D3 Release First Details For Upcoming PS4 Title Earth Defense Force 5

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

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D3 Publisher have released the first known details about their latest revealed game, Earth Defense Force 5, which is in development exclusively for the PS4. First up we have details on the story.

It started in Japan, 2022. In the outskirts of Kanto, just a short distance from an urban area, the Earth Defense Force had built their base on the wasteland beyond the mountains.

If you look at only the the ground facilities, the base does not appear to be of small scale, but underground they have built a large storage warehouse. Within it, in what would seem unbecoming of peaceful Japan, a large amount of weapons, ammunition, and state-of-the-art artillery have been brought in. Just the other day, dozens of battle-use walker vehicles known as a Combat Frames were transported in by air.


But the base had a problem. Nearby townspeople revolted regarding its excessive possession of weapons. A protest movement was in the process of breaking out. For that reason, the public relations department hosted an event every month. Through allowing visitors and such, it began to focus on interactions with the townspeople. Currently, there are no enemies to use the base’s weapons on… What was needed, more than strengthening military power, was the townspeople’s understanding. But at that time, the fate of the world was about to significantly change.

Suddenly, a group of spaceships appeared and launched an attack…


The threat was a first-time encounter for mankind. They are called “Immigrants.”

Moreover, a giant insect-type monster entered the Earth Defense Force Base built as far as deep underground. And in large numbers. The Earth Defense Force began to fight back.

This is not a drill. This reality called a nightmare has finally begun.


Next up, we have details on the Earth Defense Force.



The general term for the land war infantry unit that has become the backbone of the Earth Defense Force. It is a battle expert experienced in the handling of all kinds of firearms. Known as the “pawns who without the game is lost,” they are the offensively and defensively well-balanced branch of the army, and an essential unit with many making up the core of the army’s strategy execution.

Wing Diver


Flight soldiers equipped with flight units. They are armed with an energy-based weapon that does not require ammunition, and are an elite unit of female-only soldiers who fight while moving through the air. Compared to the Ranger, the Wing Diver is less durable since it wears a simplified armor that nearly does not exist, their mobility and powerful weapon are more than enough to make up for it.

Next up we have details on the ‘Immigrants,’ the name of the aliens invading the world in Earth Defense Force 5.

Aggressive Alien Species α


Extraterrestrial creatures brought along by an alien civilization we refer to as Immigrants. Given their high aggressiveness towards indigenous species, they have been officially named “Aggressive Alien Species α” (“Aggressive Species α,” for short). They have an overall length of about 11 meters. Despite their elephant-esque large builds, they are surprisingly agile. They can climb up walls without lowering their speed. They use large fangs as a weapon when they attack, but have the ability to release an even more frightening strong acid. Their acid is released to a range of about 100 meters and has been to confirmed to melt metal in just a few seconds.

It should be noted that while the acid is believed to be produced within the body, acidity and toxicity have not been detected in their normal body fluids. Although it has been observed that their body fluids splash around when they are hit with bullets, it appears that there is no risk in being exposed to it. (Several soldiers who have exterminated the creatures have not reported any abnormal conditions despite being hit by body fluids.)

Aggressive Alien Species β


Officially named “Aggressive Alien Species β” (“Aggressive Species β,” for short). Compared to Aggressive Alien Species α, it has been confirmed to have significantly inferior agility. For that reason, it was thought that it could be easily exterminated, but the damage received by engaging forces has been large. It seems to have a high capability for combat.

Aggressive Alien Species α Red Variant


Considered to be a sub-species of Aggressive Alien Species α. It is long in length and is wrapped in a hard shell. Given that it can repel even bullets, greater firepower is necessary to exterminate it. However, it does not have the ability to release acid, and is thus seemingly possible to exterminate through a tactical approach.

Teleportation Anchor


Speculated to be a material transfer device. α- and β-type Aggressive Alien Species have been confirmed to appear around it. There have not been any reports of the Aggressive Species that appeared to “go back,” so it is likely only able to receive, in other words a device created only to transfer in a single direction. It is currently unknown from where the Aggressive Species that appear arrive. A device has been recovered, and although there is a need for clarification of its principles, it is too dangerous to leave the device running. At the current state, as soon as a device is detected, it should be deactivated as quick as possible by any means necessary. The device’s core part has been confirmed as at its top, and it seems it can be completely shutdown by destroying that part.

Battle Drone


An unmanned battle weapon with flight capability. It has a total length of about 15 meters. Whether its behavior is autonomous or whether it is being controlled is unknown. Its confirmed amount is currently in the thousands. It is confirmed to have appeared in areas across the globe. However, there are regions where over 100 aircraft have been confirmed, and given that they concentrate on urban areas, or otherwise around them, it is believed they are operating with the clear intent of attacking human civilization.

Teleportation Ship


A large spaceship. Its armament has not been confirmed, but it is tough to shoot down considering the surface of the hull is covered in a barrier-like object. Currently, figuring out how we can shoot down a teleporting ship is of the utmost importance. When humanity was first attacked, this ship appeared in the sky over urban areas. Aggressive Species were dropped down and cause a great deal of damage. At first, it was thought to be a transport ship, but given that it drops more Aggressive Species that the capacity of the ship, it is thought to be equipped with a material transfer system similar to their tower-like device (the Teleportation Anchor). (We have named this material transfer “teleportation,” but its true method of operation has yet to be clarified.) Since keeping the increase of Aggressive Species is the current highest priority, a tactical plan on how to shoot down the aircraft early is being sought after.

Landing Ship


An armored airship of the Immigrants. It has been confirmed that several humanoid-type aliens are aboard the airship. Perhaps, it can be considered a landing ship to disembark them. So far, there has not been a case where they were shot down, as it seems they are protected by some sort of barrier. This is to presumably serves to protect the humanoid-type aliens and safely touch down on the earth. (It is believed to be a landing ship given this fact, as well.) At the present time, it has not been confirmed to have armaments. Given that there have been no sightings of the airship outside of the atmosphere, it is believed to be unable to navigate in space.



A humanoid-type alien. Disregarding its large build, it has an appearance very similar to the human race, and is a life form that possesses several abilities. From the fact that it is able breath in the atmosphere of Earth, it has been shown able to adapt to the environment, which is one similarity it has to the human race. Additionally, it has been confirmed to have the same level of intelligence of the human race. Worldwide, over 1,000 Colonists have already landed and are reported to be in the process of forming colonies.



An unidentified enemy that seems to be a humanoid robot with an exceedingly high capability for combat. Recent reports include sightings of Cosmonauts speaking something similar to a language, so it is necessary continue further investigation of the unknown enemy.

Earth Defense Force 5 has a tentative 2017 release date in Japan, with no word on a Western release.


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