Club Nintendo Offers 8 Games This Month

Club Nintendo - Star Fox 64 | oprainfall

Good news for Club Nintendo fans today. Coming off a somewhat lackluster Platinum reward offering, Club Nintendo¬†has upped their game and are now offering 8 virtual games instead of the usual 4 until September 7th. They range pretty widely, so I’m going to name them starting with the least expensive to the most expensive. Here goes.

Pretty good list. I’m sure some will jump at the chance to get Star Fox 64 for their Wii U (even if it’s just through Wii Mode), and fans of puzzle games will no doubt jump on Dr. Mario Express and Puzzle League Express. For classics, you don’t get much better than Super Mario Bros. 2. The rest are a toss up, but either way it’s nice to see some better variety. Now if they can just throw us more tempting prizes for the next Platinum/Gold reward, I’ll be ecstatic. Until then, go get yourself some free games!


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