Making It Rainfall Week 26: Water Worlds

Monday, November 18th, 2019

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Well guys and gals, I apologize for this Making It Rainfall happening a bit later than scheduled. This was actually supposed to go out last Monday, but both me and Ken got rather sick at approximately the same time, and so we had to recover before we could devote our energy to making more levels. The upside is that I personally think that extra time in the cooker made these Super Mario Maker 2 levels extra special. Our theme this week was aquatic adventures, and I encouraged us all to interpret that theme however we saw fit. There’s some good surprises in store, but first let’s start as always with a couple levels courtesy of Michael Fontanini!

Font’s Levels

Level 1 – Pirates’ Cove Treasure Hunt
Course ID – 7VN-BPQ-38G

Making It Rainfall | Pirate's Cove 1

Seek out lost pirate treasure in the beautiful waters of Pirates’ Cove. There are five optional pink coins that may lead you to bigger loot. Watch out, as cheep cheeps are plentiful in these waters and you may encounter a few bloopers along the way. There is also a more rare giant cheep cheep species found here! Some of them exhibit odd schooling behaviors around pink coins. For a little more challenge, you can try to get all pink coins, the extra treasure, and clear the level all without using the help of a fire flower. As always, a few 1-Ups are also hidden around.

This is a classic Font level. It’s beautiful, complex and full of hidden goodies. It’s also slightly more challenging than some of his previous works. Those cheep cheeps may be slow, but they’re also everywhere, and can easily do some damage to you if you’re not careful. I beat this a couple times, and the second I went for all those well hidden pink coins. Do yourself a favor and make sure to hold onto a Fire Flower to get the most out of this undersea excursion.

Making It Rainfall | Pirate's Cove 2

Level 2 – Floating Platforms of the Jungle
Course ID – 1YF-WX3-9DF

Making It Rainfall | Floating Platforms 1

Traverse floating platforms and dodge obstacles to reach the goal. Enemies like piranha plant creepers and stingbees are among those you will encounter. One tip is to be careful where you try to run when you’re on floating crates, as you will sometimes accidentally pick up the one in front of you. There’s not really a way around this, as it can happen sometimes if the crate in front of you bobs high enough at the right time. You can stand on the boundary between two crates to keep them even, allowing you to start running while ensuring that doesn’t happen. There are also some hidden goodies of course, as always.

This level is one of the most challenging Making It Rainfall levels that Font has made thus far. I died multiple times trying to get through it, either from nasty spike traps or stretching Piranha Plants. It’s also very creative, and has you use Builder Mario to get to some extra hidden goodies. Perhaps my favorite part of the stage is when you’re on a line of boxes in a rising tide, and Bullet Bills force you to navigate the area carefully or get blasted. A fun yet challenging area.

Making It Rainfall | Floating Platforms 2

Josh’s Levels

Level 3 – The Fish Bowl
Course ID – R0T-PMH-HHF

Making It Rainfall | The Fish Bowl 1

Swim your way through a perilous corridor full of riches!

Despite how much I’ve been trying to move away from obstacle course styled levels in Making It Rainfall, I still think this one turned out pretty well. It’s an aquatic nightmare, full of cheep cheeps, skeletal fishies and tons of traps. Your goal is to get enough cash to escape, and there’s a couple ways to do so. You can either be super careful and collect everything that glitters, or you can take your chances in a dangerous sub section full of serious coin and serious danger. Either way, you’ll need to be on top of your game to get through this short level in one piece.

Making It Rainfall | The Fish Bowl 2

Level 4 – Pond Skipping
Course ID – HL2-68F-8MG

Making It Rainfall | Pond Skipping 1

A short jaunt through a pointy pond, with some hidden coin caches.

I won’t lie, this level was very much inspired by Font’s Floating Platforms level, but I think this one is different enough. For one thing, it’s shorter, and for another, it’s relatively tame by comparison. That said, you can still die here, mostly from jumping on a spike accidentally, or if you get greedy and want to hunt for hidden coins deviously placed in dark corners. I debate whether or not this stage was long enough, but if you’ve been frustrated by the difficulty of my areas, you’ll probably enjoy this more.

Making It Rainfall | Pond Skipping 2

Ken’s Levels

Level 5 – Waterlogged Driving
Course ID – YYD-DH3-2XF

Making It Rainfall | Waterlogged Driving 1

Never drive your car underwater, but feel free to take a koopa’s.

Not only is this a great level by Ken, but it’s one of 3 instead of the usual 2! I really appreciate that effort, and found this a short and sweet Making It Rainfall level. The most challenge I ran into was trying to race up a line of coins, only to realize I didn’t have the momentum needed to crest some spikes. This is a simple yet challenging level, since it requires you to get to the end in one piece, and in your vehicle. Thankfully, the level has more than one car, so I encourage folks to take some risks and see what happens. If nothing else, this one inspired me to make some racing levels of my own in the future.

Making It Rainfall | Waterlogged Driving 2

Level 6 – 30 second flash flood
Course ID – Y5N-QPQ-DCG

Making It Rainfall | 30 second flash flood 1

It’s raining and the waters are raising quickly. Get to safe ground soon.

Though this level doesn’t quite live up to the title, it is very short and sweet. There’s foes everywhere, and you need to navigate the water to escape. Or if you want to live your life boldly, try riding that cloud all the way to the top. Oh and lest you get complacent and try and take your time, that angry sun will be happy to speed things up.

Making It Rainfall | 30 second flash flood 2

Level 7 – Under water, under 5 red coins
Course ID – C8B-0G1-0PF

Making It Rainfall | Under 5 red coins 1

Forced underwater, you’ll need a key to escape. Simple search in the dark.

I honestly think this is my favorite of Ken’s Making It Rainfall levels this time around. It is simple, but it’s also well designed and keeps you constantly moving. There’s only a few pink / red coins to collect, and lots of threats to keep you from doing so. Especially towards the end of the stage, when crazed Wigglers attack! And once you get to the checkpoint, you’ll still have Boom Boom to deal with, so don’t get cocky.

Making It Rainfall | Under 5 red coins 2

I thought this Making It Rainfall segment turned out pretty well, all things considered. We here at oprainfall hope you enjoyed it too! I think we’ll continue this segment in December, and then take a New Year’s break before returning refreshed. Thanks for joining us and please keep reading and trying all our crazy levels.

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