E3 2015: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Forecasts PS Vita’s Future

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

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PlayStation Vita Feature

In an interview with IGN, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida talked about the future of the company’s amazing but underperforming handheld platform, the Sony PlayStation Vita.  In the video (which you can see below), Yoshida essentially explains that they will not be developing any more AAA related titles for the Vita. He added that when the PSP was released and was capable of playing PS2 quality games, the bar was set pretty high for performance on Sony handheld devices. The Vita was their answer to the demand for high quality portable gaming experiences but, despite the hardware’s considerable specifications, it couldn’t consistently match the performance of the PS3 or PS4 because the technology was limited. Subsequently, people moved on from the Vita as a viable gaming platform because they wanted bigger and better graphics on larger displays than the Vita could provide. Yoshida said that Sony knew this was an eventuality, but that isn’t stopping them from continuing to support and market the Vita in different ways.

Yoshida said that they remain invested in the device but will be scaling back on the more ambitious software in favor of games that the system can handle more easily and also giving us more content that supports their successful cross-buy and cross-play initiatives. The interview gave many examples of the types of games that we can expect to on the Vita in the coming years and overall, the message is encouraging. It seems Sony knows that the PS Vita still has potential and can be successful but they will have to change their strategy to reap the potential benefits.

Here is the video so you can hear it all straight from Yoshida himself.

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  • Heavensmile

    just sad

  • Splinter

    So now no support from Sony, Capcom and Square to make system-seller exclusives. It’s sad to see what is happening to such an amazing system.

  • Rafael Mario Sanchez

    SONY may had some third party games, but they were mostly from niche developers. And in some cases, those niche developers port their Vita exclusives to PC, effectively eliminating the Vita exclusivity.

  • Tara

    This is a definite shame, as I think the Vita is an excellent machine, and I can’t help but feel Sony did not do their best to support it. Of course, some of their pricing decisions sure didn’t help the issue. ($80 for a 32GB memory card is stupid. Yes, I know they’re cheaper if you shop around, but people are not going to do that, they’re going to see the $80 card, and go “Hell no.” and that’s that.) A lot of the dev support they could have had was actually lost due to not having a sufficient customer base. Honestly, it’s not at all that different of an issue from how they handled PSP.

    As for who will continue making games for it… I forsee XSeed/Marvelous, Atlus, and possibly Namco being the only companies to maintain some level of support for the system until it’s officially put down. On the bright side, it does have quite a few great exclusives, as well as some excellent ports of console titles… so it is still worth owning one.

    As much as I’ve loved the PSP and the Vita… I hope Sony doesn’t make another handheld. They have shown they have no idea how to keep a handheld platform alive, and that’s just a shame. I’d hate for a third system to meet the same fate here.

  • JDobbs

    If Sony had done things right at the start. The Vita could have seen a different outcome. While its great for niche games and RPGs, the system never lived up to its potential.

  • Josh S.

    Disappointing. But so long as I get my Axiom Verge, I will be happy. Plus frankly, I never played my Vita for the AAA games. Indies are where it’s at, for the most part.

    • Tara

      The entire AAA games for handheld things is a bit of a difficult point, if you ask me. Stuff like Call of Duty (however much I don’t like it) is generally going to be played by a crowd that will prefer a console and a large TV, and not a handheld… but I think an RPG can be a AAA title, and the people interested in those would of course be interested in both experiences. That said, I wouldn’t say I have my Vita for indies, but the system has some fantastic niche titles that can’t be found anywhere else. (And I will also say I love that I can play the entire Sly Cooper series on the Vita. That’s just really cool to me.)

  • Klagmar

    This is really a shame. I’ve always been a huge fan of the 3DS, but I recently bought a Vita for cheap. I honestly think the Vita’s a superior piece of hardware in every way, but its library (or lack thereof) just kills it.

    • Tara

      I wouldn’t say I got mine for “cheap” exactly (unless you call $170 cheap. It was cheaper than full price, at least?) but I agree with you. It’s a great system, and outmodes the 3DS power-wise, has some awesome capabilities that unfortunately are under-utilized, and is just classy looking in general. (I also love my 3DS, of course, but Sony handhelds have great aesthetics that unfortunately are about the only thing they live up to, since the library rarely does.)

      But I will say it DOES do PSP and PS1 emulation very well… and the fact that you can use the back touchpad as R2/L2 R3/L3 is pretty awesome (if not a bit tough to get used to initially.)