Mist Guard

Mist Guard

It has been announced that a demo for Mist Guard is now out on Steam. The game currently is set to be release sometime this December. You can take a look at the game’s press release below.

Albacete, Spain –August 18, 2022– Independent game development studio Edudelm has released the free demo version of the action-packed RPG, Mist Guard, on Steam today.

In Mist Guard, you woke up in a dark, mysterious prison without any memories. Your main objective is to escape this prison by solving puzzles to proceed. Face multiple enemies, cross dark corridors and upgrade your character to escape.

Mist Guard was originally known as Prisoner, which received positive reviews from players and had about 5K downloads with no marketing. The demo version will contain the intro and the first boss fight. Apart from that, it will also  explain the reason why the game is called Mist Guard.


  • Choose how to play: Upgrade your health, attack and other abilities to fit your playstyle.
  • Solve the mystery: There’s an unfamiliar voice guiding you. Who is that?
  • Explore the prison: To assure your survival, you must explore to get upgrades and stay alive!
  • Defeat enemies and bosses: In Mist Guard you’ll have to defeat the guards of the prison, and some more powerful foes.

SOURCE: Press Release

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