Nintendo Announces Shulk for Smash and 3DS Xenoblade

Friday, August 29th, 2014

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Xenoblade | Shulk - Smash Bros

In the recent Japan-only Nintendo Direct, a new 3DS was announced which will have two sticks, as well as a better CPU. We also learned from that Direct that Nintendo will be releasing a Xenoblade port for this new 3DS. Apparently it will only work on this new model of 3DS, not the old models currently out. Also, there is no official confirmation that Xenoblade will be released outside of Japan as of yet. We’ll update the article if we receive new information.

Apparently Nintendo was in the mood for announcements because they also released a new Smash Bros. Trailer featuring Shulk! That’s right it’s official, Shulk is in Smash! Watch the trailer below:

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  • Rocwing

    Nintendo making a port of a game from another system that will only work on a certain version of another system? That seems a little asinine when you take an installed user base into consideration.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I think it’s because quite simply, the 3DS can’t handle the game. This new improved version apparently can.

    • Thomas Johnson

      They also said (or maybe people just surmised) that making a new version with a second stick would be detrimental because it would split the userbase. Guess they’ve gotten over that.

    • Scott

      Part of their refocus on engaged gamers. AKA their fans.

    • Thanatos2k

      Judging from footage we’ve seen, it might not be able to. Laaaaaaaaaag

  • Steven Shemwell

    well f you nintendo

  • Vinicius

    Love the Name of the video “Look’s like we don’t have a choice!”, after the leaks this week, sakurai didn’t have any.

    • Malrith

      It’s also one of Shulk’s quotes in Xenoblade Chronicles so it’s a win-win.

  • Anthony Yousef

    Congratulations OPRainfall! I absolutely know that if it weren’t for your hard-working staff, we probably wouldn’t be watching this trailer at all! And the best news is, with Shulk in Smash, awareness for Xenoblade Chronicles X will skyrocket! 😀 Keep up the great work!

  • Ryan, OpRainfall, this is for you! It is your victory today. Because of you Nintendo believed in its Xenoblade Chronicles IP. They are making another XC game for Wii U and a port of the original game on 3DS. Only major IPs just like Mario, Zelda or DK already have such privileges. Now Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the major Nintendo licenses, among Mario, Zelda, DK, Pokemon and Metroid. Thank you Operation Rainfall!

    I love this long-awaited Shulk for SSB. They made a nice SSB character, with great references to XC. The Final Smash is also wonderful, with Dunban and Riki (why him? Stupid kawaï!). I originally planned to buy SSB in 2015 but now it might be sooner than expected (Shulk + Midna = BigN’s Final Smash against me). 😉

    The only thing whih annoys me (and likely a bunch of jok… XC fans too) is the “Now it’s SHULK time!”. Now it’s REYN time and it will always be Reyn time for ever. It is a Reyn quote and Reyn quotes, the most famous XC quotes, must not be changed. Moreover Shulk already have such a quote. When Dunban, Reyn and Shulk go to help Fiora and when Dunban is injured for the 2nd time by the Monado, Shulk takes the Monado and says “this time is my time!”. That’s definitely not “now it is Shulk time!”.

  • Dan

    YOU NINTENDO! First off, I’m not getting another 3DS to play Xenoblade
    on a handheld. Second, if anything I was waiting for a HD port for Wii U
    because the game is beautiful and would benefit from one(probably the
    only HD port I’d buy). And for the people saying that they don’t want to
    have to buy another 3DS to play it, simple. DON’T FUCKING BUY IT…vote
    with your wallet on how you feel about this.

    • Malrith

      …You really do not need to buy the new 3DS, you know? So far it only has one exclusive anyway. A HD remake for the Wii U is a cool idea but would require a lot of resources and probably halt the production of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    • Maybe that’s why Xenoblade Chronicles X is reported to 2015, who knows?

    • B

      Because before you couldn’t play Bayonetta 1 on the Wii U.

      You can still play Xenoblade (Wii) on the Wii U.

    • dubaloseven

      Xenoblade Chronicles X is being released in 2015 because the creator of the Xeno games, Tetsuya Takahashi, is known to be overly ambitious when it comes to these games and likely told Nintendo that it wasn’t ready.

      Also Bayonetta was already HD, very linear and fairly short (nothing wrong with that), and the Wii U has very similar hardware to the 360, the system Bayonetta was originally supposed to be exclusive to and was optimized for. Xenoblade is not in HD, absolutely gigantic, and isn’t already fairly optimized for the hardware.

  • Aspirety

    Okay so watching it again, I think I’ve realised something. I believe the trailer was unfinished. Why do I think that? Well, we all know the leak just happened, so the community kinda forced Sakurai’s hand to reveal the leaked characters officially.

    The reason I think this trailer is unfinished is because… Well, compare it to most of the other reveal trailers so far. Most of them have a lot of dialogue, with the new character narrating the action and describing his moves and all that. This had none of that. In fact, I’m pretty sure all of the lines used in the trailer are just his taunts and battle cries. Have a watch again, you’ll see what I mean. He feels strangely quiet… A bit of a shame. I feel like if they had more time they could’ve fleshed out the reveal trailer a bit more, instead of just a bunch of out-of-place quotes like “I’m really feeling it!” Feeling what, exactly?

    • Bob

      “Most of them have a lot of dialogue, with the new character narrating the action and describing his moves and all that.”

      Rosalina didn’t have that.

    • Aspirety

      Most, not all. They’ve given consideration to keep characters who don’t talk much not talking. Shulk is a character who DOES talk a lot.

    • Thomas Johnson

      “I’m really feeling it!” is a line that anyone who played Xenoblade would instantly recognize. It’s one of the things he says in battle.

  • Coarse

    2nd-best new character in Smash Brothers, right behind MegaMan. Cannot wait for my opponents to behold the power of the Monado!

  • Vallen

    Im cool with a xenoblade 3DS port, but if it will not play on my old 3DS XL I will hate nintendo with a passion….it’s like saying the future ps4 games wont play on the current ps4…like wtf??

  • Jeff

    OOOMMMGGG so awesome!!

  • Thanatos2k

    Yay for Shulk, boo for wrong voice actor.

  • origonalname112

    I never had any doubt about Shulk’s inclusion even before the leak. Xenoblade is such an important game, a game that the fans fought so hard for, and that’s just the type of game that should be represented in smash brothers. Who knows, maybe people will like playing as shulk so much that they’ll go an buy xenoblade when they wouldn’t have otherwise, like what ssb64 did for ness.

  • dubaloseven

    I said after E3 2013 I’d put up with any of Sakurai’s bullshit if Shulk made it in. I wouldn’t care how much he casualized it, how many shoehorned third party characters he put in, how he wasted development time on features that’ll probably be shit, or whined about how the competitive community actually learns how to play the game. If Shulk made it in, none of that would matter.

    Sakurai has really been testing my conviction. As happy as I was after the leak and now this trailer, now I’m not even sure if I still want the game, even with Shulk in it. I’m happy he made it, more people will find out about Xenoblade and other fans of Xenoblade will get to play as him. But fuck Sakurai you have dropped the ball with everything besides the newcomers (for the most part).

    • Xeon2

      how come? there are new techs in the game and they’re more applicable than brawl’s. Everything he’s showed has only been an improvement, classic mode has more replayability, smash run has tons of possibility, new minigames, improvement of the netcode thanks to namco, custom moves allowing for more characters to potentially be more viable competitively and not have one of their special moveslots given to a useless move in competitive. As far as I see, landing lag seems to be pretty much the only issue, and even that seems to have been mostly improved upon analysis of the recent japanese trailers.

    • dubaloseven

      a couple things:

      An improvement over brawl does not make it worth buying. Most anything is an improvement over Brawl (aside from it’s admittably solid roster).

      Custom moves are known to horribly balanced whether in traditional or non-traditional fighting games, and Smash 4 is likely to be no exception, especially since Sakurai has gone on record saying he makes certain characters better in certain modes (not different rulesets for regular fights, different modes like Smash Run and Special Smash). It also can’t be used online, so while some in the community are trying to push for it, ultimately it will end up banned anyway.

      Better netcode is definitely a good thing, but the price we paid for Namco’s help is the inclusion of fucking Pac-Man.

      Those side features are nice, but Brawl had alot of nice little bells and whistles too. I’m talking about the actual main game.

      Amiibo is also a thing. Most of the figurines look nice and I am interested in Samus and Kirby, but locking on-disc features, no matter how insignificant they be, is not okay.

      Sakurai also continues to show how clueless he is when it comes to anything that isn’t totally casual. Final Destination only was a *joke* and most competive players prefer platforms on the stage (which Melee’s FD actually had) as the game isn’t balanced for one flat slab. Also every time he comments on the competitive community what he says makes him sound like he doesn’t know the difference between a skill floor and a skill ceiling. Competitive games can be played casually. Nobody was too casual to not know how to play Melee. You add that to the fact that he thinks Brawl is this unsung masterpiece of a game (it isn’t, you ask most players regardless of skill level which Smash is their favorite and they’ll tell you Melee) and feels like he needs to find a balance between Brawl and Melee. No. Include the good core mechanics and speed of Melee, and branch out from there.

      Ended up putting alot more than I intended and it urned into a rant. Sorry about that.

    • Xeon2

      I’ve played and enjoyed both competitive Brawl and Melee, actually as well as PM. This game mechanically isn’t Brawl at all nor is it melee, its much more ground based than Brawl or Melee many ground moves have been proven to be be cancellable out of dash (run stop cancel) and Pivot (pivot cancel), you can’t cancel hitstun or momentum cancel, air dash is much more dangerous to use closer to the ground, foxtrotting is viable. Melee aerial momentum returns. The FD example is simplification of a ruleset that’s extremely complicated to most starting out in tournaments (It also means the game is likely being balanced around FD), that’s perfectly understandable. I ask you what adds Depth to a game? Wave dashing did, L-cancelling did not, DACUS did, Moonwalking generally does not, the AT’s revealed here almost certainly do. There’s nothing to say that Customs are unbalanced, everything revealed is rather reasonable and only adds to the knowledge depth of the meta game (I have feeling that Sakurai only mentioned that because Customs have to be unlocked, which is of little concern to the smash community). I mentioned that Landing lag is the primary issue here, but I’ll add that L-cancelling should not be the answer at least not without some drawback to add depth to play. Also, I really dislike it when people imply that Brawl had no competitive value, any casual player will have their asses handed to them badly by any competitive player, and Brawl had many in-combat features like RAR, B-reversals, DACUS, Dragonic Reverses, Glide tossing, foot stooling etc several of which made it into project m because people loved them. Will Smash 4 appeal to casuals? Yes. Is there definite competitive depth? Of course there is. Do I have concerns as a competitive player? Yes as I believe Landing lag limits the options that fighter has. If you prefer melee that much, then keep playing melee. I’ll keep playing ALL of them.

      P.S. Whats wrong with Pac-man?, the design is from PAC world, which was an awesome game and the song in his reveal was really cool.

  • IceTheRetroKid

    It’s awesome that Shulk is in Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. We totally got more than what we asked for when we just asked for Xenoblade to be localized, we got the game, a sequel in development and a character slot in Smash Bros!

  • Rocwing

    I’d rather have a Xenoblade Chronicles HD. X looks a little weird for me, but I’m glad it’s coming for those who are looking forward to it.