UPDATE: Kenichiro Takaki has Considered Toning Down Senran Kagura’s Sexuality

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

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UPDATE: Kenichiro Takaki has issued a statement via Twitter saying he has no intention of toning down the series here in the West. Click here to view the latest article.

Marvelous EU has responded to this with the following Tweets:

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle Kenichiro Takaki, the producer of Senran Kagura has revealed that he has considered toning down the series sexuality and bustiness  of certain female characters.

PlayStation LifeStyle asked him whether he and/or the studio have considered implementing an option for toning down the game’s busty females characters, Kenichiro replied:

A little bit. The game started out very small and that was the big selling point in order to move units. Now that the franchise has grown, and is getting more popular, it might be worth considering having features that differ depending on where it’s being sold. That way it might be able to sell better in certain regions where it would be problematic to have that kind of content.

My take on this is that it is very possible that the team may censor certain content in other regions if they think it would improve their sales.

The producer also added:

However, there are also reviews that ignore the games due to the sexual content, and write it off from the start, so those aren’t very helpful. If you’re going to write it off due to a main component then that game just isn’t for you, and that review isn’t really useful as feedback.

If this is being considered it very troubling for me personally as a fan of the series. Senran Kagura‘s fanservice is what makes it unique, if you take that away you end up with a Dynasty Warriors clone with a good story. I think we have enough Musou games in that vein here already.

If you would like to POLITELY let Marvelous Games or Kenichiro Takaki know how you feel about this.  I would suggest you reach out to them on Twitter.





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  • Panpopo

    I have only played a couple of the games, but I’ve always thought the selling point of the series was very clear – the fanservice. He just has to ask a few simple questions: who is his audience? What will make his audience happy and BUY the games? What made this series successful compared to other beat’em ups? If you go against the answers to those questions the series will fade away.

    He can not please everybody. Every game in history has critics and detractors. Do what the fans want and the series will be fine.

    • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

      Of course, but he is putting MAQL’s reputation with the press at risk and the press is not willing to play nice given we have people like Jed Whittaker who produced that smear piece for Valkyrie Drive. Remember that Japanese Press is used to complacency from their big name journalist sites. Tamsoft is basically persona non grata by the big sites at this point, dismissed as misogynistic B-Movie Directors who should have died along with the National Lampoon and the Exploitation genre.

    • Panpopo

      Again, you can’t please everybody. What ultimately matters is the bottom line – even if they somehow got the western media to look at the series favorably, it means nothing if it does not sell. And that destructiod article accomplished its obvious objective – generate outrage amongst a minority group for clicks. I do not go to the site, but they would not actively try to piss off their regulars by being kotaku or polygon-lite – it was a calculated, easy decision.

      And for journalists, it is like any industry – they will look favorably amongst their friends and anything really popular (mostly western games). Marvelous is an outsider with niche games – there will never be a reason to treat them nicely as the risk is small and makes more sense to shit on them for clicks.

    • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

      Still, anything Takaki is doing is going to make the rest of the Japanese Gaming Industry take a long look at how to stay afloat, do they have to sacrifice a couple of followers to keep their business links alive because you can’t advertise if no one is willing to offer you adspace and they are not going to let Youtube be their adspace anytime soon.

      So some of them do whatever it takes to cover their own ass to stay afloat like Nisa who’s strategy while counterproductive to appealing to gamers at least holds them afloat until their big hits like Dangan Ronpa and Disgaea which still gets IGN coverage at the very least. It’s better than Gust and Tamsoft which have become persona non grata.

    • Yet they still sell, considerably so.
      Even with the press actively shitting on them in most cases.
      No, if Kenichiro will fuck up like this, he’ll lose a ton of followers.

    • Panpopo

      Smaller Japanese developers like gust have always struggled to gain attention. Still, we have more niche Japanese games released in the West than we used to, probably due to them not being able to rely on the Japanese console market due to people moving to mobile.

      I think that if Japanese developers pay attention to Takaki it is that his game has an obvious hook – that they need something (like developer name recognition, unique concept, etc) to grab people’s attention. DangonRonpa for instance was a visual novel, but was able to gather attention through its concept and word of mouth. But what you said is valid – getting attention, any attention whether through official media channels or not, is vital to continue to exist.

      NISA has their niche of releasing a lot of games – even though games like Disgaea are great, the series is unfortunately not doing well in japan. I always thought they would continue to ride that game’s success like the ps2 era by releasing similar games with similar tone, in order to gain consistent brand recognition, but that has not happened in recent years.

    • Miqubi

      You’re talking as if the series has one foot in the grave and marvelous has to consider measures in order to “save” it, that isn’t the case here, the series is doing very well for a niche game both in japan and overseas.

      Marvelous Europe doesn’t care one jot about anything that isn’t Senran Kagura when it comes of day and date releases and collector editions. Make a comparison with other franchises Xseed publishes, they have to partner with 3rd parties for every other franchises or release them MONTHS later in EU except for Senran Kagura, there’s a REASON for that and it isn’t that they like their fans, it’s because senran kagura sells well.

      They don’t need to “cover” their asses from anyone since nobody is after them, people that have hated on the franchise up until now have had no impact on it since the series kept growing, your points go right out the window until the franchise is having terrible sales.

    • nobody is after them, people that have hated on the franchise up until now have had no impact on it since the series kept growing


      But if Kenichiro Takaki starts censoring “toning down” the series, then that makes your comment invalid.

      Right now that hasn’t happened yet. But he sure is hinting at it, judging by the quotes from the interview.

    • Miqubi

      Read my comment, I’m saying that since so far people who shat on the franchise for what it is had no impact on it there’s obviously no reason to take any kind of “measures”.

      The words “up until now” means “so far”, something that would happen in the hypothetical future wouldn’t invalide my statement, since again to this point they had no impact on the current games.

      Now that the definition of “up until now” is clear.
      Judging by the second quote of the interview it’s the opposite, if someone hates the franchise for what it is he seems well aware that he cannot do and won’t do anything to appease to them.

      Also I’ll sound like a broken record, but this interview clashes with another interview he had with dualshockers, which obviously nobody who is going into a panic right now has read, where he says they had absolutely no problems overseas anywhere.
      This whole thing seems like a completetly hypothesis that would happen if they incurred into troubles, which I really don’t see happening unless either ESRB suddenly become stricter or New zeland and australia become the biggest gaming market in the world.
      You should be more concerned with him wanting to release SK games yearly which would lead to terrible sales and the death of the franchise in the long run or CERO slowly becoming stricter which would impact his ability to add fanservice to the games since the main rating boards they consider during production is CERO.

    • Cats736

      Jed Shittaker: shitting on Valkyrie Drive.

    • I’m not really into Senran Kagura, but instead of just focusing on the game and Kenichiro Takaki, I think people should be more concerned about the fact that we might be seeing the start of Japanese developers self-censoring their own games because they shat themselves over what the Western SJW games media are saying about their titty games.

  • Touma

    I don’t want to say that’s all the series is about but toning down the sexual content would be like if Mortal Kombat toned down the gore, like it or not it’s become part of the series identity and altering would probably do more harm than good.

    • It’s different though, because to the West:

      Blood, gore, violence, murder = no problem

      A female character showing a bit of cleavage = end of the world

  • benzene

    Flat chest edition SK insta goty

  • JonahTHD

    I would be greatly disheartened if Kenichiro did indeed tone down the games, because I will be honest, while I do love the gameplay, the super sexy fanservice and characters are what really sell it for me.

  • mewberi

    it would honestly be a shame if the series did decide to change its identity in such a way, its oftentimes humorous and quirky fan service is one of the series charms!

    in fact looking at reviews on places like steam you can see how overwhelmingly liked the series is so
    why change one of the aspects of it when all you’ll do is ruin a loyal following because you gave
    into a little peer pressure likely from people who wont even give it a chance after the change? ‘o wo
    makes zero sense to me…

  • Lionhart16

    Would it be preferable to tweet to his JP account or his English account? I ask because your link leads to his JP account.

    Anyway, I’ll send a tweet to both him and Marvelous, because the fight for Life and Hometown is worth it!

  • NegativeZero

    I can’t help wondering if maybe learning some of the letters that exist between A and F would help, if you know what I mean. Sometimes the middle ground is fine too.

  • Go2hell66

    is this guy stupid? tone down the one thing that sells the series? clearly this man hates money

    • paireon

      Clearly you didn’t read the part about, oh, STAYING POLITE? Not like there are any instances of getting rude with Japanese content creators ever having terrible results… Oh wait, nevermind, there’s actually a shitload of those. But then again thinking things through before spewing them online doesn’t seem to be your thing.

    • Go2hell66

      take your own advice and spare me from your conceited onlines bs kthx

  • Mishiman

    Toning it down because of the lazy word of ‘problematic’ is just letting fans down. It’s an ecchi game at its heart, and toning the series down for that reason isn’t going to win the hearts of people sensitive to that sort of stuff because they already associate the series with that. I really don’t mind it being toned down as long as it’s still there for focus and more feeling to it when it happens, or to add variety instead of everyone now has giant chests or flat, and nothing in between. It would be great if the series was back to shinobi girls doing shinobi things, with some wardrobe malfunctions and nice camera angles, because to be honest, the lovable characters are the real reason the fans stay. Just stop turning everyone into one trait or gag.

  • Mr0303

    Hopefully he never does that. The over the top sexuality and humour are part of the charm of the series. Toning it down for different regions will be a major betrayal to the fanbase.

    “Something that may help the series get more positive reviews.” – yeah, I don’t think the perpetually offended writers at Kotaku and Polygon are worth appeasing. If you mark down a game for having sexy characters in it then your review is pretty useless as Takaki said himself.

  • Jonathan Falu

    I think I’m the only person okay with this idea, if only because I can see it benefiting certain characters. Ryona alone has tons of dialogue regarding punishment to the point that she is the killer of my argument for SK having a good plot.

    I suppose the real question is how much does he intend to tone down. Given the nature of the games and his attitude, I wouldn’t imagine much but idk. Either way, his choice, and I’m not too worried.

  • Miqubi

    It’s kinda weird, I mean SK in its current shape and form is basically anime craziness with bananas on top and innuendo galore, and that’s pretty much all it has going for it since the Versus stories aren’t really anything to write home about and I don’t expect that to change with PBS, so it makes me wonder why even consider this.

    Honestly though I’m much more worried about another interview he had which said he’d like to move to a yearly release schedule that usually leads to fatigue for a franchise

  • >That way it might be able to sell better in certain regions where it would be problematic to have that kind of content.

    And that is why I began learning Japanese.

    • magicalfollower

      The real problem is that some gaming companies are changing their eastern versions too.

    • That seems to be limited to just Nintendo (games) from what I’ve gathered as of late.

    • magicalfollower

      I think it also happened with Star Ocean 5 too if i remember correctly.

    • Panpopo

      That was a CERO issue, in Star Ocean’s defense. They wanted a better rating. Nothing to do with localization this particular case.

    • He’s hinting in a way that suggests that he is censoring the series, which means censoring the Japanese version as well.

  • Mr0303

    Glad to hear Marvelous’ response on the matter. I doubt Takaki would tone down his future games. If anything he’s been escalating the fan service with each new release.

  • magicalfollower

    So they are planning on censoring the only the american releases? What about the future PC version of their games?

    • Miqubi

      they’re planning nothing, don’t jump the gun in a panic attack

    • magicalfollower

      Well…i’m just curious…

    • Miqubi

      Well if it is of any help when they removed lines from the dressing room from one of the games (was it shinovi? I forgot) that was done for the european version, so if they aren’t touching that one you shouldn’t fear too much.
      Unless New Zeland and Australia suddenly become the biggest gaming markets in the world I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

    • Marvelous suggested that the European versions will be unchanged from the Japanese version, and that only the USA versions might be censored.

      But the thing is, if Takaki “tones down” the series, it means that the original Japanese version will be censored anyway (self-censorship), which is the version that Europe gets. Which means the possibility of the USA version being censored even more.

      So we may have a case here where the original Japanese version is censored to begin with.

  • bomblord

    Toning down the outright fanservice and playing up the characters can actually go a long way to making the fanservice more effective.

    • Alistair

      Where the logic in that toning down the fan service will make the fan service better.

      Marvel and playboy tone down their content marvel went into social justice stories.

      Playboy got rid of nudity long story short, they lost Sells.

      If you tone down senran it will be a dynasty warriors clone you want that, fine.

    • bomblord

      You back it off and first focus on building up the characters you actually want to see in ecchi situations. Then when you actually do see them it’s more meaningful and has more impact on the player/watcher.

      So instead of 10 meaningless shots spread throughout you get 2 or 3 meaningful ones.

    • Alistair

      Sorry to say this, having 2 or 3 will make it ecchi lite game and for the record hyper dimension neptuniua

    • bomblord

      I have no idea what you’re going on about. As for what I’m saying let me give a simple example. The sex scenes in Fruit of Grisaia are a lot more impact because the game has a strong buildup of the characters and no outright ecchi content numbing the user to it before hand

      In any art form too much of a good thing leads to indifference to it.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    The moment you say something like this, even if it was just to talk about a passing thought; you’re fucked.

  • Paychi


  • Jermy Cuddletrousers

    For anyone interested:


    My broken language says: “Takagi-sensei, We are Americans. Please do not censor your games. We love them! Please do not change, thank you.”

    Hopefully this might get a view or two.

  • Just Tim

    Why should Mr. Takaki listen to drying raisins, when they are clearly NOT the intended audience?

    I find SJWs interchangeable with hipsters: both ruin things.

  • Yandere

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you suppose to bring hentai culture to the world not censored it. F*** SJWs, F*** Feminists.