OPINION: Should You Give Criminal Girls a Chance?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

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The Mechanics of Dungeon Crawling and Motivation

From a gameplay stance, Criminal Girls: Invite Only is very simple. Your goal is to make it through six different cell blocks, each consisting of four floors. Each cell block is themed and you’ll be facing a boss at the end of each one. While each area is themed, they do at times feel pretty barren as battles are random encounters in this game and NPCs are few and far between. That also goes for save points. You won’t find them every floor and sometimes the trek back will be fraught with danger. Thankfully, each girl does have a field skill that can help you. These include healing, telling you how many treasure chests are in the area, warping back to your last save point if you need to heal up and rest, and summoning monsters if you’re trying to grind. Let me tell you now, this game is a grindy one. The main reason for this is you need CM. CM is used to buy things from shops but also, more importantly, it’s used to motivate the girls so they learn new attacks, which brings us to the battle system.

The battle system of Criminal Girls is really unique and one of the things I really like about the game. The character you play as does not fight. Instead, you’ll assign up to four girls as the active battle party. Once in a fight each of the girls will tell you what action they want to take through a quote of some sort. For example, Alice may say “Brr…” which would be a clue that she wants to cast the ice spell “Shiver”. While you might think it’d be rather hard to keep track of all these quotes, it’s actually not that bad. Each girl only has so many skills they can use, and as long as you can remember the MP cost, you’ll know what they’re about to cast. There is a potential pitfall here though in that you’re at the mercy of the RNG choosing what attack each girl wants to use.

Criminal Girls Invite Only | Combat

Each one of those quotes is a suggestion from a girl. Your job is to pick the one you think will work best for the situation you’re currently in.

Remember, you are given four choices. Each girl will suggest an action and you can only pick one. This leads to the potential for some fights to be lost if you just get dealt a bad string of choices. On top of this, there is no classic “Defend” option. There is a defend command that will have the entire party guard, but only Ran learns it. The tradeoff here though is that it’s only necessary for extremely powerful attacks, which are telegraphed. Thankfully, the game seems to prioritize that defense command coming up in those instances. Overall, I rarely ran into an unwinnable situation and the game was actually pretty fair about giving me attacks I could use. Really I found that as long as I leveled properly and ground enough CM to learn new attacks, the game was easily beatable and rarely felt unfair. Speaking of attacks and CM though, that brings us to the Motivation System.

Criminal Girls

Behold one of the biggest controversies of this game: Pink Smoke!

The Motivation System is the other core mechanic of Criminal Girls and it’s where all of its controversies stem from. NIS America changed two things about it during the localization process. These scenes contain pink smoke as a sort of haze which fades away as you play the various motivation minigames. In the localization, some of this pink smoke will always remain around the girls’ crotch area instead of dissipating, acting like a mosaic of sorts. The other change is that the vocal track for these scenes was removed, which means there is no dialogue during these sections. I only bring this up as they are things that I feel do hurt the game’s presentation. A discussion about why these changes were made and my thoughts on that decision is beyond the scope of this editorial. I will say however, I don’t think it ruins the game. It’s not as good as it could be and it does feel like something is missing with the vocal track gone, but the game is entirely playable. Really, if I have a complaint about the Motivation System it’s that I feel it’s dragged out a bit.

Criminal Girls | Motivation!

The real problem I think with the Motivation system is just how many times you’re going to be doing the same minigame over and over again. It gets kinda boring.

Throughout the game, you’ll earn tools such as a riding crop. This is used in the motivation scenes. You’ll collect five of these items over the course of the game and each unlocks a variation of the motivation minigames. While each minigame is fine, they each have four levels and each level will have to be completed at least twice to learn your next skill. This means you’ll be playing the motivation games a lot which can get kind of tedious. However, it’s essential to finish them as it’s the only way to learn new attacks and skills. As you can see the game mechanics are a bit of a mixed bag. So then why do I think you should give this a chance then? Well, the reason for that lies in the game’s story.

About Benny Carrillo

A gamer since the days of the NES, this professional otaku adores Mega Man, Super Robot Wars, Yuri, Visual Novels, the Slice of Life anime genre, and of course Hyperdimension Neptunia. His mission on oprainfall is to help deliver the news straight to you.

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  • Go2hell66

    lol take the controversy out of it and all thats left is a verrrrrrrryy shit game. all the controversy might have actually boosted the sales

  • Milew

    Lol I actually love this game and its sequel. Its one of my top 10 games on my vita. Very characters driven, old classic grinding feel like the old RPG, and simplistic gameplay. Reminded me of the first Disgaea. My negative would be that it was the actual controversy itself. It was way to annoying for me to bother but I have to if I want the girls to be stronger.

    How I feel about the censorship? Meh. It didn’t bother me at all. At least I’m not spending over 40 bucks for the japanese version for….digital striptease or crying angrily because it offended cartoon women. (opinion) Man, seriously where are all the common sense in this generation :'(

    All in all I say give it a chance if you’re an RPG fan. And get it cheap. Don’t think it worth 40 bucks for a short game and not replayable. Especially, since platinum both of these games are VERY easy. Been about a few years since I pick it up. Either way its just a game. I had more fun with Criminal Girls 1 & 2 than most people would.

    • Panpopo

      I played the first game and thought it was fine, but thought I maximized the gameplay through one playthrough. Played it through once with shin’s ending and was done.

      The 2nd game (still in my backlog) seems like more of the same. Seems like only when the second game came out when people flipped their shit. It was nice to know but I didn’t really care.

      Extremes are bad no matter the spectrum – it must be a generational thing.

    • Miles

      Haha damn you typo. Yeah Both are pretty short games. I think the second one is much shorter than the first.
      I think It only took me a bit over 20 hours to platinum for each games. lol Trophy hunting along with RPG hunting…. and many other hunting. Damn you fun hobbies, DAMN YOU!!!
      Lol Its kinda funny, censorship made so many people piss off but not so much when games are rebooted. I remember being really piss off with DmC and still to this day I call it a disaster.
      Ah this generation…..I fear the worst in humanity. Not only in gaming but for their future and not mine.

    • Mr0303

      What are you talking about? DmC is one of the most hated games out there and for good reason. The fact that it’s the worst selling game in the series (I wouldn’t even put it in the series) shows that people were pretty pissed at the reboot.

    • Miles

      By the gods you must be with people I agree with. The people where I live are absolutely in love with that game because its….”Different” or “Relatable Character”. In other words it’s a hipster game. God I hate that disgusting game and yeah I hear it did average in sales. Wishing for Devil May Cry 5 if the rumors are true.

    • Mr0303

      Most hardcore fans of the series didn’t like the game and the sales prove it.

    • Miles

      I sure hope so. I heard rumors that Ninja Theory are trying to fight for the right to the franchise and want to make a sequel. But I see no articles or news about that.

    • Panpopo

      Oh it is shorter? Nice, i will need to get on it…maybe next month lol!

      Still haven’t played Donte’s game, but I enjoyed the originals back in the day. Donte’s aesthetic never appealed to me so I skipped it.

      Don’t worry about the new generation – it will be fine. As people get older they develop new persectives, imo, as their lives change. However it does concern me that some people cannot see shades of grey – only black and white. Criticism is fine but I’m concerned that I am seeing more and more instance where people’s only contribution to a discussion is anger and negativity. I thought games were supposed to make you happy. Hopefully people never turn on xseed or falcom (no ages, dub only). Sorry this long rant.

    • Miles

      Yeah its shorter compare to the first. No spoiler so I won’t say anything else. lol Take ya time no rush.

      I’m assuming you’re talking about Dante, my apologize if I’m wrong but its a good corny game. lol play the 3rd and the 4th one if you can.

      Haha I’m hoping you’re right on that. I seen Old and Young acting like … .. them. And yeah that what games are suppose to be fun. Words from the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Really? I already seen people turning against Xseed and Falcom already. And other game company but thats to be expected.
      Haha no worries. Just express your gaming opinion just as long as its not to the extremes. Or ignore me last comment. lol

    • Miles

      Lol Hiya, sorry for this pointless comment but Wanted to say It was really fun talking to you and the few who actually have common sense. Gonna be frank I’m done with gaming due to reading a certain comment. But hey Life will find a way right. So keep on gaming and have fun with it. I know I did before.

  • Steve Baltimore

    Criminal Girls is a decent series of JRPGs, and the characters / story is pretty well done. It’s just a shame the censorship takes away what makes these games unique. Now your left with a passable but not great series when you could’ve had something special.

  • Mr0303

    I agree with most of what’s in this opinion piece.

    Despite the controversy I decided to give the first game a chance with the hopes that if this is successful then the sequel won’t need such heavy edits (I was more gullible at the time). Unlike the author I got the regular edition not knowing if I’d like the game, plus in my view a censored product didn’t deserve my full support.

    I’m a fan of dungeon crawlers, so the light elements of that were appealing and I found the random battle system enjoyable, even if it would lead to frustrations from time to time. I did like the setting, story and some of the characters. Overall it was a flawed experience with some unique concepts and pretty bad censorship.

    Whether people should give it a chance is a complex question. In my view it had some good ideas and unique mechanics, but it undermines part of the appeal with its censorship. A product like that shouldn’t be supported. If someone is morbidly curious I’d say go for a used copy.

    I myself am not getting the sequel knowing how much it was butchered – I’ve already experienced the gameplay and the ideas from the first game and from what I’ve heard the second one is pretty similar with a different cast. I’d rather support other niche titles with similar themes or mechanics like Valkyrie Drive and Mary Skelter, who don’t undermine themselves.

  • Mr0303

    “really these girls are not evil” – small point of contention here. Some of them absolutely are evil and completely deserved their place in Hell. This is why in the regular ending I chose Shin – she was the smallest offender from the group. I know the game is about redemption, but it were up to me I would’ve left Tomoe and Ran to rot.

  • MusouTensei

    I bought a used copy (used only because of the censorship) but havn’t played it yet, dunno if I ever will, too many other and better (and uncensored) games in my backlog and coming out soon, it was cheap and a spontanious purchase. Might do the same with the 2nd game if I see it cheap and used, that’s really a mood thing with me.


    I personally didn’t see much promise from the gameplay I saw. The battle system was interesting, but it looks cheap and unlike DT2, the gameplay didn’t look like it’d hold up much on its own. I am still of the belief that the second game should never have been localised if NISA had to change so much to get the rating (but then again, I don’t get the vibe that they tried their hardest in the first place). But then again, I’m still a but bummed about no Yuusha Shisu from NIS.

  • Hell no!

  • VanFinale

    The base game is the reason why people got so upset over it. The game is just a serviceable JRPG with an anime standard plot and dialogue. The whole hook of the game was the ecchi bdsm stuff without that the game is just a bland mess that appeals to no one.

  • Melody

    Is it ever okay to reward bad behavior? I don’t really believe so. Over the past couple of years I’ve seen a consistency of publishers to push the envelope more and more on what is okay to censor.

    And at first people just shrugged it off because it wasn’t something they cared about. But as we have seen it’s gotten to the point where even things they do care about are affected. Everybody just thought that all that would be censored would be things like pantyshots or swimsuits and never imagined that one day swords would be deemed to much for western audiences. Swords! I don’t know about you, but I grew up with Dragonball and Dragonball Z and people in those series often used swords and there wasn’t a bit of controversy when they did so. Similarly, I grew up with Zelda, again, these games feature swords, a lot of them and the protagonist in each uses a sword.

    But back on topic, I’m not really in any mood to reward this kind of behavior. Perhaps if the upcoming steam version can be decensored, that would be one thing. I’m not saying that everybody has to like all of the content of a game, and imo if there are ways you can censor the content while still letting those that do like it have it then more power to you. But this method of censorship where publishers try to appease to feminists and SJW’s isn’t working and shouldn’t be seen as such. The people offended are not the audience and even with the censorship are still not the audience. They never wanted to be, and you could make the game as tame as can be but they won’t buy it or play it. Instead, there are people that would buy and play it and it’s a shame that censorship alienates these people and these games are held hostage. Either we buy them and the censorship continues to get worse, or we don’t and they stop localizing it. But if it really has gotten to that point publishers need to ask themselves, “why are we intentionally pissing off our audience to satisfy an audience that will not buy our game and never will?” These are niche games but they are have enough prospect that publishers want to bring them over to capitalize on that market, but they let their greed get the better of them to the point that nobody wins.

    Bring those games over without butchering them, and people will buy that shit up. Try to censor it because you are ashamed of the content or to appeal to a more mainstream audience and your product will fail. The audience for this stuff is a lot smarter than publishers give them credit for. This audience is known for decensoring games, and translating games (either through translating the actual game, or by providing walkthroughs and things). This audience is far more likely to import a japanese copy than buy a butchered release.

    There’s just no real justification for censoring these games. Admittedly, not many of these games are even really that good without the cut content. As others below have noted, you censor content and the game fails to stand out among it’s peers. You piss off the people who would sooner import an unbutchered release, you fail to appease the feminists and sjw. Again, even the censored release didn’t satisfy their hatred of the game, you can find many reviews on the game that basically mock it and try to make it out to be some sort of rape simulator like they do with basically any game with any amount of fanservice.

    So I think the message still hasn’t quite been learned yet by publishers. If it means that people don’t buy their latest butchered release to do so then that is what should happen. Otherwise we’ll go right back to where we were in the 90’s where most games became a shell of their former selves in order to be localized. People should learn to be more tolerant of things they don’t like, if they don’t like it then don’t buy it. Because if we all got to censor something we didn’t like, we’d might as well just burn down the whole “library”.

    • Mr0303

      Great write-up. I completely agree. People must vote with their wallets and support games that deserve it and have the balls not to be censored like Senran Kagura, Valkyrie Drive and Gal Gun. IF made a statement that they won’t be localising games that they have to censor and I think this is the correct approach – the audience doesn’t want a butchered version of the product so they might as well import it.

    • Narmy

      Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive are censored as well. Granted it’s not as extreme as Criminal Girls, but it’s still unnecessarily changed.

    • Mr0303

      Are you talking about the ages thing? Removing those is a small price to pay when everything that is relevant to the game is in tact. No artwork altered, no dialogue changed and the gameplay including all the risqué elements. It is absolutely incomparable to Criminal Girls or any other censored game.

    • Miles

      I think Narmy argument is that it was still censored regardless on the degree of the censorship. Minor yes but censored indeed.

    • Mr0303

      Even putting them in the same category as Criminal Girls is wrong in my view. No content was changed or removed. They only hid the ages possibly to get passed with the rating boards. Criminal Girls doesn’t have the ages and is still censored to hell and back.

    • Miles

      Hmm? Criminal Girls did have age for them. The story pretty much tell you their ages. But regardless, I pretty sure its how we view censorship. For you it’s bad to a degree (I’m assuming). For Narmy if it is censored in any possible way regardless of how little or how many it’s still censored (I’m assuming). And for me I wasn’t bother by as much because I did enjoy Criminal Girls very much. More of it I was annoy with the minigame. I sympathize for those who were mad but it didn’t stop me from loving the game. Everyone think differently and have different view on it and I respect that. It’s the dumb extremes that I don’t respect.

    • Mr0303

      I don’t think the story revealed their ages explicitly. It only mentions that the some of the girls are/were in school.

      What extremes are you referring to? People choosing not to purchase a game because it is censored is fully within their rights. If the product you are getting is not something you like for whatever reason you are free to ignore it.

    • Miles

      Huh? Pretty sure they did. I remember one of the girls in the first one was 20 of age. But again regardless of the point.

      Yes that would be the normal way to deal with any merchandise. But the extremes I’m talking about is the face that there are way to many hate on both sides of the gaming society. Both gamers and SJWs wants dictatorship games that neither of them are in control of. I’m not going to say much on SJWs since the name itself are already proof. But to my surprise gamers are becoming just like them. Petitions, angry emails for censorships, death threats to the creators of certain games. I mean really all this for games? A $60 disc that will last an average person 3 days max before they become bored of it. Gamers are still mad at Nintendo for a policy they have for decades. Gamers now are pushing harder because they have followers now. Man its starting to sound like an occult 🙁

      And I’m not just saying only games. I’m also bringing up cartoons/anime and comics/manga.
      The Loud House have controversy with a gay couple in a children show. Why? They were the most normal couple in the show. Not the stereotype gays but just normal people who happen to be gay. Speaking of that Tracer is gay and my god everyone won’t shut up about it. who cares as long as she can be the best character to play as. And that on the gamers. I’m straight by the way. I’m just a moderate gamer who play games for being games.

    • Mr0303

      Citation needed on the 20-year-old girl. Not even the wiki mentions the characters’ ages.

      The two sides are not on equal footing. The SJWs demand games to be altered and gamers – the actual people who consume the product – are fighting against that. Petitions and email/social media campaigns are a way to let the developers know that they shouldn’t alter their material for the perpetually offended crowd.

      I don’t believe that the gamers actually demanded censorship for anything like you claim – you’d have to be more specific on that one. Same for the death threats.

      I’m not sure which Nintendo policy you are referring to, but if it is anticonsumer in any way people have the right to be mad. Anger is a justified emotion in the face of injustice.

      Not everyone accepts the gay lifestyle and that’s completely expected. Pinning it on the gamers/anime fans is quite disingenuous. It could be religious groups or some traditionalists who are complaining about those.

    • Miles

      Shin is the girl that is 20. I’m remembering this from her story in the game. Not sure wiki will help since there is not a lot of info for both of the game there. You just have to play and beat the game to know.

      I’m not saying gamers want censorship. I’m saying their action are very similar to what SJW are doing. Do you know that a creator of from one of the Call of Duty games had death threats for altering a gun design in game? All and all I’m saying don’t become your enemy.

      Not in a business sense. We the consumer will always want something they have and will alway hate something they do. Emotion is not a factor in a business. As long as they have the money they will produce. Its not the customers emotion that matters but the understanding of what customer are thinking. I used to have a business in a game store. Usually give discount for customers because I know what price they really want. After bill every month, I lost thousand of dollars per month. Once I stop the discounts I lost costumers and been chastise because of my little changes. My store only lasted two years. Some of my loyal customers saw that my shop was dying and was willing to pay full price and hell even ebay price something I flat out refuse to acknowledge. Ignore their plea and just game them free games anyways. Store die and finally got out of debt.

      And you’re right. I’m not questioning their religion or life styles. I’m questioning them because they are gamers. And only the gamer side of them. I’m surprise they would react to this. But at the same time it is to be expected. That’s just me and my opinions really. No hate either way but I’m just questioning to why is there an extreme difference between the generation of “2007-present” and the pre-gamers “2005 and prior”. I don’t want to make this a heated debate but it’s something I have to deal with gamers of this generation. I dealt with the negative side of gamers and it really hurts when I’m thought I was with people with my interest and enjoyment. Only to see that they are no better than the bullies I dealt with back in middle and high school. No better than the people they despise and here I am seeing they becoming just like them.

    • Mr0303

      This is not a citation – a screenshot, or some sort of link proving that would’ve been. I have played and beat the game and I don’t remember that. Even if we assume that this is true NISA could’ve easily upped her age (who still goes to school at 20?) and even if we assume that her age was there the rest of the girls are not. Age is usually something that is included in the bios and it is not present in Criminal Girls as I initially stated.

      “I’m not saying gamers want censorship. I’m saying their action are very similar to what SJW are doing.” – and I’m calling this bullshit. Please provide evidence that what gamers do is in any way similar to the SJW censorious crowd.

      “Do you know that a creator of from one of the Call of Duty games had death threats for altering a gun design in game?” – death threats are stupid especially on the internet. Some edgy kid saying “I’m going to kill you if you don’t change the gun” is not representative of the gaming community and is not in any way equivalent to the SJW hate campaign against certain elements in games.

      “Emotion is not a factor in a business.” – oh, how wrong you are. Pleasing the consumer is a business’ number one priority. This is why marketing exists. This is especially true for games since they are partly a work of art. If they don’t bring you joy then you won’t buy them.

      Your personal story has little to do with the discussion at hand, but even in it emotions play a role. Your loyal customers were going to your store because of an emotion and not some rational reason.

      “I’m questioning them because they are gamers. And only the gamer side of them.” – no, you are not. You are questioning their personal believes and political positions. Gaming is mainstream now and contains many different fans. It’s like criticising all people who like ice cream for not liking gay people.

      The rest of that paragraph is generic statements with no evidence to back them up. What is the “negative side” of gamers? Are most gamers exhibiting it? If not I’m afraid you don’t get to make that statement.

      “No better than the people they despise and here I am seeing they becoming just like them.” – what are you even talking about. Be more specific please. By the looks of things it seems that your perception of gamers is the problem and not any actual pattern of behaviour.

    • Miles

      My apologies but you’re not apprehending what I’m trying to say. As for the proof for Criminal Girls I have to go back playing the game again and take a pic for you. (I’m assuming) You’re making attack by nitpicking my statements. Making this type of comment is what I was afraid of. Not trying to sway your thinking but hope that you can find a better understanding where I’m coming from. Not joining my side far from it but an understanding. But I’ll give you credit for not making personal attacks and making rational accusations. And for that I thank you. This is personal experience that I went through. I’m not saying all gamers are like that. I don’t represent nobody but me. Gotta make that clear. So all and all my statement do have valid points. If one person have experience like I have, What make you think that no one else have to go through that? Gamers aren’t saints and for general reasons everyone are not saints you know.

      I’m just going to make is short. Gamers can be cruel just as the same as SJW. I don’t need to give you proof of what they can be. I already experience These type of gamers. Not saying all gamers are like that but yeah it was enough for me to say I not one of you. There are good gamers, just haven’t met them yet. You made be lucky and not have to deal with them or perhaps you’re in the circle where they don’t discriminate.

      If you feel like I’m attacking the general people who are gamers then my apologies. As I said earlier, I’m a gamer too and these are my personal issues with them. I’m a moderate gamer who dealt with the cruelty on both side. More on the gamer side though because apparently “my opinion are invalid and I have to go die” if I remember on of the bully told me before I beat the hell out of him. Yes they were nerds who started the fight. Again my personal experience. Opinion are nice but having judgement and common sense is better.

    • Mr0303

      Anything submitted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You stated that there were ages in Criminal Girls and there weren’t, which supports my initial statement.

      “You’re making attack by nitpicking my statements.” – I’m not “attacking” anything. I’m responding to what you are saying. If anyone is attacking anything it’s you attacking the gamer identity by saying gamers are as bad as SJWs without any proof.

      Personal experience and anecdotal evidence bring absolutely nothing to the discussion. I never said gamers are saints, just that they are not as bad as SJWs (one of the worst groups of our time), as you claimed.

      “I don’t need to give you proof of what they can be.” – in that case I’ll dismiss everything you stated. Again – anything submitted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

      “There are good gamers, just haven’t met them yet.” – that’s your problem then and again – anecdotal evidence means nothing.

      “If you feel like I’m attacking the general people who are gamers then my apologies.” – that’s what you are doing by comparing them to the cancer that are SJWs.

      “Again my personal experience.” – and again it doesn’t mean anything.

    • Miles

      Dude. Why are you still on this? These are my opinion of the matter. SJW and gamers are like a coin. Heads and Tails. Like Batman and Joker. Captain America and Ironman. Different viewpoint. And to dismiss my opinion like that. Sounding very much so what an SJW would do don’t you think. And of course you’re not an SJW. It’s my assumption not an attack on you. And did you really read my comment? I was trying to ease away so that you don’t have to make more of this debate. I understand where you’re getting at, why can’t you.

    • Mr0303

      “These are my opinion of the matter.” – and since you can not back up your opinion with any credible evidence I’ll be dismissing it.

      “SJW and gamers are like a coin. Heads and Tails. Like Batman and Joker. Captain America and Ironman. Different viewpoint.” – utter gibberish. The opposite of SJWs are not gamers – it’s anti-SJW people. Gamers holding positions opposite to the SJWs doesn’t make them just as bad. If gamers are saying not to censor games and claiming that we don’t need forced diversity that is a good thing.

      “And to dismiss my opinion like that. Sounding very much so what an SJW would do don’t you think.” – no, as a matter of fact I don’t think that. SJWs dismiss people’s positions on principle. I dismissed yours because it lacks anything to back it up.

      “And did you really read my comment?” – yes I did and I responded to everything in it.

      “I understand where you’re getting at, why can’t you.I understand where you’re getting at, why can’t you.” – because your assumptions are not supported by anything.

    • Miles

      Again very similar to an SJW would do. Mine no being supported is just plain ignorance. Tell me why is it not supported the way yours is? Seriously, I want to know. How is it invalid compare to the next person? I don’t have to fight against you because we don’t share the same opinion but just don’t be so narrow minded. And hell I can say the same with your argument. Nothing there can be proven maybe except your passion and people who are with you. And pretty much you already proven my argument with the continuation of your comments. How am I’m supposed to agreed with you when you’re one example to why I feel the way I feel with people in this generation.

    • Power_to_the_Max

      And you, I agreed too but geez you’re a bit sappy and yay for them nerds who got beaten. Not all people are the same I agree. Just don’t see the point of it in this article. Just saying.

    • Mr0303

      You made a claim that gamers are just as bad as SJWs and it’s your job to prove it – this is how a debate works. I asked you repeatedly why and you refuse to answer.

      “And pretty much you already proven my argument with the continuation of your comments.” – so me responding to you in a civil matter demanding evidence is why gamers and SJWs are the same? You talk about how people should be nice and civilised, but your baseless accusations for the gaming community are far from good spirited. Maybe you should examine yourself, before judging others.

      “How am I’m supposed to agreed with you when you’re one example to why I feel the way I feel with people in this generation.” – I have not insulted you once and you insist I’m one of the gamers you are so adverse to. You are delusional and not worth my time.

    • Miles

      Oh my. So many wrongs here, Just so many wrong. When the hell did I insulted you? For that SJW crap? The example? Seriously, How the fuck can you prove experience. Of course you can’t prove it. You have to be there to witness it. Dude all I did was try to ease it up but of course you did the same oh shit and focus on “words” that you can use against me. Trust me when I say that is a form of attack in itself. And when the fuck was I against gamers. Yeah I say I’m weary them now but for fuck sake its from my experience. Seriously don’t twist my words to form your accusations.

      But I will have to say. Congratulation my friend, congratulation. I have heard harsher words than yours, been bully by your so call gamers, nerds, and geeks, been harass by people I could of call friends and ally of the same interest. But you have broke the camel’s back. I’m done with this hobby. All this shit will probably be sold in a few weeks. So I have to thank you my friend at least I can focus on paying bills now.

      Call me names all you want but hears the thing. You may say I’m delusional but you good sir are blind to reality. All people are all different from one another. I just so happen to be the unfortunate to meet the bad kinds. So keep on gaming my friend…no stranger is more appropriate. Happy gaming and hope you a good life.

    • Mr0303

      Yes, SJW is an insult, especially when its not backed up.

      I never asked you to prove your experience. I asked you to prove that gamers are like SJWs. What exactly do all gamers do that is in any way similar to SJWs? You didn’t answer that simple question and keep using the personal experience excuse.

      “focus on “words”” – yes, this is how a debate works – you use “words” – they are the building blocks of language and expression.

      “Trust me when I say that is a form of attack in itself.” – no, I don’t trust you and I haven’t attacked you in any way.

      “And when the fuck was I against gamers.” – when you compared them to one of the most hateful and bigoted groups that exists. Without any reason.

      I don’t care about your personal experience. I’ve stated this multiple times.

      ” I’m done with this hobby.” – OK. Do what you want with your life.

    • Power_to_the_Max

      Dude, let it go. I read these comments and you sound like an ass compare to that guy. It’s all opinions at the end of the day. And it’s pretty sad that he been attack but try not to bring personal crap here. It’s games right?

    • Mr0303

      I didn’t bring any personal crap, nor have I called him names, unlike him. So, sure, “guest”.

    • Power_to_the_Max

      Lol just reread your comments friend. And don’t read it as you define it but how we viewers think of it. Maybe then you see what he meant. How I see it it was pretty much an attack. Honestly feel bad for the guy who just want to clarify what the first one comment.

    • Mr0303

      “How I see it it was pretty much an attack” – well, you are demonstrably wrong.

    • Power_to_the_Max

      Babe, what the hell? I said reread the comments. Not attack.

    • Mr0303

      I’m not attacking you, cupcake. I’m just pointing out that you are wrong, but I guess the two are easily mixed up by you.

    • Power_to_the_Max

      Lol babe, you insulted me twice. You really think no one will take that as an attack. But whatever. So what make me wrong? You could be wrong too. All I see from you is that you pluck out sentence that you can use to attack.

    • Mr0303

      I didn’t know you were so sensitive to be insulted by a response. Don’t you worry! I won’t hurt your feelings again.

    • Power_to_the_Max

      Lol babe, you’re doing it again. But whatever, just have some humility.

    • Miles

      Thanks? I think. Not sure If I feel better or insulted but Thanks

    • Miles

      Oh and I know a think or two how the business works soooo~ I won’t go into detail about that but it more than what you think. There’s a reason why small business go out fast (who don’t know what they are doing) and why gamestop are still blooming sadly. Have you ever wonder why they give us little to nothing for trade ins and sale them for hell of a price?

    • Mr0303

      I don’t care about your personal experience and it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. What you are doing here is an argument from authority and it’s a logical fallacy. Not to mention that it’s an unproven authority.

    • Miles

      Great opinion and I agree with you to a degree. As a casual gamer with over 600 games and most of them are JRPGs I’m not offended with censorship as most people are (Or at least I’m not an extremist). More of it I’m curious to why. Censorship have been there since the NES days. (Opinion) For me its the story, characters, and gameplay. Thats all, oh and replayability. Games are like books, If I enjoy it then yeah I’m gonna play it again regardless.

      But there are games I do believe in both side of censorship. Game like Mugen Souls is a good example of what not to censorship. I wasn’t mad because of its lolis or nudity. I was mad because they deliberately cut out a minigame. I spend $60 for a butchered game.
      But games that should be censor are those that would deliberately aim to piss people off. Yes, artistic freedom but sometimes it is very offensive. May not be to you but there are people that may have problems with. For me it was Drakengard 3 (Again Opinion) I love Drakengard 3 don’t get me wrong but I did stop playing it for one reason. Octa was that reason. Creep the hell out of me when he want to bang everything and I mean everything. Humans, monsters, animals……It was to the point that I want to return the game. But all and all I don’t make a ruckus with it. If I don’t like it I just don’t like it. No petition, no uproar, no hysterical yapping. I’ll just play another game.

      But here the thing I’m really scared of. Japan can shut us out if they want. No Western release and No PAL release. No more game that we love will ever come here. If these extremes continue uphill it will get to that point. And the argument will be that it is stupid of japan to even consider but No one considered this. They’re not losing anything if they do that. They can make their money with or without us, and there are people who I’m banking on are willing to pay double for imports or from price gougers. I’m one of them. I been importing games I know that won’t make it in the West (But for cheap, screw those Price Gougers.). Luckily I can read Japanese so its not much of a problem with imports. I’m afraid of the domino effect.

      It will lead to No games which will lead to no anime and then manga. After that, we’ll fight among ourselves and cause a civil war in geekdom/nerdom. Heres a good example. I swore off making friends with any geeks and nerds that are not among my friends and family. After over 15 pointless fights. (Ex.) I never seen Star Wars until this year. After hearing that they yelled at me and waited for me after work to jump me. Luckily I’m fit so I beat them down. I’m always weary if any of them come near me. Fearing for my life if I say anything that they disapprove of. I came to think wow I want to bully them (Unfortunately, I’m a pacifist so I won’t do that). At least they will have a reason to fight back. Not like the nerds/geeks now whom I believe they are the bullies in this generations. None of them believe in the moderate people. Its either you’re with them or you’re against them and that’s that. I said 2016 will be my last year of gaming but with the list of games in 2017 I’m just hoping that will be the last time I buy anything game/anime/manga related. Have bill to pay you know.

      If Japan decide to stop releasing games to the Western territory. I’m actually fine with that. Hell, I have backlogs of games to play. But regardless on that decision I hope they don’t because there are people who want to play games from Japan. Stick with your opinion my friend but for you and other like mind gamers, I sure hope you’re not in the extreme side. In other words “Don’t be what you Hate, or You’ll regret it once you realized what you become.”

    • Miqubi

      They can’t really shut us off tbh not completely, they cannot sustain their industry on their own unless it’s niche VN or gacha games, consoles are dying there and they need the overseas market, although they got access to china and asia seems to be doing fine
      Ofc if a franchise fails I suppose that’s that, but 100% off, I don’t think so.
      This is my opinion, but if some pulls out there’ll be more demand and that will give reason to the remaining players to stay, it would still sucks imho.

      Anime licensing overseas gives more revenue than domestic sales, although china is driving the market the west is holding its ground, they’re not pulling out anytime soon, licensing prices are going up, and amazon just entered the dance, for better or for worse.

      That all aside you shouldn’t really be afraid to speak your own mind, everyone comes from different walk of life and have different ideas, if you don’t draw your line at whatever someone else perceives as “unacceptable” that’s fine, there’s not a right or wrong opinion here, everyone has a different one, it only becomes an issue when either side tries to force its viewpoint on the other.
      Also sorry to hear you’ve been physically assaulted, that sucks :/

    • Miles

      lol thanks but no need for sympathy. Its something I have to deal with in the past. Luckily no other fight have reared in yet lol. But I’m still iffy since fear is still a great factor for my thoughts. But I do appreciate the info you gave me. Make me think of some hope.

      Haha but it’s all good now. Thanks to a certain comment, I’m actually done gaming. No more and I kept that promise I made to myself lol. Going to sell off my collections. Kinda wish I seen your comment first before that one lol. You want my .hack collections? lol kidding

      Well hope you have a nice gaming life. You and a few others here were fun to talk to.

  • Narmy

    The actual game itself doesn’t matter thanks to the censorship.

    Censorship = instant nobuy