Tantalus to Reveal Wii U AAA Port Soon

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

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Tantalus Media Logo

Tantalus Media is a developer well known for creating ports of popular games for new systems. Two of their more recent well known works include the Wii U ports of Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

About a year ago, they announced they were working on a big name, AAA port for the Wii U “for an absolute top notch publisher.” Well, recently during a podcast, Tom Crago of Tantalus claimed that the game will be revealed soon and is launching this year, saying the following:

We’re doing that. It hasn’t been announced, but it will be soon. And can I just further add to the mystique and say that it’s big. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done. And it’ll come out this year, and I hope it won’t disappoint.

At the same time, he also mentioned that his company is working on porting a current Wii U game to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. So it looks like everyone will be getting the chance to enjoy a game this year they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to play. Good for Tantalus.

Are you guys excited for this tidbit? Do you have any ideas what this AAA game Tantalus might be working on is? Any thoughts on what the Wii U game might be? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Cameron Ward

    What Wii U game that the other consoles don’t have could possibly be worth porting to PS4 Xbox One and PC?

    • Lord Ackercocke

      Probably an indie game.

    • It is an AAA game, not an indie one.

    • Lord Ackercocke

      Indies can be AAA too…..Shovel Knight but that’s already being ported.

    • Kroisos

      ZombiU comes to mind. And if it increases the likelihood of a sequel I’m all for it. I’ll be annoyed if such a sequel went the everywhere-but-WiiU route, but since I’ll eventually get either a PS4 or X1 it wouldn’t really affect me.

      As for whatever is coming to Wii U, not only do I welcome that information on general principle, but I just finished DEHR two days ago and loved it. A fantastic game, but moreover the porting must have been well done because I never noticed any times that it was bad. (Just like you never notice actors in small roles acting well, but they stick out if they act poorly.) If it’s a game I’m not interested in I’ll be disappointed, but I hope to get the chance to reward 3rd party efforts.

    • tython

      I don’t think it is ZombiU unless they really reworked the gameplay since that game was made with the touch screen in mind. Half the games terror comes from the fact that as you are working on say a combination door on the game pad or looking in boxes/your backpack via the gamepad the zombies could still get you. Not to mention the radar aspect that gamepad brought to it as well.

    • Thomas Johnson

      Apart from games that are generally labeled “shovelware,” the only 3rd-party Wii U exclusives that aren’t digital-only that I can think of are Zombi U, Sonic Lost World, and Sonic Boom. The Sonic games were part of a partnership with Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean anything, because so were the Capcom 5. More to the point, it doesn’t make sense to me that they would be ported by an outside dev, so that really only leaves Zombi U. I’ve heard several people say it’s going to Funky Barn, though, since it’s apparently their own game.

    • B

      do you even know what the fuck bayonetta 2 is?

    • Lord Ackercocke

      Bayonetta 2 was financed by NIntendo so that won’t be the one.

    • Cameron Ward

      no reason to curse or act like a moron….apparently you didn’t know Bayonetta 2 was financed by Nintendo so no way in hades are they letting that go

    • Kaihaku

      It’s most likely Funky Barn (which is already a Tantalus title).

    • Cameron Ward

      Wait, why wast the money on a crap game? I mean seriously.

  • Louis Polite

    Alright Tantalus Media, let’s go big bucks, big bucks, no whammies and….stop! (what I mean is, big games, big games, no shovelware or really old ports :P)

  • tython

    One of the thoughts on the game that is to be ported is that it might be Destiny since that game also came out on the PS3/360 so porting it to the WiiU with some graphical enhancements shouldn’t be to hard then again it could be something else altogether.

    • Activision have devs for this. They have already released some CoD and Skylanders games on Wii U. They would make Destiny Wii U themselves.

  • ragunaxl

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to wii u and sonic boom to other consoles

    • SEGA just want to bury Sonic Boom, not to release another one.

    • ragunaxl

      No they just announced on their end that it is coming to the other two platforms. It’s happening whether it is by tantalus or not. The main thing is, unless I read wrong wii u owners are getting a ps4/bone game.

  • If Tantalus was porting the game, it would mean that the studio / editor which developed the AAA game on PlayStation and Xbox would not have some Wii U knowledge to make it himself. Ubisoft and Activision both have Wii U developers (Just Dance, Skylanders) so if they want to port one of their games they will make it themselves. Consequently we can forget games like Destiny, CoD Advance Warfare and Assassin’s Creed Unity or Rogue. EA boycotts Wii U so forget their games too.

    As a result there are three possibilities which come to my mind : a AAA game to be announced for Wii U, PS4, One and PC, a Bethseda game (Skyrim ? Wolfenstein The New Order ? The Evil Within ? The Elder Scrolls VI if announced at E3 2015 ? Another game ?) or Rockstar’s GTA V.

    As for the Wii U game ported to PS4, Xbox One and PC, I agree for ZombiU. There were not many Wii U third party exclusives except it. Rayman Legends was finally released on PlayStation and Xbox. I know that ZombiU is a Ubisoft game and that I said below that Ubisoft would port it themselves in this case. But there were not another Wii U third party exclusive which comes to my mind.

  • Lord Ackercocke

    It could be Zombi U but that’s far from a AAA game.

  • Kaihaku

    It’s not “hardcore”, not “mature”, their “biggest project to date”, and from a “top notch publisher.” Given that, the general consensus is that an entry from one of the following series is most likely; Sims, Kingdom Hearts, or Final Fantasy. These are lent some additional credence as Tantalus has ported Wii U games for both Square Enix and EA in the past.

  • NotTaokaka

    Definitely a longshot, and no one would buy it(maybe), but what if it’s the Final Fantasy XIII series?