The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes | oprainfall

Rejoice, fans of Zelda on the go. According to today’s Nintendo Direct, Tri Force Heroes, which released back in late October, is getting a free update in December that will add some new features. First and foremost is the Den of Trials stage. This massive area will let players try a much more challenging labyrinthine series of stages, composed of 30+ distinct areas, gated with helpful checkpoints. As if that wasn’t enough, the update will also allow players to try out the Linebeck and Fierce Diety Costumes.

The Linebeck costume, so named after the Wind Waker character, lets you see what’s in chests before you open them, which is sure to offer a distinct tactical advantage. The Fierce Deity costume, on the other hand, lets you fire energy waves from your sword, much like in the classic Majora’s Mask game. Either way, it’s nice to have another reason to come back to the Zelda universe on the 3DS. This update will launch on December 2nd.

Josh Speer
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