrange-samples-online)

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