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It’s certainly been a while, but allow me to introduce you to a wonderful project in FluvStruck! First and foremost, this a HuniePop-inspired story from the small team at Saber Studios. Now before you click off this article simply because you think it’s a rip off, pump the brakes. We’re looking at a project that’s got some of the most beautiful art I’ve seen in my time covering visual novels and the like. There’s a demo literally available right now on Steam and it’s fantastic. Players making the jump from HuniePop to FluvStruck will definitely feel at home with the UI and mechanics for sure. However, the true spectacle in all of this is the breathtaking cast and a rather refreshing take on the protagonist’s woes. The project already has nearly $17,000 secured, but continues to need your support to unlock more alluring characters. Secure your copy for $13 today!

You can probably take a guess as to what kind of story FluvStruck has, but here you go:

You are a romantic novelist. Sadly, you’re absolutely terrible at writing stories… Until you meet Yuna, a hopeless young girl who is obsessed with teasing you and putting you to work. FluvStruck’s story plays around your involvement with girls who have deep desires and your goal is to help them cleanse their inner demons. Will Yuna’s guidance lead you down the right path in becoming the best romantic novelist?

For the lewd connoisseurs, it looks like there’s a pleasant surprise in this package:


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