Remedy To Pull Alan Wake from Sales Due to Music License Expiring

Friday, May 12th, 2017

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As a result of music license issues, developer Remedy has stated that the hit game Alan Wake will be pulled off shelves soon. It’s noted that it is not just individual tracks, but instead the sound track as a whole that has licensing issues. Digital and physical copies of the game on Xbox 360 and PC will be pulled from all retailers soon, though the DLC American Nightmare will be able to stay up for a longer time as its soundtrack was re-licensed. Remedy states that they will try to get the game’s soundtrack re-licensed, but they do not know when this will happen.

Remedy also states that with the game being pulled off, there will be a Steam sale for the game this weekend, at the sale price of  $3 with the DLC also being for sale. Additionally, it is confirmed that even after the listings for Alan Wake are taken off, you can still play the game no problem. Alan Wake will be for sale this weekend only, and will then be pulled off.


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  • Mr0303

    What a dull reason to pull a game. Once you obtain a licence to a soundtrack there shouldn’t be an expiration date.

    This is just another example of why a digital only future would be horrible.

    • Not really on PC as this game is on GoG. But yeah on consoles digital only games are bad.

    • Mr0303

      They are just as bad on PC. Not to mention that if a game disappears on PC there is likely no physical alternative.

    • Actully the digital only future benifits us PC gamers the most as PC is the only gaming platform with DRM free games. Even if Alan Wake isn’t sold anymore people will always be able to play the games on PC. Unfortunately you console gamers are really screwed as you have two forms of DRM. The digital drm and the physical DRM. No wonder you console gamers fear the digital gaming future. 😔

    • Mr0303

      What if the game that disappears isn’t DRM free? There are plenty of those even on PC. If they disappear from the store you are just as screwed as console players. Not to mention that you don’t own a single digital game.

    • Games never Dissapear on PC. Their are games from 20 years ago still playable on PC. Most of which are not being sold anymore. One of the many benifits of DRM free games on PC is that we actually own it unlike physical games and their DRM.

    • Mr0303

      You didn’t address what I said, but that was expected from you.

    • I did but you just refuse to listen to reason but hey you continue to live in your delusions.

    • Mr0303

      Being dishonest as usual, I see. There is no point in talking to you.

    • What ever you Sony fanboy. I am surprise you pretend to know anything about PC gaming when you are not a PC gamer like me. Your kind always do this.

    • Mr0303

      You’ve accused me of being a fanboy without any evidence before. Kind of ironic since you are the one acting fanboyish and ignoring any flaws with PC gaming. I guess being a hypocrite and a liar is part of the your M.O. .

    • I thought you said that “there is no point in talking to you.” So I guess you are a Sony Slave, hypocrite, and a liar. Man you will make a great Youtube debater. XD

    • Mr0303

      I never said that I won’t reply to your gibberish. I said that it’s pointless since you are dishonest. Case in point:

      “So I guess you are a Sony Slave, hypocrite, and a liar.” – citation needed. As usual you won’t provide any proof.

    • Do you even game on a gaming PC?

    • Alantor29

      Just ignore or report GameZard. Trust me, I dealt with him before and he got banned from Gematsu because of his PC fanboyism and childish attitude towards Sony and Nintendo fans. Best thing to do is just report him and eventually, he’ll be banned from Disqus. That way, he won’t use his Disqus account anymore if he’s banned.

      But be warned though, he will stalk you like he did to me though I have him on my blocked list on other sites.

    • Mr0303

      Yeah, he’s a fanboy that’s not really worth talking to since he’s dishonest and won’t admit that there are issues with PC gaming. I don’t block anybody other than spambots – I simply ignore him most of the time. I wrote this for the sake of people who’ll read it eventually and decide who has the better arguments.

    • Alantor29

      Yeah. Trolls are like that. Dishonest and big fat liars. Take that GameFAQs user named JiggsMaster and his alt westonticklee, he is a big fat liar and the most dishonest person there is and a huge troll.

      Your comments make excellent points, but listen. In my honest opinion, GameZard will continue to troll and insult Sony and console fans unless his Disqus account is banned. That way, he either will be forced to create a new one or if we’re lucky, Disqus will block his IP, preventing him from making a new account.

      When GameZard got banned from Gematsu, he didn’t learned his lesson and continued to be a PC fanboy troll. So the only option is for someone to report him to the Disqus moderators and let them take care of it.

    • Mr0303

      To be honest he doesn’t bother me. He’s free to spew his crap, but I doubt many will take him seriously. If he violates a site’s TOS then they should ban him. I don’t think anyone should be banned from Disqus other than bots.

    • Alantor29

      Well, I supposed that’s true. But what do you think about Niche Gamer? GameZard goes to that site and I heard that the owner of that site attacked Gematsu or something, I am unsure about that.

    • Mr0303

      I like the site. It provides good information on niche games. I don’t know any of the drama that you mentioned – must’ve been a personal thing or maybe I missed it.

  • Panpopo

    So I suppose they just need to relicense the music then to bring it back physically and digitally? Or maybe they took this into account when they contracted these licenses, thinking sales from now on aren’t worth it. That’s actually pretty depressing to think about.

    • This game will never be physical ever again just digital on PC.

  • Got myself a physical copy as soon as I saw this. I’ve always wanted to try it out, but I always forgot it existed lol.