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With all the games coming out lately, how about you relax with Intoxicant. This new title from friend of the website, HotPink, provides an opportunity to escape for a brief moment into a beautiful respite. To clarify, you may recognize the developer’s name. That’s because they’re a talent for the ages making wonderful lewd titles across all sorts of genres.¬† Some of which we even covered before! This time around they’re taking a page from another bartending venture that you might know the name of. However, it’s small, intimate, and crosses all the checkboxes. With beautiful pixel art and animations, it’s hard not to get interested in such a title. You can support the release of the game by going to their Itch page and maybe contributing around $5 for some special goodies. If you need to learn more stick around for my thoughts on the game itself.

So what is Intoxicant about?

You play as a bartender on a lonely night, when a very pretty lady lends you her company, her life story, and maybe even more if you make her the right drinks ūüėČ But don’t worry, there are no wrong answer here!

What do I think about it?

So I had the honor of playing Intoxicant a couple days prior to the release on Friday. It’s a short game, much like the developer’s previous titles. However, despite the length, it packs a ton of punch. The artwork for the main heroine is astonishing. As a pixel art enjoyer, I could say I was charmed from the get-go. The more I saw in terms of expression changes, the more I got interested in her. In terms of story and for how you meet her, it’s not overly dramatic. It’s just a bartender and a client who needs someone to listen. Simple and, after all, nothing beats socializing over a pair of drinks.¬† Gameplay-wise you may feel a sense of familiarity for another game of similar style. However, it gets more intimate which allows for way more fun in the spicy scenes.

The biggest thing of note throughout my experience is the voice acting and how down to earth it is. It makes the conversations between drinks all the more real and makes the action a lot more mesmerizing. What really is a pleasant surprise for me is that with this title there are multiple ways to get the night going. You get to learn more about her based on the kind of drinks you’re serving. I especially think this is the best part. Because while it may leave me hungering for more, and HotPink if you’re reading this please make more of this, it’s really satisfying. So that’s a huge props to the writing as well. Ultimately, my only complaint comes down to how short it is. I get that it’s the standard, but you finish it so fast that it almost feels sadistic that this is all we get.

Intoxicant is phenomenal one night experience that I desperately need more of.

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