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It’s time for more visual novel news, this time featuring a spicy release in Erovoice! From a very familiar publisher, and a equally familiar developer! To clarify, ClockUp is the developer and MangaGamer is the publisher. Now I know a couple of you just recoiled in disbelief, but hear me out. You may remember that they’re the ones who made euphoria. However, this is purely a romantic story within the erotic voice acting industry! It’s like hit anime Shirobako but more lewd! Who could say no to such a premise? If you like this as much as I do, you can visit MangaGamer today to secure your copy. It’ll cost a moderate $44.95, but to experience a lewd experience like this it’s probably worth every penny. Especially when you look at the preview screenshots on the preview page, oh lord. Congratulations MangaGamer on the release!

So what’s Erovoice about anyways?

“Ahh, I could cum just from the sound of this sexy voice in my ears…”

When I close my eyes with my headphones on, I’m surrounded by erotic voices and sound effects.
The erotic sounds woven by the voice actress’ throat and lips hit my ears, and stimulate my nerves and my mind.
I love erotic voices so much that I can cum hands-free from just the audio alone.

That was my life until I happened to discover an ad for a “General Affairs” position at a voice acting agency while searching for a job.
The best part? The agency offering the position was one that managed voice actresses I recognized from the ending credits of erotic games.

I leapt on the offer and landed an interview with that tiny voice acting agency, Cuckoo Clock, which manages voice actresses who performed mainly in adult entertainment.

There was a brand new voice actress who longed to perform in erotic games despite barely managing sexy moans.
There was a talented voice actress who acted cute outside the office, caring to her coworkers, and like a tyrant to me.
There was a melancholy recording engineer with huge boobs who holed herself up in the studio.
There was a manager who looked like an intellectual, but was actually a dumb sportswoman.
And then there was our boss, a messy yet beautiful and open-minded woman who also worked as a veteran voice actress.

This was the start of my new life surrounded by such quirky coworkers.
Though after joining Cuckoo Clock out of love, I’m going to do my best to support our voice actresses!

Even if I’m stuck doing odd jobs, that’s okay!

Diego Hernandez
Diego is an incredibly passionate visual novel enthusiast from an island within the Caribbean. He intends on working alongside Operation Rainfall to inform the masses about the vast library of breathtaking visual literature. As well as spreading awareness of the amazingly talented individuals hard at work on said breathtaking projects.