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Minimum Requirements for the Campaign Hub

  • Must have over 250 followers on Facebook -or- Must have coverage from another mainstream site (such as IGN, Kotaku, Joystiq, etc), or must have 250 signed and unique signatures on a petition.
  • Must have an active campaign agenda (some type of plans)
  • Must be approved by the Operation Rainfall editing team
  • All writers will be interviewed by Operation Rainfall staff and will be assessed by quality of content, graphic design, etc.
  • Must be able to manage the campaign on their own and actively promote it themselves, using Operation Rainfall as a launching point to get more views.
  • It is helpful to have more than just one or two staff members administrating your campaign.
  • All campaigns featured on our site must be relevant to our audience, including niche games, RPGs, appeal to anime/otaku/Japanophiles, or indie games by a well known developer (no “I’m making my first game and it is an RPG, please support me!”)
  • No swearing, calling out, name calling, or using vulgar images or language that discriminates or attacks a specific person, group, or company in a vicious manner. Keep it at a teen friendly level.
  • Operation Rainfall reserves the right to alter the rules at anytime and will provide a 15 day notice before changes take affect.
  • Operation Rainfall reserves the right to remove any member of the campaign HUB if they do not follow the rules and guidelines.

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