GameStop and other Physical Retailers Refused to Sell Gal*Gun Double Peace

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

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In a response to a Twitter question about why Gal*Gun Double Peace is only available at online retailers here in North America, PQube Games has replied “Because physical retailers like GameStop refused to take it.”

My take on this is that times sure have changed, back in 2007 GameStop stated they would consider carrying AO titles in their stores. I have reached out to GameStop via Email.

About Steve Baltimore

Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.

  • Nin

    This isn’t too-
    >North America
    Welp. Time to boycott the last physical store focused on vidya around.

    All hail Amazon!

    • DDD-kun

      There are others. They’re in hard to reach places, but they exist. Even in the growing ghost towns of minimalls and outlets, they exist.

  • bloblord


    • bloblord

      There’s a difference between an AO title and the stuff this presents. Even hardcore porn doesn’t jump into pedophilia

    • Joe

      You can’t be serious. Obviously you haven’t played this game, so I don’t know where you’re drawing this conclusion from.

    • bloblord

      Every character in the game is underage

    • Joe

      You don’t play as an adult preying on high school girls. You’re a young student who’s been hit with far too many love arrows and you have to fend them off. Two minutes of research would teach you this.

    • bloblord

      The context of who you are playing as is irrelevant. Underage characters in sexually compromising situations isl illegal in the U.S. and still pedophilia when viewed by an adult.

    • Steve Baltimore

      If you cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality you should probably seek some help for that.

    • bloblord

      Pedophilic content is illegal regardless of whether or not the situation is real.

      Also if we’re going there the effects of this kind of content on the brain is very similar to viewing real people and in a an alarmingly high number of cases leads to escalation in frequency and extremity in consumption. There’s a decent body of research on the subject.

    • bloblord

      Correction: that kind of content*

      Not “this” kind of content

    • BurgerUnit

      Are you really comparing fictional characters that look and behave more like aliens to real people?

    • Steve Baltimore

      Then about 1/2 of the actors in these teen dramas on TV need go to jail since they are playing underage characters by this logic.

      There are also studies that show violent games, movies, and other media has negative effects on us as well, you can site that crap all day long and in the end you have nothing.

    • bloblord

      In terms of teen dramas they are always played by adults with adults. That are in all situations adults.

      Violent content can have short term negative effects yes. There’s no research showing that it has effects in the long term.

      However if you are going to argue that then you can take the consequences that violent games should be heavily edited or changed as well that’s fine and I don’t have an issue with that line of thinking if we are assuming there is long term affects.

    • Steve Baltimore

      But they are playing teenage characters, so your logic doesn’t work here. Whose to say the girls in Gal*Gun aren’t actors that are 18 and older, since it doesn’t state that you have no way of knowing that, just like with a teen dream. You can’t have it both ways.

    • bloblord

      Because as fictional characters they can’t be actors.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Not true a fictional character can have acting as a profession.

      You see how stupid this whole conversation is?

    • bloblord

      No they can’t they are a fictional character who is created for the purpose of their fictional role.

      If the fictional character was created to be an adult and was an adult in their depiction but they played an underage character the story would be different.

    • Steve Baltimore

      but the character they are playing is still underage which is simulated pedophilia by your logic.

    • bloblord

      No it’s not because they are physically adults. If you look at them you seen an adult that is legal age and no matter how you twist it they are still an adult because they are of age. They are not a fictional underage character because they are played by a real adult human.

    • Steve Baltimore

      If you say so, but in the end this is all fiction and has no bearing on reality other than to be entertaining.

    • bloblord

      Maybe but if I was gamestop I wouldn’t risk the potential legal trouble.

    • Miles

      Unfortunately, I do have to agree with blblord here. Theres too much risk if they do have sold this game in stores. I have the game digitally. For what I played its a great shoot ’em up game. But the load time sucks 🙁 Its not how you and the like minds want this to be sold for everyone to enjoy but its the people of the modern time. Too many people are WAY TOO sensitive with something this subject. SJWs, feminist, PETA, religious leaders, etc. They’re rising more and more with stupid importants toward entertainment whereas they forgotten there are REAL trouble in real life that are happening. Its just a game to people like us.

      Nothing more and nothing less. But we have to understand at the minimal that it is a gateway to many things it is showcasing. An example is marijuana. Many people say its a safe medical drug but regardless its still a drug and can be abuse. And would open the door to many other drugs if curious enough.

      If it was like back then games like this would be sold with a niche audience anyways. But still be sold regardless. Its a business move pretty much. A smart business move in my eyes, even though it frustrating that they are not selling Criminal Girls 2. Gamestop is split between children and young adult. Whether you like it or not, children parents are the main audience to many complains. Good on the parents for watching over the kids and good that gamestop employees try to restrict the sales if they are dealing with kids but its hard in an open store. Kind of like a 14 year old boy trying to go into a strip club with a fake ID for example.

      Again now a days, people are way too sensitive with small stuff when there are SO many real important things to deal with. Sad to say but Gamestop and other stores did a good thing. It just make things complicated for us to go out and buy things we want. Making price gougers overpricing stuff like this. Random thing that happen to me which is a bit off topic is that I got scolded from my customers that I never seen “Star Wars” until recently. And I’m talking about the first six movies. Sidenote still haven’t seen the seventh one. After I close up my shop and walked to my car, Guess what? They waited for me and those three attack me physically. Yeah that happen. Luckily, I’m a fit guy and held my own. Lol and luckily they were the stereotype geeks. Barely putting up a fight. I’m a pacifist first but when you threaten to fight me from something so midiocre, then wow get a life.

    • >[…] But we have to understand at the minimal that it is a gateway to many things it is showcasing. An example is marijuana. Many people say its a safe medical drug but regardless its still a drug and can be abuse. And would open the door to many other drugs if curious enough. […]

      I don’t buy into that argument at all.

    • Miles

      Exactly. You’re just not trying to understand but to only focus on your ideal of thinking. I can see and understand both side of the argument.

      No one is trying understanding but only forcing your thoughts and projecting them onto others

    • Whilst I don’t deny that someone could be influenced by something, the whole “because of that one person we need to restrict it” viewpoint is just BS.

      Like your drugs analogy.

      I don’t see alcohol (also a drug) consumers suddenly migrating onto heroin en massé.

    • Miles

      Ah thank you a clear definitive. Its not just one person but the notion of the word “drug”. What comes to mind is health hazard and its bad. Of course, its an example but Thats how most people preceive it to be. A game version of porn. Which its sort of is.

      It maybe BS but the factor is still evidence. And no not all alcoholic or drug users don’t but some do, you know. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they won’t go. Its just a naive way of thinking.

    • >What comes to mind is health hazard and its bad.

      And if we had proper drugs regulation, this would be less of an issue. If people want to put stuff into their bodies, let them.

      Smoking’s bad, but that isn’t illegal. (Well, it is in one country.)

      >It maybe BS but the factor is still evidence.

      No, it’s not evidence. *facepalm*

      Let me try and elucidate this using a Devil’s Advocate analogy.

      1. I have photos of five-year-old children being sexual abused.
      2. What evidence is there that states that I’m going to go off and molest children?

    • Miles

      Dude thats just scary right there. That is a cause of concern if you have that photo. If people have knowledge of this they will call on you. Have you learn nothing from Chris Hansan lol

    • I suggest you go look up the term “Devil’s Advocate,” which is linked right there in the comment.

    • Miles

      You should try reading the whole subject instead of focusing on CERTAIN words. I notice you been quoting and using it as a form of evidence and attack.

      But that aside regardless having those photos IS a cause of concern. How did the kid got hurt? Why does this person have this photo? What was the reason upon so? It raises so many question. But thats just your reasoning for me to understand. And to be honest I’m still thinking why.

    • >How did the kid got hurt? Why does this person have this photo? What was the reason upon so? It raises so many question.

      Which are utterly irrelvant to my question.

    • Miles

      Sorry but you are not understanding. It raises question that was my answer. And you just quoted that too Evidence are to be found but not without reason to do upon them. That photo is the first evidence that you may have done something. Which lead to question then lead to finding more about about the person history and searching more evidence.

    • ababababab

      Bad example. ACTUAL child pornography is illegal for a reason, namely that ACTUAL children are sexually exploited to make ACTUAL child pornography. The psychological damage done to children exploited by said industry is quite real, unlike with entirely imaginary characters that somebody drew.

    • I wouldn’t say that.

      While child pornography is illegal (not disputing that), there’s no evidence to support that someone who has it will go off and molest children.

      Esentially I’m trying to point out that causation != correlation (or is it the other way around?) using an extreme example.

    • Miles

      Let me give you a scenario. Say you have a kid. And theres a teacher of your kids school you knew loves kids but have these types of stuff. erotic games and anime. Full of erotic galore. Some with big bodacious women to cute loitas. Would you feel safe that your kid is in the hand of that teacher?

    • Smug

      Spin around the question: “Would you trust someone that have a personal collection of erotic anime pics (regardless the content, ara, loli, etc) to be around women/girls?”

    • Smug

      Because anime drawings are glorified portrayal of things, so where’s the harm?

      I dont trust teachers (and public schools) however but for entirely different reasons, such as marxist propaganda (common core in America, new curriculum in France) or their general way of dealing with cases of bullying

    • Miles

      There is no harm. Its how we think. I don’t think there’s any harm from any anime drawing. As I mentioned earlier from this, we too damn sensitive to the littlest subject. Now a days all I hear is Hey this is harming my “blah blah blah”. or Hey I want “Bleh” and stop ruining my “Bleh”. I just think everyone have became too entitled. of course thats my opinion and view of the this generation. Theres too much “I hate this and that” that they are making it to the extremes. Like a few here. Just because I have an opinion makes me an SJW apparently. Even though not one person here know who or what I am. Opinion is apparently a taboo thing now. “If you’re not with us you’re dead”. that is what I see in people.

      I trust some teachers because they did shape me somewhat. Not all are bad. It’s like Me saying all geeks, nerds, and hipster are a bunch of self-entitled asshole brat. Yet I know not all of them are what I describe of them to be. Speaking of bully thats all I encounter are bullies. Geeks and Nerds bullying me for not liking what they like. Wow, and I mean wow. How those people became what they hated.

    • TsukuyomiMagi99

      That depends. If the said teacher hasn’t committed any sexual crimes in the past then its a good indicator that they’re a rational adult who can distinguish reality from fantasy. This is the equivalent of saying someone who has a shit ton of rape porn shouldn’t work near people for fear that they might rape them.

    • Miles

      OH MY GOD!?!? THANK YOU!!!! An answer with common sense. Thank you good Madam/Sir. You just made my day XD
      And you are exactly right. My god you, this Joey person and Jonah person, so far gave answers with understanding

    • “You’re just not trying to understand but to only focus on your ideal of thinking.”

      Again, look in the fucking mirror before you accuse anyone else of that.

      “I can see and understand both side of the argument.”

      No you can’t. Because all you see is the big “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” sign you’re holding up and refusing to acknowledge the fact that the characters are nothing more than fictional cartoons/drawings.

      I can spot you pathetic SJWs from a mile off anyway, pretending to “understand both sides” to make it seem as if you’re a neutral to evade or lessen criticism. Pathetic.

    • Miles

      Again likewise buddy. Likewise 🙂

      At least the guy i’m debating is giving me answers to why he thinking the way he is.

    • Power_To_the_Max

      Wow. Its a sad day when you read this from a fellow gamer. YOU ARE THE PATHETIC ONE. Bullying people because they are different from you. Fucking bully. I hate all bullies

    • Smug

      ” Good on the parents for watching over the kids”

      who are totally fine however to buy a copy of battlefield, COD, GTA or any 18+ game showing high amount of violence, slurs, and other things not appropriate for underage kids. I cant tell the number of parents who have done this.

      They have no right to complain about anime teasing games when they already allow their kids to adult content. This is another sign of parents asking the govt and the companies to do the (half-assed) job of parenting instead of them

    • Miles

      My apologies if I didn’t make it clear. When I said that I meant the responsible ones. The one that cares if the kid should be allow to play/watch/read these material with common sense. The ones that complain and don’t care what the kids plays in my eyes they don’t have the responsibility or the understanding of what they can do. Just have some understanding and common sense for Pete sake people.

      Sure a game is a game but you have to acknowledge its just a game. People who attack games surely don’t know its just a game nor do they understand them. People who make a fuss of any entertainment media don’t recognize its just stuff. I can surely live without my stuff. I can burn it all if make me miserable. Which I am close to. Starting to hate all this outcry for a bunch of games that have shelf lives. Dealing with price gouger for a horrible game. Wanting to watch an anime but been told I shouldn’t because it sucks.

      As I told my friends and family the PS4/PS VITA/3DS are my last console. keeping true to that. This year maybe is my last year for anime/cartoon. Truly sick of both sides mostly the pro-gamer since I see more cynical people there, when I know people like Anita Sarkeesian or Phil Fish are out there.

      I thought this site was good in the beginning but now its a living ghosttown.

    • >That are in all situations adults.

      So, *that’s* okay because they’re not real children?

      And yet fictional characters apparently are?

    • Bloblord

      Because they are literal and intentional depictions of underage characters as opposed to a person who is physically and mentally an adult pretending to be younger.

    • >Because they are literal and intentional depictions of underage characters […]

      And you can prove that, can you?

    • bloblord

      Yes all the characters in the game are High School girls ranging from freshman to seniors depicted as high school girls in all situations and never said or shown to be anything other than that.

    • So? That doesn’t establish their age. So, once again, can you prove that?

      (Also, for the record, the game features teachers.)

    • bloblord

      Yes because the characters I’m referring to are not stated or implied explicitly or implicitly to be anything other than underage.

      If the game just said “this is in college” aged the characters up and adjusted them to look like adults that would be all it would take to make the difference.

    • But you have no evidence to support that. You’re esentially saying “they’re underage because I say they are.”

      Which is speculation.

      Which is not an admissiable form of evidence.

    • Miles

      Dude, the whole game is evidence enough. The setting, the characters, and the scenarios. It may not be evidence for you but in the eyes of million yeahs it underage girls in an erotic situation. At minimal the age is 15 in a highschool setting. Theres a difference between Japanese culture and Western culture. Even I can see its about underage kids and I watch and play games like this. Senran Kagura is a ninja hack n slash game. Thats good enough for me but to others its still underage girls in an slutty outtake of a hack n’ slash. And to be far they’re right since the age are given to us. lol but by god its a very good game. From what I been reading, Bloblord is just trying to see the middle or in short trying to understand. Which I rarely see in people now a days.

    • No, it isn’t.

    • Miles

      Well thats good for you that its just a game for you. Hope others would learn that too. But we’re talking about the mass here. But I have to say you are thinking like the opposers. Stubborn to the end and never understanding. Or at least give me a better argument so that I can try to understand you. I like anime/games/manga/comics like the next person but I want to understand why. Not all people like the same thing you know. I don’t like Star War but I’m not making a fuss on how much its boring. Please don’t kill me on that. Its just an opinion, Like you have yours. Don’t be a dictator.

    • “Stubborn to the end and never understanding.”

      Look in the mirror first before you accuse him of that.

    • Miles

      Likewise buddy. Likewise. 🙂

    • I’m not the one accusing somebody else of it, buddy. 🙂

    • Miles

      hmmm I must of read your comment wrong then. Likewise buddy. Likewise

    • TT

      I can’t tell if he’s purposely mischaracterizing this or is just legitimately stupid.

    • I personally believe it’s a troll.

    • Miles

      lol If you’re talking about me than i guess I am. Just wanted end the conversation with um… Hentai guy, there we go. Don’t even know his name. Didn’t want to continue with this guy when he’s following me. But he’s free to do what he want I guess.

    • ababababababab

      and irrelevant. Child pornography is illegal specifically because actual children who exist IN REAL LIFE and have to live with real life consequences of the life-long psychological damage that they suffer because of their exploitation were sexually exploited to make actual child pornography, whereas fictional characters… kind of don’t even exist in real life.

    • JGuill

      You do realize that for video games there are actors playing these characters and giving them voices. I’m pretty sure the actors or seiyuu as they are called, in this game are adults.

    • Jax

      “Pedophilic content is illegal regardless of whether or not the situation is real.” Actually, believe it or not, there are exceptions when it deals with anime and not-real people. And have you EVER seen the movie Hard Candy? Where a pedo takes a girl only for her to turn on him and cut his balls off? Shit’s insane. Anyway, you’re sadly fucking mistaken man.

    • Smug

      Pedophilia is a term for prepubescent children, which isnt even the case, alongside of them being FICTIONAL CHARACTERS

      Get your terms right at least faggot

    • Carl619

      Can you give a source to that studies of fiction having long terms effects? If it is possible the ones that aren’t biased. Can you explain me too why in Japan there have been studies that studied people who bought lolicon and determined that they aren’t the cause of pedophile crimes? because THIS is the most important part of the subject, that someone begins to consume more fictional porn I don’t care becuase it is irrelevant for other people as they wont be attacked by them. Are the studies that confirmed that seeing too much porn leads you to rape people?

      US is a heavily religous country, it won’t surprise me that the reason of the law was because of a moralist reaseon insetad of a scientific proof. But even that, depending of the state the protect act isn’t active because some states declare that it must hurt a real child, so they don’t go against fictional children.

      You are talking about the characters are underage, but the truth it is they have the age the creator wants. The characters aren’t even realistic, they have the appearence that the author wants and they usually prefer more anime style that realistic one.

      Look, I understand that they don’t want to sell because of their morals, but if you accuse anyone who likes it of pedophile you are going too far.

    • Miles

      lol I always thought that using picture or gif was an immature way to answer but I have to admit that picture is a nice answer. And you’re right there are a different between fantasy and reality. But not all people understand it sadly.

    • “And you’re right there are a different between fantasy and reality. But not all people understand it sadly.”

      You certainly don’t seem to understand it, judging by the drivel you’ve posted here.

    • Miles

      Hello again 🙂

    • Figuratively Shaking

      At no point in the history of the United States has there ever been any law that can even be vaguely described as outlawing “Underage characters in sexually compromising situations.” Unless you think anyone that has ever read Romeo and Juliet is in danger of being sent to prison.

      Since I assume you mean something a bit less stupid than just “Underage characters in sexually compromising situations” like actual explicit pornography. The situation is slightly more complicated, mostly because many states have ancient, and broad definitions of “obscenity,” but there is still no precedent you can point to that even implies that drawn images are not covered by the first amendment.

      And, by the way, since you keep sort of implying it, pedophilia itself isn’t illegal either. The US hasn’t reached thought crime levels, yet anyway.

    • >[…] pedophilia itself isn’t illegal either.

      So much this. Otherwise it would be a crime to be a misanthrope or a sociopath.

      But I always love it when people spout some odd crap about how anyone who likes fictional “children” needs “help,” yet they’re completely unable to distinguish fiction from reality.


      Attraction to underage people regardless of setting being fictional or real is still classified as pedophilia.

    • I never said it wasn’t. 😛

    • bloblord

      “Any depiction of a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct may be considered child pornography. This can include photographs, digital images, computer-generated images, drawings, videos, or animations, among others. This also applies if the person in the depiction is actually an adult but appears to be a minor. Moreover, altering an imageor video so that it appears to depict a minor may also be child pornography (for example, editing the face of a minor onto the nude body of an adult in an image or video).”

    • BloblordIsAnIdiot

      Well now. Time to report any highschool anime with big tits on Netflix! Grow a pair and shut the fuck up

    • Figuratively Shaking

      I’ve had enough of these arguments to last a lifetime so let’s just skip over the nuances like the legal gray area created by parts of the protect act already being considered unconstitutional and get to the inevitable end of this.

      Point to any case, that actually went to trial, that ended with anyone being convicted for posession of drawn child pornography.

      And please note that I already concede that there are a billion different obscenity charges you can cop for it before you go for those. Obscenity laws are fucked.

      It should be noted however that there is an obvious reason the, very few, cases that do involve drawn pornography exclusively go for obscenity charges rather than charges for actual child pornography possession though.

    • bloblord

      United States vs Christopher Handley

      6 months jail time for the posession of child pornography in the form of manga.

    • Figuratively Shaking

      I was specific for a reason. Handley copped a plea, or more accurately was strongarmed into one, and never went to trial. That’s not precedent.

      I was serious about having this argument a lot so I do hope you’ll have a bit more respect for this discussion and go a little further than the first google result next time.

    • Yup. Which is why people should actually take the time to defend it rather than just taking a plea bargin or pleading guilty.

    • Figuratively Shaking

      It would certainly be useful for someone to finally clear it up for good. I find it hard to blame anyone that gets scared into a plea after looking at a possible fifteen years in prison based solely on something as arbitrary as a jury determining obscenity though.

    • Nin

      Nope, has to fail the Miller Obscenity Test when it comes to fiction according to Federal law.

    • Cats736

      Stop trying to play the armchair Lawyer, you don’t know law.

    • Nin

      Depends on state. A REAL American should know how different one state law is from another.

    • GolSil2468

      Underage teenagers are still adolescent, not prepubescent and 100% factually not fucking pedophilia at all. If you’re going to talk unintelligently, you’re going to be treated like it.

      I’m not giving myself a headache with the loli debate, but the sexual healthiness of being attracted to physically developed young, but not prepubescent women are an argument I can’t not absolutely dominate.

    • Mike Nieto

      Are you really this fucking ignorant¿

    • bloblord

      Are you?

    • bloblord

      I’m sorry that was uncalled for. Just got a bit heated there.

    • Mike Nieto

      Well don’t take my comment as an insult either, It’s not. But I’m really fucking tired of people calling this kind of game “pedophilia” when it’s simply not true. Murdering is also illegal everywhere in the world and yet no one seems to have a problem with the shit ton of violent western games out there.

      It’s a fantasy setting with fantasy characters and there’s not even any nudity.

    • bloblord

      Interestingly fictional violence has pretty much 0 long term negative effects on the brain. And depiction of fictional violence is not nearly as regulated if we are just talking about the law in the Western world.

      Fictional sexuality though (in this case I’m referring to pornography in general not necessarily this game which isn’t that extreme) has an interesting and emerging body of research showing it has varying states of addiction and escalation. This varies from person to person but it’s almost always a net negative. It’s also much more heavily regulated.

    • Mike Nieto

      Now you’re just pulling stuff outta your ass.

    • Like all SJWs / moral compass bigots do.

    • Asu

      This is as outrageous as calling every game like Street Fighter a murder simulator. >.>
      This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Kiryu

      Someone is projecting here.

    • Derp Minos

      “Pedophilia” would imply the girls are prepubescent which is not the case :^)

      Dumb frog poster.

    • Tristan (Chili1)

      How are games being less easily available to the masses a good thing?

    • Miles

      depends i’m guessing. I remember Wood from Beat’em Ups said the same thing with guns ban in Australia an they been doing great, or at least better then the American that is

  • Star Magician

    Wasn’t gonna buy the game before because it looks ridiculous and honestly, kinda boring.

    Now I feel more compelled to give it a shot.

    • Nin

      If you want to support PQube, they’re also releasing Valkyrie Drive. I’m not interested in Gal Gun but I’m definitely getting preordering that one now because of this.

    • Star Magician

      They are also releasing Steins;Gate 0 and Root Letter.

      I’d try Valkyrie Drive because it looks like a decent game, but I don’t have a Vita, at least not yet.

  • Dgnfly

    Political correctness strikes again!! nothing more then a retailer pandering to the mainstream in casee they get a backlash for something fictional.

    • Kiryu

      Political correctness is cancer and needs to die.

  • Jonah Rosen

    So let me get this straight; I can find Senran Kagura 2, Shinovi Versus & Estival Versus PLUS Onechanbara Z2 (just to name a few) at my local EB Games, yet THIS is crossing the fucking line?! Get fucked, Gamestop!

    • Miles

      Thats not the point. I’m sure back then it wasn’t as bad with gamestop. But now with so many sensitive people crying their rage to them over something so trivial that they have to stop carrying those games to please the mass audience. Its a business move. Soul Sacrifice Delta was the same, why did they not sold that game where as the original was sold. Because there was an outrage.

    • Jonah Rosen

      1) Fuck the whiny politically correct, a lot of them are known to not even play games anyways.

      2) Soul Sacrifice Delta never had a physical release of any form outside of Japan and Asia, so of course EB Games/Gamestop wouldn’t have it on their shelves.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Also, what the fuck do you mean “back then’? Senran Kagura Estival Versus was only released 5 months ago!

    • Miles

      Ah sorry for not making it clear. When I said back then I meant pre-2005. When games were not as popular as they are now. It was simpler times when most games were sold in stores. Now with popularity come with haters (on both sides) which is the same as many entertainment media. Didn’t mean to mix Senran Kagura into the mix with “Back Then”.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Okay well still, every game I’ve posted was post-2005

    • Miles

      Hmmm? You mean the games from your post here?

    • Jonah Rosen

      yes, those.

      Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson – 09/15/15
      Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus – 10/14/14
      Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – 03/15/16
      Onechanbara Z2: Chaos – 07/21/15

      all these games were released within the last 3 years, and I am still able to get them in my EB Games (maybe not Shinovi Versus, but that’s because they’ve been removing Vita games from the store.)

    • Miles

      lol but I said pre-2005

      10 years different

    • Miles

      sorry misread your comment

      you said Post not pre

    • Miles

      hmm? Soul Sacrifice Delta did have a physical. I was just not sold in stores. You have to buy it online.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Really now? well let’s check it out:

      Nope, only shows that it was released digitally in North America and Europe. Let’s check out to be sure:

      Nope, only Japanese imports, but hey, that’s the Canadian site, let’s check

      Well, it looks like you are utterly full of shit, sorry about that.

    • Miles

      lol your comment may be harsh but I have to admit you are right. Just look at my copy and it had the pegi rating. My apologies. But I did bought it from my friend… that would explain much lol

    • Jonah Rosen

      yeah sorry for being harsh, I’m a very blunt person. Also, really? PEGI? But there’s no data showing that Soul Sacrifice Delta was released in Europe. That’s a bit odd…

    • Miles

      Its fine as long as we’re both understanding. Its all good to me. And hey you gave me facts so I’m proudly admit fault.

      Really? Wow, this raises alot of questions. better talk to my friend about this.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Well I did some deeper searching (and by that, I looked it up on google lol) and there’s some articles and message boards that mention that there is a physical copy in the EU, but none of the sites like Gamefaqs have any release data on it, so I would like to know more if I can. If there’s a limited physical release, I would like to get my mitts on it.

    • Miles

      Cool, Hope you can get a copy if you can

    • TT

      not to mention alot of the people pushing PC and progressive BS are massive hypocrites

  • Go2hell66

    boy have they got shit backwards. they might want to look what they already have on their shelves

  • Quick research:

    >The company’s retail stores primarily operate under the GameStop, EB Games
    >EB Games*

    And the answer becomes so clear…

    *for those not in the know, EB Games wouldn’t stock the game in that bastion of freedom known as Australia.

    • Jonah Rosen

      I don’t think I understand, can you clarify for me?

      I’m asking this as a genuine question, by the way.

    • I can’t remember why EB Games pulled it from their stores, but if they’re a child of GameStop it probably boils down to the same reason.

    • Jonah Rosen

      Ah, I see. I find it odd myself considering that they’ve let out other similar games like games from the Senran Kagura series or Onechanbara Z2.

    • I found a reply from them somewhere:

      “Australians who are 18 years or older have the right to make their own choices about what video games they play,” an EB representative told Stevivor via statement.

      “We assess our product range on a regular basis using a number of key business factors, including sales rates. In this instance we have made the decision to no longer stock these products.”

      By the looks of it, they couldn’t think of a reason and just pulled it.

    • random

      Companies in different countries stock their stores differently, this is a regional decision. Just because they both decided to do the same thing, that doesn’t mean they reached it together.

  • Brian OLeary

    Why? I’m surprised because GameStop sells physical games

  • Panpopo

    I don’t think there is a conspiracy – this may simply be a case where they don’t think this game would have sold well because this new IP may be too niche.

    However, if they suddenly decide to not carry any of the senran kagura games (which have a following and do sell) then there is a problem.

    • Steve Baltimore

      GameStop is a specialty store, they sell games. There should no game too niche to sell in their store. Would be like going to an ice cream shop and finding only generic flavors.

    • Panpopo

      I have to disagree. They are a business foremost. If they order and keep stock of an item not guaranteed to sell, it would be foolish and a money loser – this new IP is too risky without a proven track record.

    • Steve Baltimore

      To put on a shelf? If this were always the case the NISA, AKsys, XSeed an many others would be in trouble since they localize similar IPs without proven track records.

    • Steve Baltimore

      I can buy Criminal Girls 2 at GameStop, and it was banned in two countries, Gal*Gun was not.

      Edit: Actually I’m going to have to redact this statement, it appears I cannot pre order that at GameStop either.

    • Steve Baltimore

      But I can order Psycho Pass there

      because this is a known IP, I mean it is to us but no more so than Gal*Gun

    • Panpopo

      I can guarantee you more people know about whay Psycho Pass is than Gal Gun.

    • Panpopo

      You cannot buy Criminal Girls 2 at GameStop. This may be due to politics, or it may be due to not stocking Vita games nearly as much any more.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Still as a specialty story they should stock these products, or at the very least all customers to pre order them and pick them up.

    • Panpopo

      To my knowledge, PQube (an UK company) has never sold any of the games they published at GameStop. And yes, GameStop stores are not large, so shelf space matters.

      I am certain that the companies above all have to make their case in stocking their items. And they do have track records unlike PQube.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Then why not Criminal Girls 2, they carry the first game.

    • Panpopo

      I would not surprised in the slightest if those companies have to make their case on their games as well, but because they have sold games that sell previously, they are able to more easily convince GameStop to hold stock. Pqube does not have that luxury.

    • Joe

      I wonder if that really is the case, if GameStop would want to have proof that PQube’s games can sell so they can have that shelf space. Maybe they’d have to provide actual sales figures and such.

    • Panpopo

      I would not be surprised – it would be a good question to ask your niche publisher contacts. Logic dictates that a retailer would want to overturn inventory as fast as possible – PQube (an unknown) is in competition with all other publishers for limited space. It is why you sometimes see deep discounts on games that most likely didn’t sell or they are trying to get rid of inventory.

    • Joe

      I think I will do just that, it sounds like the best way to proceed.

    • Steve Baltimore

      That logic falls apart with Criminal Girls 2, NISA is a known pub and GS carried the first game.

    • Panpopo

      However, it is a Vita game. There are simply not many Vita games on display anymore – you would have to order from their website for most. I would not be surprised if ALL publishers have trouble convincing GameStop to physically stock Vita games in stores.

      Contacting NISA (or some other niche publisher) for their response would be interesting. I believe that if pressed, GameStop gave them a logical answer as to their actions.

    • Steve Baltimore

      You mean a PR answer, cause that’s exactly what your gonna get from them. There’s no logical reason why this can make store shelves and CG2 cannot.

    • Panpopo

      I think that would be a good question to ask NISA themselves. Notice that CG2 is not on Amazon either.

    • deadeye

      I wish that was how they operated, but it unfortunately isn’t. They target the mainstream first and foremost.

      I have friends that work in Gamestop, and I don’t know what the exact deciding factor for stocking or not stocking niche games is, but I’m pretty certain any potential controversy doesn’t really factor in. The only concern is sales and how fast they can move copies of games, and when it comes to niche games, they can’t really move them that fast. And for a big company like them, copies of games sitting around could be copies of more popular games that sell faster.

      They don’t stock Vita games at all, and there’s a handful of other niche games that don’t have any real objectionable content that don’t get stocked. They’re not stocking Steins;Gate, for example. Probably because the overwhelming majority of Gamestop customers don’t play VNs, and unfortunately it’s not always practical to keep stock on hand, hoping for that one in 10,000 that’s interested, but for some reason didn’t just buy the game off Amazon or whatever.

      I’m not really defending Gamestop here, just explaining their actions. I do think they should carry niche games, perhaps if they did, niche games would be more popular.

    • deadeye

      Also, gamestop carries the Senran Kagura games, and have not faced controversy for it.

      Again, I dunno know how they make these decisions, but I think its obvious that potential controversy is not a big factor.

    • JGuill

      Unfortunately, it seems most gamers only care about generic flavors.

  • Kiryu

    Fuck you too Gamestop.

  • Lex

    “Please buy games from our direct competition” – Gamestop

  • MusouTensei

    Fuck them.

  • Cats736

    Another reason to not buy from ShitStop.

  • JGuill

    The way I see it: It’s one thing if stores didn’t order copies because they did noy get many preorders or felt it would just sit on shelves. But to outright refuse to even list it on their site or let people order it through them is ridiculous.

  • Karonax

    “The North American Vita version garnered some attention around release due to a humorous misprint on the game box. The game, rated ‘M’ for Mature (17+) by the ESRB is incorrectly labeled on the back as ‘E’ for Everyone (6+), under the description of “sexual content”.”

    Probably had something to do with it.

    • Steve Baltimore

      They said no before those copies were even printed, had that game actually been going to store shelves they would’ve had to recall them and fix them.

  • BuzzardZ

    Next time in GameStop… I am just here for the free pokemon giveaway… nothing else.

  • Paychi

    Good thing I’ve been boycotting Gamestop since about 2009

  • Malascus

    –> Digital age, many games are on digital platforms (psn, steam,gog etc).
    –> people buying less physical copies
    –> Gamestop: We’ll show them by not stocking certain games!
    –> ??
    –> no profit

    • Miles

      They’re trying to recreate the Titanic pretty much lol

    • Vita Digital Downloads are somewhat region locked, though.

      Whilst they’re region free themselves, you’d have to factory reset the Vita to download games from another region than the one you’ve specified.

  • A Punk Named Katsuya Jonouchi

    Yet another reason as to why I rarely shop at game-stop anymore

  • DariusQ

    That’s fine. The less money I give to EB Games/Gamestop the better.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Well that escalated quickly.
    Is anyone really surprised though? I doubt Gamestop would carry it even if it wasn’t set in a high school setting.

    Anime style artwork/games and stuff from Japan in general has a weird double standard applied to it when it comes to games.

    The MPAA can be just as stupid with movie ratings. The latest episode of Adam Ruins Everything is a great watch.

  • awvnx

    They did this for Steins;Gate too though.
    I think only shipping to Amazon and a few distributors per country is easier than getting Gamestops to stock a copy or two of your niche game. There’s thousands of retail stores in the USA.

  • Mr0303

    Not selling products is bad business in my book. The customers will just go somewhere else.

    But PC culture is definitely not trying to take our games away! /s