oprainfall | Ruin Raiders & Godstrike

oprainfall | Ruin Raiders & Godstrike


Developer OverPowered Team and publisher Freedom Games have dropped launch details and trailers for both Ruin Raiders & Godstrike. The first is an anthropomorphic, turn-based roguelike. Meanwhile, the latter is a boss rush bullet-hell style shooter. Both titles are coming to various platforms on October 14th with a 20% launch discount. Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing at Freedom Games, commented on the news in the press release:

“OverPowered Team’s work on Godstrike and Ruin Raiders encapsulates what is so exciting about indie studios. These games are such disparate experiences but are both wonderful in their own way and were created with such passion and creativity that make them stand out in their respective genres.”


Ruin Raiders

Ruin Raders is a challenging roguelike with tactical, turn-based combat. You’ll lead a team of animals into an unpredictable labyrinth. It will launch for PC (Steam & Epic store), and Switch. The trouble is, this is a one-way trip. It is a roguelike after all! This mysterious labyrithian place is said to hold great riches. To stand any chance of finding them, you’ll need to outfit your team well with items, weapons, and upgrades. Furthermore, each type of animal has its own special abilities. For example, dogs can focus their fire to guarantee landing a hit.

If your squad should perish, you can always go again. However, you may first want to look into unlocking new structures in your base camp. These can provide access to new character slots, upgrades, and more. There are also blueprints which can allow you to create devastating weapons or attachments. These are persistent upgrades, so even if your team dies, they will still benefit the next one.



Godstrike puts you in the role of Herald, who only has as much health as there is time left. Naturally, you’d better not get hit too much then! The boss-rush bullet hell is coming to both Xbox S|X and PlayStation 5 (as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 via backward compatibility). Additionally, the game is already out on PC and Switch. It will pit you against the avatars of a now-forgotten deity. Multi-staged boss fights stand in your way, and the clock is not on your side. You’ll need to utilize special moves like True Shot (a powerful homing attack).

The game features a number of modes, including Campaign, Arcade, Challenge, and Daily Runs. It also features Twitch integration. This means your viewers on Twitch can alter Herald’s fights by voting in Twitch chat for various status effects and more.

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