New Bravely Second Screens Show Off Towns and Jobs

Bravely Second | oprainfall

Bravely Second screenshots feature gorgeous vistas and returning characters.

After the recent financial success of Bravely Default in both Japan and international markets, Square Enix is hoping to continue the series with the direct sequel, Bravely Second. 4Gamer has recently revealed new screenshots and artwork for the upcoming 3DS exclusive. The screenshots provide a look at the many environments from the game, some of which seem to be updated locations from Bravely Default, along with a look at one of the returning heroines from the first game, Agnes.

There are also several screenshots of Bravely Second‘s new protagonist, Magnolia, trying out several job classes. The jobs shown are visually diverse and interesting, with one having Magnolia wearing clockwork headgear, and another of her wearing a maid’s outfit, complete with bunny ears. There is also a look at a Magnolia character statue.

Bravely Second is set to come out for Nintendo 3DS in Japan sometime in the near future. The game has not yet been officially confirmed for North America or Europe.


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