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Halfway There/$20,000 and Under Flex Funding/Goal Reached



Lacrosse 15

  • Goal: $75,000
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3; Xbox One, PS4 ($115,000 stretch goal)

From the Indiegogo page:

You can help launch the best Lacrosse Video Game ever created and revolutionize the gaming scene for lacrosse players. You’ll get to beta test the game before it goes on the shelves and create your own player or team.

This is a crowfunding program. How does it work? Together, we make it happen. A financial goal has been set. We have to reach this goal to produce the game. All you need to do is kick in a pledge. The more pledges, the better the chances there are that we’ll reach the goal. If the goal isn’t reached, everyone gets their pledge back and we try again.

Lacrosse 15 is a console sports simulation where authentic lacrosse gameplay, high quality graphics, multi-year dynasty mode, competitive online multiplayer, real-time RPG leveling, and in-depth character customization are seamlessly integrated and delivered over Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC. Xbox ONE and PS4 will be included if we can reach our stretch goal of $115k!



  • Goal: $60,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux; Wii U and 3DS ($80,000 stretch goal); PS4 and Vita ($100,000); iOS and Android ($120,000); Xbox 360 and Xbox One ($140,000)

From the Kickstarter page:

Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90’s inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.

Midora (pronounced “mid-ora”) is a love letter to the classic 2D action-adventure games, like The Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana, that have frequented consoles and enamored audiences for generations. With a charming world to explore, new mechanics to learn and quests to fulfill all while hopefully tugging at your nostalgic heartstrings, Midora seeks to bring you the same tried and true feel of familiar titles, but with the grace of a new, modern experience, with in a beautiful, 100% pixel art setting.

  • Fight using sharp swords and manipulate water to beat your opponents.
  • Crawl through 12 unforgiving dungeons, each with their own challenges and boss.
  • Discover ancient tools and forgotten magics to solve puzzles, some of them only available at night!
  • Meet colorful characters and identify their roles, for even threats can help you on your journey.
  • Collect, mine, fish, enchant, alchemize and craft over 200 unique items, from common food to potions with silly effects, from crafting materials to devastating runes!
  • Journey on a huge map, from your village at the bottom of the map to the very top of a volcano, making stops in various cities and visiting the King’s castle.



  • Goal: $2,500
  • Platform: Windows; Mac OS ($10,000 stretch goal)

From the Kickstarter page:

We created this game because we believe that language is the key to learning and communication. We want to put Xilli online so people can play cooperatively with others or competitively against others.

Additionally, we want to add in some really great features for players such as: options to play in multiple languages, an easy way to create custom and themed games, to set up custom online tournaments, to choose additional modes of play and much more!

I’ve always loved games of all kinds. I often made up games as a child. While raising ten children, there were many times I came up with games for us to play as a family. Some years ago, I had the idea for the game that is now called Xilli. My two oldest sons kept telling me I should put the game on Kickstarter because they really loved to play it and saw its potential. They came up with the theme for the game (safe-cracking) and changing the name to Xilli, as well as some other enhancements. My children are my true inspiration in life and the Xilli game is a result of wanting to create fun stuff for them.

A demo of the game is available on the Kickstarter page.


Empire: Terra Prime

  • Goal: $10,000
  • Platforms: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

In the game Empire: Terra Prime, you will be charge with defending Earths empire. When conflict erupts, you must defend by building up the defenses your empire systems. Command and fly alongside your squadron of fighters while destroying waves of the enemy empire ships before they take over your empire system by system. ETP being developed to be more than just another Space Adventure game. With open maps systems that will allow you to deploy yourself and your fleet. Your empire will raise and fall depending on paths, victory and defects you face. In depth story-line, after completing story-line missions, that will leave you wanting more. What has happen to Earth and the people of earth as we have spread out over the galaxy in the year 3352. However what will make this game the most unique, is the ability to play ETP’s story-line as either as Female or Male hero. The story-line will progress the same in either female or male hero role. We just added the much-needed ability for the hero in the story to be a Woman. My daughter inspired this direction. More times than not she has to play the role as a male, while strong male hero archetypes are important, more realistic female hero are ever more important in this vacuum.

This would be a real time game, which would be both a fighter pilot that can be in either third person or first person cockpit HUD, as well as an adventure game that our copilots will have to undertake. This will be in the third person control, filled with action, with a detective mystery side. Users will have to solve clues to who is attacking the empire and then unite an Empire spread over a Galaxy for a galactic war.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Franz on the Fritz | oprainfall

Franz on the Fritz

  • Goal: $10,000
  • Platform: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

Franz’s dream was to visit Oktoberfest. Help Franz live his dream by doing the one thing he knows best- Eating everything in sight. That’s how Franz rolls!

We would like to reiterate that Franz drinks “rootbeer”-  We want to keep this kid friendly!

Game Elements

  • There are plenty of collectible items in the game!
  • There are also collectible outfits. Collect them and dress Franz however you’d like.
  • There will also be collectible soundtrack items.  Change the game music, change the SFX, or just mute it and listen to YOUR music!
  • Play as Franz or Fritzi in the game.
  • There are lots of power-ups to help you get as far as you can!
  • There are mini-games and different modes to help you kill some time.
  • There will be a multiplayer mode available.
  •  There will be leaderboards, whether it be longest distance, most gold, or different achievements, we’ll keep track.
  • There are plenty of ways to die in the game- perhaps you could get attacked by birds, or maybe you land on a pile of glass and you pop like a balloon, maybe you get smashed and flattened by a barrel, or get knocked into oblivion by a goat.
  •  There are plenty of obstacles to slow your momentum down. Don’t smack into a table or barrel. Make sure you jump over the giant hole in the ground- who knows what could be lurking down there?
  • This game is easy to learn but hard to master, but keep trying, we’re sure you’ll beat your friend’s scores.
  •  There are beautiful bar maids and plenty of happenings in the background but don’t get too distracted.
  • We’re developing this for multiple platforms.

You can check out the demo on the Kickstarter page.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Glitch | oprainfall


  • Goal: $10,000
  • Platform: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

An existential journey. Discover that your role in this strange world goes beyond just being a player.

GLITCH is a psychological and existential journey. The game pokes fun at traditional role playing cliches and has its own take on social commentary. Fight against enemies in strategic, grid-based combat where your new found friends will take on different roles to assist the team. While GLITCH has many role-playing elements, the game also focuses on world exploration and character relationships.

The story begins as the hero, Gus, becomes aware of you, the player, and is able to talk directly to you. Accompany him on his quest where you will meet new people, venture to strange lands, and uncover the secrets of his world and as well as your own. Behind closed doors lies a GLITCH that will require the combined efforts of you, Gus, and all of your new friends to patch.


  • Goal: $5,000
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

From the Indiegogo page:

How often do you check your phone to see that – well – nothing happened and you didn’t even check the time? Smartphone users do that approximately 150 times a day. Wouldn’t it be cool if you actually had a reason to check your phone every once in a while? We had the same problem and we decided to make a game. A game that takes into an account our constant needs to check our phone and give it a purpose.

Kawboom is a turn-based competitive mobile game, where friends plant bombs to each other. It’s an addictive strategy that brings friends together, stimulates the brain and kicks boredom in the ass. In Kawboom you plant bombs on your friends’ mobile phones. If they discover your attack in time, they can use your bomb and plant it on theirfriends’ mobile phones totally unexpected. If they fail to catch the attack in time: KAWBOOM!

Competing with friends is the greatest source of fun there is. Remember the unforgettable feeling when you scored the last point in a match against your best friend or when you outmaneuvered your closest family member in an epic board game. But the sad truth is, that enjoying a good competition with your friends is often very expensive, sometimes dangerous and it’s always a nightmare to coordinate the time that is suitable for everyone. Kawboom is a free to play, you have to be really clumsy to actually get hurt by it and best of all, your friends are always available.


Loot Hero DX

  • Goal: $5,000
  • Platforms: Steam, PC

From the Kickstarter page:

Since the very first loot hero we have received huge support

But the fans have ask for more and for a long time we wanted to give it to them and now we are with Loot Hero DX.

Why are we raising funds

This is a two man company and we don’t have a big corporation or a publisher behind us. Everything we do has to be funded from our own pockets, but taking the time out to hire beta tester, paying artist for the music and buying the equipment needed is too expensive on a two man budget. That is why we need your support.

What will the funds be used for?

With funding will be able to have 10 new stages making it 15 in total. With all the new enemies and bosses for each new stage plus an awesome soundtrack. Music tracks for each level (unlike the original that only had one track) an increased quality control making the game better in every aspect compared to the original Loot Hero.


  • Goal: $2,000
  • Platform: PC

From the Kickstarter page:

Noxumbra is the first of its kind. It combines a book and a game to make a both visual and written story.

The basis of Noxumbra is that you are set in a strange world with no knowledge of how you got there. It is dark and otherwordly, like nothing you’ve seen before. Everything is black and poisonous – the rivers, the trees, the grass, even the sky. You are scared, but you want to get out.

That is what Noxumbra is – a dark world with no light, filled with scary creatures and horrific mutations.

Through exploring you’ll be able to find journals and notes that other people left when they entered Noxumbra. Piece them all together to find out how to leave – if you can.

You’ll also be able to leave journals of your own for other players to find when they play. Put whatever you want to in it to help them escape.

Princess Pow

  • Goal: $3,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

From the Kickstarter page:

Princess Pow is a retro-style physics/tower defense RPG about an angry princess and her cheating prince. The gameplay is in the style of Castle Crusher and various other physics games on the web. Games like Castle Crusher are a lot of simple fun, but have mostly lacked deeper gameplay. We wanted to address that and we made a simplified mobile and non-story driven version of it for Android devices. You can find that link here:


We’ve had a number of people ask us if we would make a PC version. We’d love to make a deeper, more traditional RPG PC version. It would be Princess Pow fully realized! However, that takes a lot of time and work. We just released the mobile version a couple days ago, so we are not making any money from that yet. We need some extra funding to keep us going during development of the more traditional gameplay and extra content (San Francisco cost of living is insane!). We are both working on this full time with no income (paying out of our own pocket). So essentially, this is to see how many people want the game on PC badly enough to pre-order. This game is still in development, but very near completion. We can absolutely have it out in July or early August (assuming we get Greenlit quickly). We want to share a deeper and more polished version of the game with Steam and PC/Mac/Linux users. We are aiming to make this an experience that rivals any other indie game in quality and fun. Help fund us the little bit we need to reach the finish line and we will deliver a fun quirky little rpg that you will really enjoy!

You can also help this project by supporting it on Steam Greenlight.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Taken | oprainfall


  • Goal: $9,000
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android

From the Kickstarter page:

It’s been 20 years since the governor’s 7 year-old daughter went missing. At first people thought she was abducted, but some believe she got lost in the hedge maze outside the governor’s mansion. 12 policemen have died in the search for the young girl. No one can explain why that maze has claimed so many lives.

Now it’s 1975 and you’re driving through a small town in Missouri. It’s the middle of the night, but you have to reach your hotel in St. Louis. A flat tire forces you to pull over in front of an old abandoned estate. As you get out of the car, you hear a rustling behind you. You glance back just in time to see a bright light disappear into the darkness of a giant hedge maze. Helplessly intrigued, you approach the gate of the maze. Upon entering that garden, you quickly realize this is the maze people spoke about years ago, but by then it’s too late. You’re trapped. You must solve the maze and you must do it quickly, for there is something in that garden that none have ever escaped.

Taken is a horror survival game where you find yourself trapped in a different hedge maze each time you play. Not only must you solve the maze, but you must do it without being detected. There’s a mysterious creature hidden within those walls and if that thing finds you, all is lost. There are three different difficulty levels that will change the size, complexity, and number of moving objects in the maze.

Taken will test your mind with challenging mazes, but the real fun comes from the danger waiting around every corner.

You can also help this project by supporting it on Steam Greenlight.

LAST CALL FOR FUNDING: Temporus | oprainfall


  • Goal: $20,000
  • Platforms: Steam, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

From the Kickstarter page:

Temporus is a two-dimensional adventure game that spans a variety of genres. If you like platformers, side-scrolling shooters, and RPGs, you might find that it’s right up your alley.

The main premise of the game is time travel, but there are also lasers, missiles, and jellyfish. As you advance through the game, you’ll begin to peel back the layers of the rich history surrounding this digital universe. You’ll discover ancient artifacts, see flashbacks of forgotten battles, and learn about primitive technology that could help you save the universe from complete destruction.

There’s also a solid team of artists dedicated to making Temporus more than just another platformer. We want this project to showcase video games as the art form that we believe them to be, which is why it’s essential that we raise the funds to pay our talent. We’re planning to release the game on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms, and we have high hopes that we’ll eventually publish to the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Xbox One.

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Halfway There/$20,000 and Under Flex Funding/Goal Reached

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