Nova Antarctica | Marvelous Europe

Marvelous Europe is bringing iGi alumni indie studios RexLabo and Nao Games titles to PC when it publishes Nova Antarctica and Ninja or Die in 2023.

In Nova Antarctica, players must survive Earth’s harshest conditions on a devastatingly beautiful journey shaped by the choices they make, the paths they take, and the stories they weave with the mysterious animals they meet along the way. Nova Antarctica will be available on Windows PC via Steam in Summer 2023.

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Ninja or Die is a killer fusion of brutal challenge and elegant simplicity, combining extreme speed with a unique control scheme. Players will unleash the power and speed of the Ninja in an ultrafast Roguelite that will leave them dead and wanting more. Ninja or Die will be available on Windows PC via Steam in early 2023.

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“Over the last few years we’ve consistently supported talent in the industry through gaming incubators and accelerators including iGi in Japan, the Tentacle Zone in the UK, as well as GameBCN and Cinecittà Game Hub in Europe, and signing games created by participants in these projects feels like a natural step forward for us,” said Marc Melton of Marvelous Europe.

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