Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Refused Classification in Australia

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

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It appears that Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni has been refused classification in Australia, effectively banning it. This is not really a surprise since they recently refused classification for Idea Factory International’s release of MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death for having a touching mechanic in some of the menus.

Let’s just hope our friends down under can find a painless way to import the game and join in the fun. You can check out the classification page here.

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Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.

  • Mr0303

    A moment of silence for our fellow gamers in Australia.

    At this point it’s not even a surprise. Australia is a feminist hellhole and this sort of censorship is to be expected.

    • TheMeow7410 .

      It’s really not a feminist hellhole. That’s just what it might look like. The people here aren’t really leaning towards the side of feminism that you guys know and hate. It’s only the official government bodies that take this shit seriously, we all just pirate it if it’s banned. Not me though, I don’t need dem viruses for a kind of meh pseudo-hentai game.

    • Mr0303

      I’m not saying that the majority of people are feminist. In most if not all countries that is not true. The problem is that feminists have infested the government and their influence is quite obvious.

    • That’ll be why feminist ideology have completely infested
      mainstream media, news media, entertainment media, academia, education, politics and the law courts in the Western and European countries then?

      Take your head out of ass and take a look at how feminism dominates politics, academia and government. You’re either misinformed or you’re intellectually dishonest.

      Ever heard of Collective Shout? It’s a feminist movement in Australia that managed to get the government to ban the rapper Tyler The Creator from entering and performing in the country because they thought his lyrics were “harmful” to women.

      Australia is an leftist SJW feminist shithole.

    • random

      The state which imprisons immigrants and doesn’t have marriage equality is a “leftist SJW feminist shithole.”
      Read more you dingus

    • Obviously you’re too blind to see that SJWs/feminists can be extremely selective with their propaganda.

    • Smithnikov

      Not feminist related. Australia has long been authoritarian about games with ANY content that makes them squicky, this goes back long before the rise of the SJW.

    • Mr0303

      Well, the feminist movement certainly isn’t helping. They have been existing for 50+ years and are the same cultural authoritarians that ban games.

    • The feminist movement, which is also Politically Correct, is an ideology that has been heavily practised in mainstream media, news media, entertainment media, academia, education, politics and the law courts in the Western and European countries for decades.

      Social Networking/Media has effectively given them the platform of their dreams to connect together, spew their hate easily everywhere collectively in huge numbers, and lynch mob their targets collectively in huge numbers.

      But of course facts like that won’t stop the feminism-deniers/defenders from claiming that feminism isn’t responsible for anything bad that happens whatsoever.

    • So quick to deny feminism being the culprit eh?

      Of course I don’t have proof that it’s definitely them but I can say that feminist ideology have infested mainstream media, news media, entertainment media, academia, education, politics and the law courts in the Western and European countries for decades.

      Also isn’t it funny that they typically go after video games that the main focus is “sexually objectifying” and “violence” towards fictional female characters? That should be a big clue as to who is responsible.

    • Smithnikov

      Considering it’s Australia and knowing it’s long history of idiotic censorship of games for multiple reasons, YES.

  • Miqubi

    To the surprise of absolutely nobody,

    MY fellow australian gamers, know that I weep for you!

  • Boku

    Aren’t all the girls in this game lesbian? Not very progressive of them to erase such representation. You could have a field day with something along the lines of “Australian classification board forbids sale of LGBT-friendly game”.

    • Kazkari

      In theory but then they’ll just pull the sexism thing then that’ll pull those same people into the niche circle, we are being widely ignored and I’d like to keep it that way. I know you’ll say but this got denied but Australia for years has had issues with censorship long before feminists were all over the internet. Best thing to do is keep our heads down and out of sight so we can keep our stuff in general. I mean we don’t want a DoA due to controversy again….

    • j0eeyy_p

      The only way that niche games will become more accepted by wider society is through publishers persisting with localisations of niche games like Valkyrie Drive and this is largely done through drawing attention to it even if the localisations are butchered (Fates got a lot of controversy). Desensitisation against the cultural differences is the key. That way people on the fence may be more convinced to pick up these niche games and get embraced in culture. After all, that’s what playing games is for 🙂

      Plus we didn’t technically not get DoAX3, did we? We got it in English, yeah we had to import it but if it wasn’t for the ideological puritans in the mainstream media it never would have got as much attention as it did. Moe Chronicle managed to fly under the radar, and that was a game that most likely would have suffered from even more issues should the tabloids have picked up on it.

    • j0eeyy_p

      I don’t think clickbaiting would have been a very good idea, but your arguement is very good and this is one reason why I’m supporting this game. I would argue that many of the people that would criticise the game like this as having no respect for the source material, and adhere to archiac social constructions about whom play games (namely men).

      Funnily enough I could picture a large number of lesbian niche gamers enjoying this game, alongisde people from all sexual orientations whom are also into niche games, of course.

    • Mr0303

      The problem is that the girls in the game are attractive and not landwhales like the real lesbians.

  • Kazkari

    Thats a real shame, I mean will they even have the rip off online version? There is some UK stores that probably would be willing to sell to Australians like RiceDigital, on the other hand I dunno about undervaluing you might have to ask? There is Videogamesplus a Canadian website that ships and undervalues too. You could get an EU PSN aswell. But its really a shame things are in this state, I pre ordered the game as soon as it came up. Its a shame some others wont be able to enjoy it.

  • Kazkari

    Man have you read what they put for the classification? “The computer game is classified RC in accordance with the National Classification Code, Computer Games Table, 1. (a) as computer games that “depict, express or otherwise deal with matters of sex, drug misuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or revolting or abhorrent phenomena in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that they should not be classified.”

    Whats morally wrong with it, is there even any loli’s in there?

    • “Sex is evil and it needs to die.” -Australian classification board, probably

    • “they offend against the standards of morality, decency”

      Oh how kind of the Australian government, dictating to everyone on what is moral and decent

  • kerbastrar2

    The kangaroo people have been quite the assholes lately

  • Joshua Anderson

    Why am I not surprised. Honestly, at this rate? Why even bother with Japanese games anymore. They’re just gonna deny everything. I feel so sorry for all our fellow gamers “down under” who can’t enjoy these games because their government thinks they’re underaged children. 🙁

  • Tom Raft

    We have a problem in that the refused classification criteria given was defined prior to having MA15+ and R18+ classifications for games. The classification board has stated that they do not want to censor what adults have access to but continue to abuse the refuse classification criteria.

    The R18+ classification states “R 18+ material is restricted to adults. Such material may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes and drug use that are high in impact. Some material classified R18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community.”

    My question is what content was in the game that was beyond the R18+ classification that would cause them to trigger the refused classification criteria?

    I am planning to write to the government about the massive inconsistency between film classification and video game classification and the abuse of the classification system to censor content that should otherwise be the responsibility of adults to determine what is and isn’t fit for them. It would help to have details on what type of content they are censoring.

    • If you get a response, I reckon they’ll pull the “violence towards women”, “look like under-age females” and “think of the children” cards

  • Go2hell66

    It begins…

  • Harry

    Do they sell panties in australia? What do women wear as underwear?