Square Enix is Hearing Your Cries for Dragon Quest VII

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

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Dragon Quest VII - Japanese Box Art

Remember a few days ago when it appeared that Square Enix was being all wishy-washy about the Dragon Quest VII localization? And then remember how many of us pointed to sales figures of other JRPGs like Bravely Default to show that the games can do well?

As it turns out, during an interview with USgamer, Yuu Miyake of Square Enix has admitted that fan interest has caused the company to rethink their approach, citing a petition he received.

“This petition came from France, written in Japanese, asking, ‘Is there any way you would consider it?’ We hear the fans, and we’re paying attention. We had actually given up on the idea of localization altogether, but because there’s such a great response we’re trying to rethink this, to see if there’s any way to make this more feasible. We’re recalculating, and figuring out the costs necessary. Trying to work out the details.”

According to the interview, Miyake even has a copy of said letter with him. What this means for those of us hoping to see Dragon Quest VII localized (or any other JRPG for that matter) is that all these campaigns and petitions do get attention. They work to some degree that cannot be argued.

That’s some great news.

Now, later on in the interview Miyake does mention that Dragon Quest VII was made for Japan and the Japanese consumer. This, tied with the fact that the series hasn’t really done well in the Western world, complicates things. It doesn’t mean Square Enix won’t give it another shot. If anything, it just means their fans keep poking them.

To repeat Steve Baltimore from the last DQ7 article, if you want to get Dragon Quest VII localized for the 3DS, respectfully show your interest. Leave comments on their Facebook page, hit them up on Twitter, or email them some heart-felt messages at support@square-enix-usa.com. People love heart-felt messages.

Unless they’re monsters, but monsters don’t carry around print outs of the French asking them in Japanese to bring their games over.  Well, unless it’s a drop item I guess.


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  • Discomaster

    Would it be a terrible idea for Square Enix to NOT try and change all the dialogue to appeal to Western gamers? If there is indeed enough fan demand to get the game released here, then I’m sure many of those fans are like myself, who value Dragon Quest for its historical importance to the RPG genre. If anything, making all those changes adulterates the nature of the games that could potentially be more appealing as something more authentic.

    When I played Dragon Quest IX, I did notice the changes in dialogue and portrayal of accents. It was completely unnecessary as I was far more engrossed in the gameplay, battles, and character customization. If they had just done a raw translation, I would not have noticed a difference, and Square Enix probably could have spent quite a bit less on getting the game out in English.

    • SullenSamurai

      I’m right with you there. As far as I know, none of Dragon Quest’s western fans actually want the localized script to feature “regional twangs.” For some, that needless addition practically ruined the localization of DQIV (that and the wholesale exclusion of Party Chat).

      Give us a decent translation (and a complete one, no cutting corners like with IV), that’s all we really want; considering the size of VII’s script, that’s a hard enough task already — don’t make it needlessly harder. I personally don’t want the game translated from Japanese to English only for it to then be translated from English to faux-accent ridden English. Trying to replicate an accent purely through text (especially when no such thing occurs in the original Japanese game) is a fool’s errand. Who actually wants to read that?

  • Wolfe


  • ernie

    Yes!!! now Dragon Quest 3 gameboy color VC (or remake) and the world will be mine!!!

    Also bring DQX to US.

    As much as Dragon Quest Heroes’ art and graphics look amazing, it’s just another Dynasty Warrior Clone. (also we are getting the Zelda version of it this month.)

    • Metabble

      Bring the Monster remakes too. And to Europe too, not only to US. Im feed up with games just getting released in NA and not in EU (hello, Rune Factory 4) or getting them with unexplainable delays (hello, SMT IV).

      DQH not a musou. Its an action-rpg.

    • Pyrotek85

      “DQH not a musou. Its an action-rpg.”

      Which only makes me want it more =/

    • Discomaster

      I would like to see the SFC versions of the first three Dragon Quest games released in english for the Wii U VC. But alas, probably wishful thinking. 🙂

  • SappyMIND

    We NEED this game localized Square Enix. Hear our cries!!

  • Razorfall

    I hope it does well. I want a localization of the Dragon Quest Monsters remake.

  • Vallen

    It’s great that today fans can contact developers and ask for what they want 🙂

    (I remember even 10 years ago when Japanese games got announced and we immediatley knew they would not be coming out outside with no way to express our disappointment or ask for a reconsideration)

  • DanTilly

    Here is a petition for Dragon Quest getting localized that is being passed around:


    Been sharing this on twitter/facebook. Lets show them the number of people actually interested.

  • Carlos Mendoza

    so they listen to fans when it comes to sony and microsoft but when its nintendo they back off.

  • Thanatos2k

    If the people demanding can guarantee profit, happy day. But Square knows more than you do. And if they do release it and the game flops, will you ever have the right to demand anything from them ever again?

  • ZarethKnyght

    I just want to be able to play it on my 3DS. I can’t do that due to region lock or I would have ordered the Japanese version and struggled along (while learning Japanese I guess).

  • Bernardo El Moullek

    As we’re speaking, an online petition requesting the localization of Dragon Quest VII for 3DS and Dragon Quest X for Wii U, called “Operation Hero”, has already gathered more than 3000 signatures.
    If all gamers unite, we can convince SquareEnix to bring Dragon Quest VII to the West!