Inti Creates Reveals 8-bit Crossover Game: Mighty Gunvolt

Mighty Gunvolt

Inti Creates has announced a game that is perfect for those gamers with an 8-bit sidescrolling action platformer itch. The game is a retro crossover featuring three projects Inti Creates has worked on: Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gal Gun, and Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9. The name of this crossover is Mighty Gunvolt. The game was announced to be free as a download through the e-shop after purchase of Azure Striker Gunvolt between August 20th and November 28th. This offer applies not only to Japan, but to North America (as was announced by Azure Striker Gunvolt’s official twitter account)

The game features exactly what you would expect from a 2D retro sidescrolling platformer, and is incredibly reminiscent of the original Mega Man Games. The characters featured in the game are Gunvolt, Ekoro, and Beck.

Here are the translated character introductions from the official Mighty Gunvolt page:

The main character of Azure Striker Gunvolt. Main feature: double jump. Can fire a charge shot with his powerful double laser.

An angel from Gal Gun. Main feature: can float in the air. When her lock-on shot hits opponents, it makes them fall madly in love with her and follow her, attacking with her from behind.

The main character from Mighty No.9. Main feature: head sliding, which gets him through small crevices in the ground. When he fires his charge attacks through the air, he can hit opponents below.

The official website promises a unique story (unrelated to all the games featured in the crossover), nostalgic graphics, and “An arrangement of gimmicks and hidden techniques built in”, as well as “hidden characters and secret arts, similar to those one might recall from any action game from the ’80s.”

For those of you interested in what this game looks like, check out the video with Inafune below! Mighty Gunvolt footage starts at 4:27. The rest of the video pertains to Azure Striker Gunvolt.


All translation work for this article was done by Will Whitehurst.

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