oprainfall Week in Anime: Jan 23 – 29

Sunday, January 30th, 2022

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We here at oprainfall don’t just love video games: we’re big fans of anime, too. So in celebration of the medium, we’re here to give you our thoughts on what we’ve been watching each week as we watch it. Old, new – anything goes.

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Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive AoiThis week’s episode introduced some new characters along with a returning one. The friend desiring Aoi makes her return and like the last last time she appeared, definitely makes an impression. Kana Hanazawa has voiced many great characters, but to me this is one of my personal favorites of hers. Aoi is still desperate for more friends and still awkward, which I think is one of her charms. I play the mobile game here and there to kill time at work and the newly introduced characters of Yuni, Chloe, and Chieru have been ones I’ve been waiting for, so I’m glad to see them. With their introduction, some of Yuni’s deduction seem to hint at the greater story of the series, which is something that hasn’t really been addressed since the first season. The search for an urban legend at the school sets up some good ideas, with the twist that includes Aoi being pretty good. It’s something I would say is in character for her, even the humorous part with her and Karyl. I liked how the story veers a bit and throws in Yuni’s thoughts on the world. I liked this episode a lot and am excited to see the next round of characters to be introduced. – Walter

Yuni, Chloe, and Chieru make their debut in the anime and Aoi, our favorite loner elf, makes her return. They, along with the Gourmet Guild, must solve the mystery of the Green Guardians. The new characters are a treat. Chloe is the cool type, Chieru is the peppy one, and Yuni is very intelligent. Yuni in particular is very interesting since she seems to believe there is some great secret the world is hiding. And the events of this episode seem to point to the fact that Yuni is indeed correct. All in all, this was a good episode. The Green Guardian fiasco and the truth behind it is hilarious. The events that occur after make you really think about Yuni’s theory and the world’s secret. I for one can’t wait for the next episode. – Patrick

– You can watch Princess Connect! Re: Dive on Crunchyroll.

In the Land of Leadale

In the Land Leadale Cayna's SummonComing off the last episode, Cayna’s children are fretting over her putting up a barrier and not talking to them, which ends up in a fight between Skargo and Mai Mai. Meanwhile, the youngest of the adopted siblings, Kartatz, continues to be the most grounded of them and ends up meeting Cayna, who has opened back up. It’s something I find funny with him being the odd one out (being a dwarf in a family of elves, and oldest looking) seemingly being Cayna’s favorite, getting the most headpats. Cayna apologizes to her children and honestly wants them to be a family, which is quite nice. She was a bit down after realizing more about her situation, including what must have happened in the outside world, but the fact she looks at her family in what was the game being important helps her. Setting out on an adventure, she travels with the previous caravan she met and helps them along. She once again summons the Cerberus, but also a centaur and giant baby boar, which make the caravan uneasy but are in no way that imposing, especially from our point of view. A battle occurs later on which once again cements that Cayna is quite powerful, even her summons; however, you can tell she feels guilt for individuals dying. While the world to her is from a game, she values lives in this world as being real. If there is something I could criticize this series on as my own biggest issue it would be the CG for some scenes, which don’t look that good and are at odds with the rest of the show. Most of the time it tends to be when they show horses for some reason. That being said I’m enjoying the series more than I would have thought when it first started. – Walter

– You can watch In the Land of Leadale on Crunchyroll.

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of VanitasTaking a short break from the present, this episode we get to take a deep dive into Chloé d’Apchiers’ past before becoming the Beast of Gévaudan. We find out how she became a vampire, and how long she’s been isolated and alone in her castle in the snow. We also find out she is erstwhile friends with Lord Ruthven, who sought out her family’s research into the World Formula, though for what purpose he never gives a straight answer. In the end, Chloé uses the Alteration Engine her family spent generations creating, but to what end we’re left wondering until next week. Knowing what we know about the Beast and Naenia’s involvement, having this slow, quiet episode was a nice change of pace, especially since so many forces are out to capture and/or kill Chloé for their own ends. Seeing even a fraction of the life she’s lived up until now gives us a much better idea of what she’s been dealing with and why so many people are out for her blood. This episode also boasted some seriously gorgeous moments of animation, especially Chloé’s hair. The detail and care put into her facial expressions was really impactful, and I hope we can see more of this style of animation going forward, since it’s been pretty hit and miss otherwise. I also can’t help but hold out hope that Chloé comes out of this unscathed, but with Ruthven’s spell still hovering over Noé, it’s hard not to worry. Excited to see where this story continues to take us as it goes along. – Leah

– You can watch The Case Study of Vanitas on Crunchyroll.

My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling | Episode 4This episode focuses a lot more on Gojo, his psyche, and his insecurities. He really pushes himself to the limit, both mentally and physically. A lot of things occur that stress Gojo in this episode. Add that to his wanting to finish Kitagawa’s cosplay in time for the event, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Gojo needs to learn how to say no, cause his inability to do so just adds more work for him in this episode. Another big takeaway from this episode is that communication is incredibly important. Misunderstandings can be avoided if you just talk, and Kitagawa and Gojo learn this the hard way. I think this episode was great as it helped develop Gojo more and you get to see how he thinks and works when his back is really against the wall. Kitagawa is still as sweet as always. Another great episode, and I can’t wait for next week. – Patrick

Gojo’s crisis of faith was something I found immensely relatable and really stressed how hard he is on himself. I think we’ve all suffered that breakdown where we feel like we aren’t good enough, or that our ambitions are too lofty and out of reach. I can’t recount the amount of times I’ve had that “you’re only half-assing it” conversation with myself. His perseverance and dedication to finishing Kitagawa’s outfit was self-destructive, but also pretty admirable, and I’m glad it turned out well. The fact both he and Kitagawa learn how important communication is and that their lack thereof isn’t just used as a thin veneer for “comedic hijinks” was refreshing. Having characters talk out their misunderstandings should be the norm, but since it isn’t, I relish the times it happens, especially in romcoms. I love these two a lot and seeing them grow is wonderful. I can’t wait to see more. – Leah

– You can watch My Dress-Up Darling on Crunchyroll.

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